6 on 6: Pink

This month’s 6 on 6 is a tough color for me. I’m not a pink gal. I’ve never been a fan of the color. No real reason; I just tend to prefer darker colors (#gothgirlforlife) but I did manage to scrounge up six pink things to share this month!

6 on 6 Pink MLP Comics

Yup, raided my daughter’s comics for this prompt! I actually really enjoy both the show and comics of My Little Pony. The comics read just like episodes of the show and are great to enjoy with my little miss.

6 on 6 Pink Buttons

I collect buttons. I don’t really know when it started, or why, but I have a ton of them displayed on some burlap in our bedroom. That Happy Camper one is one of my faves.

6 on 6 Pink Princess Peach

Despite not being a pink fan, I fell in love with Princess Peach thanks to Super Smash Bros. There is something so satisfying about kicking ass in a giant poofy pink dress. I collect figurines of her now.

6 on 6 Pink Ladies of Star Wars

The Ladies of Star Wars playing cards was actually a gag gift in my hubs Christmas stocking one year. But we both ended up being really impressed at the diversity in this deck – it wasn’t just repeated pictures of slave Leia like we expected. It’s so much fun!

6 on 6 Pink Aerith

My Aerith Gainsborough figurine. One of my most loved geeky collectibles. She was my absolute favorite character from FFVII, I cried like a baby when she got skewered, and I don’t think I’ll ever get over it.

6 on 6 Pink Vision

And of course, a Funko! Vision is more magenta than straight up pink but he’s the closest I have, and I enjoy ending these posts with a Funko POP each time.

Are you a pink fan? If not, what’s your favorite color or color scheme?

6 on 6 is a geeky photo challenge created by Scruffy Little Nerd Herder.


  • “There is something so satisfying about kicking ass in a giant poofy pink dress.” < This right here! Haha. Nice job on the photos. I don't do 6 on 6 but think I would have failed the pink category…then notices I'm wearing a pink Star Wars shirt. Lol

    • Kay

      Haha! Well, you’ve got one pic covered at least! And despite being someone who doesn’t enjoy wearing pink poofy dresses personally, I do love to play a gal who can fight in one! 😀

  • Aw, great pictures! I’ve been struggling to find 6 pink things for today’s post…I may have to sit this one out. You had some great pink things though! I love that Vision POP!

    • Kay

      Thanks Stacey! It was a tough one..I feel like my pins are kind of random but I needed one more picture so I decided to use them!

  • I totally played Peach all the time, and LOVED when I beat all my guy friends with her:P That Star Wars card deck is actually pretty darn cute!

    • Kay

      Yes! So satisfying to destroy people in that game with Peach. Plus, she throws turnips!! And hip checks people as an attack! I just love her haha. And I was so impressed with the Star Wars deck and how many awesome women from the universe they include!

  • B.

    I think you did a good job with the color this month!

    • Kay

      Thanks! It took a little scrounging, but I’m glad I was able to come up with six things! 🙂

  • I collect buttons as well! 🙂 Love all the list of things, especially the Vision 😉 I like pink, but only if it’s Spider-Gwen style LOL (If that makes any sense at all)

    • Kay

      Yeah, definitely! I definitely enjoy pink more if it’s paired with black, so it’s certainly more tolerable in a style you like!

  • Hahah I love that card deck!

    • Kay

      Thanks! It was so much more fun than we were expecting haha.

  • Danielle Knapp

    I totally love the card deck!!!

    • Kay

      Thanks! I do too…I’m really glad that it ended up being so diverse!

  • Loving the card deck; the pink color makes it so cheesy that I would love to play with those. Besides, no amount of Star Wars merchandise is ever enough! 😀

    • Kay

      Thanks! The card deck is so much fun. Such a huge variety of characters, I was really impressed!

  • It would be a difficult prompt for me too, since I hated pink for so many years…now I tolerate it, but we aren’t friends yet. 🙂

    • Kay

      That is the perfect way to describe my relationship with pink!! I love it!

  • I love your pink selection this month! Really great job Kay!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina! I’m glad I managed to come up with six things; I was worried for a bit!

  • Emma

    Gah, your Princess Peach collection is amazing <3 Lovely photos!

    • Kay

      Thanks Emma! I do love Peach, in spite of her pink poofy dress. 😀

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  • I love pink! And I love your pics!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Mandy!

  • Those Princess Peaches would look so good in my room (just moved in and still need to decorate). Count me jealous! 😉

    • Kay

      Haha! Enjoy decorating! I do love my Peaches. 🙂

      • I will try to enjoy it, but the truth is, I suck at it! Even though I love being in a well-decorated room, I never seem to pull it off. I will try, though. ^^

        • Kay

          Same here! I always feel like I have zero design skills when it comes to decorating. I also like to change things up a lot, so it’s hard for me to decide on a theme.

  • Those Princess Peaches are too cute. Love them. And that Funko Vision is great!!

    • Kay

      Thanks! I love shiny Vision hehe. 🙂

  • I struggled a bit to find pink items, too. While I think they color is pretty, I definitely don’t typically gravitate toward it.

    Great collection, however. You have a good variety here! And it’s funny that we both shared pictures of our pink pins. Great minds!

    • Kay

      Thanks Mandy! And cue Twilight Zone music….I JUST posted on YOUR 6 on 6 post about us both sharing pins. Bwahaha.

  • You love FF?! <3 *cries* I was just telling Mike he is missing some sort of huge part of my life by never experiencing a FF game. Also that Leia deck tho!!!!

    • Kay

      YOU DO TOO?! Ah love you even more now!!! 😀 Final Fantasy games (and specifically FFVII) are one of my first ever fandoms where I fell massively head over heels for it. I can’t believe Mike’s never played one!!! WHAT?! He is definitely missing out.

      • YES ME TOO! (that and crono trigger) so mike ended up downloading it on an emulator for me (FF7) it’s taking literally everything in me right now not to just sit and play it and actually work! LOL <3 i later then fell in love with 8 it was good, but 10 was my ultimate die for story etc. Took literally a piece of my life and transformed me haha. #sodeep

        • Kay

          OH MY GOSH CHRONO TRIGGER!!!! Fucking love that game. Now I just want to go play them all!

        • I’m butting in — I love FFX! I fell in love with the story, Yuna is still my favorite character. I have a wall scroll of her hanging above my bed. I love her <3

          • Kay

            Confession: I’ve never played FFX!!! Growing up I never had a PS2…I got a PS1 and an N64, and from there stuck with Nintendo as I couldn’t afford both and wanted my Zelda haha. I definitely need to play through X and X-2 at some point! On my bucket list!

          • buttting in always allowed. i was a lulu fan myself, i cried (not kidding) when i dodged 98 lightning strikes and missed on the 99th on the planes and gave up getting her ultimate weapon. can you tell i love FFX? hahahah

  • I love pink, it’s one of my favorite colors! 😀 And I love your Aerith figurine too, she’s so beautiful!