Self Care + The Glam VoxBox

Self care is something I’ve really been putting a focus on this year. Exercise mainly, which benefits me both physically and mentally, but also self-care in terms of taking time for me. Not getting too caught up in being productive 100% of the time. Influenster was kind enough to send a Glam VoxBox my way, and it was filled with goodies to really help me up my self-care practices! I received these items for free from Influenster in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are 100% my own.

glam voxbox - everything

The main way I chill out? Take a bath. There is nothing like soaking in a tub with some tea and a book. Before getting out, I love to give my legs and feet some pampering!

Glam Box - razor and cream

I love Venus razors; I’ve been using them for years. They contour great over those leg curves for a super smooth shave! These disposables will get a lot of love. The shave gel is nice, but nothing I’d buy again. It does smell quite lovely, but I just use my body wash to shave with which is super moisturizing. Once the legs are all smooth, I definitely take the time to give my feet some love with a scrubber and a pumice stone. I have such dry skin, especially in the winter, so I always try and give my feet some extra attention!

Glam Voxbox - qtips

I’m not big on painted nails (I don’t think I’ve had my fingernails painted since last summer, and by ‘have my fingernails painted’ I mean let my then 4-year-old go to town on them) but with sandal season beginning, I do like to give my toes a good coat every now and again! The precision Q-Tips are great for touching up areas since I inevitably mess up at some point. The nail polish remover wipes will come in quite handy as well since my toe polish tends to chip quickly (the downside of loving to be barefoot outside.)

Glam voxbox - nail polish remover

Glam voxbox - dry shampoo

This dry shampoo will get plenty of love. Not Your Mother’s is a brand I’ve used for years, and I really like that this is unscented. Definitely a great staple to have around; I’ll be looking to grab a full size of this for sure!

Glam voxbox - face products

I definitely need to be focusing more on skin care. For awhile there, I was doing great with consistently sticking to a face wash routine and my skin was loving it. However, I fell off the boat in February and haven’t really picked it back up, which shows. Ugh, spots. I’m really liking this Shea Moisture combo. They are gentle, very moisturizing, and they smell amazing. I will be looking to buy full sizes of these as well – they’re great! The mask feels lovely; it gives you that glowy look afterwards as masks tend to do, and didn’t leave the horrible stretched out dry feeling that some can.

I really enjoyed this Glam VoxBox! When I first heard ‘Glam’, I immediately though I was getting a makeup box and was SO CONFUSED. (Still not a beauty blogger!) But I was pleasantly surprised to find it full of pampering goodies to help out with some self-care! Thanks, Influenster!

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  • Emma

    I LOVE Dry shampoo. It’s pretty much a staple in my house, and room, and bag!

    • Kay

      Same here! Especially when I was dying my hair….save the color!

  • gamerwife

    Nice! I try to make time for a mini-pamper session every Sunday. I have a bubble bath or soak in some Epsom salts, exfoliate my face and then do a couple of masks in succession. Total indulgence.

    • Kay

      Ahhhh that sounds heavenly. I really should try some Epsom salts in the bath sometime; I never have!

      • gamerwife

        It’s great for when your muscles are sore or you’re just feeling oogie. And your skins gets extra smooth afterwards. Just make sure you drink lots of what before and after as it can dehydrate you.

        • Kay

          Good to know, thanks Mariko!

  • I’ll have to try that dry shampoo! I have a Dove one that I use now, but it smells like baby powder and I’m just not really in love with it.

    • Kay

      I really love that it’s unscented. I used a Garnier one before and the scent was pretty good, but just WAY too strong, and drove me nuts. Unscented all the way!

  • That dry shampoo. <3 Not Your Mother's is AMAZING. I want to try all of their products since falling in love with their mousse!

    • Kay

      I agree, love their stuff!!