Funko Fridays: Show & Tell

It’s my first Funko Fridays of 2016! I was excited for Show & Tell this week, as I’ve actually gotten nine new Funko POPs since Christmas (that includes the ones I got AT Christmas). Today, I’m sharing three!

The hubs and I went out for some after Christmas shopping in early January as we had received a bit of money and gift cards, and were both excited to be on the lookout for Funko POPs. I love that he loves them as much as I do! We were in luck as FYE was having a buy one, get one 75% off sale so we snagged these two!

Kylo Ren + Rey Funko POPs

We both loved the new Star Wars movie, and Rey and Kylo are my fave characters. I know a lot of people don’t like Kylo Ren as a villain, but I really do. I’d be happy to share why, but that’s for another post haha. And Rey…I mean seriously who doesn’t love Rey?!

We also snagged this beauty:

Vision Funko POP

I love Vision so much (and Paul Bettany) so we definitely wanted a Vision as part of our Avengers collection. He’s just so cute! I see some Vision fanart in my future. We also got Hawkeye to add to that collection as well. I’ll be sharing the ones I got as Christmas gifts as part of next week’s prompt, sine now I have new collections I want to round out!

Have you gotten any new Funkos or geeky collectibles lately?


  • I’ve never been much of a figures/collectible person but I love funkos! They’re so cute!

    • Kay

      I never intended to be such a collector of them, but they are so addicting. However, I’m not too into having whole sets; I really just like getting the characters that I love. But there is such a HUGE amount of them that my wallet still doesn’t appreciate the habit haha!

  • B.

    I almost snagged that Vision too!

    • Kay

      I loves him. 😀 Really excited to have a Vision to add to our Avengers collection! We still need Hulk and Thor (we have Lady Thor, but I’d still like movie Thor too). And I MUST have a Winter Soldier when they release the Civil War POPs!

  • I received Hermione last week as a belated Christmas present and I’m so obsessed, she’s so cute!!

    • Kay

      I love her as well! I got the trio for Christmas from my bestie and they
      are just so cute! Though I do want Harry in his Quidditch robes as well. 😀

  • I want the Rey and Ren Funkos!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Aren’t they so cute! I love that Kylo Ren even looks cute haha.

  • Yay Rey! ..still working on my feelings for Kylo though. Lol

    • Kay

      Heh, nothing wrong with that! 🙂

  • I loved Kylo too, definitely. I really think he’ll develop into an even better character with age, though I did enjoy his temper tantrums:P And the Rey is super cute! I want to snag all the Funkos from the new movie, basically, but for now I only have Kylo and Phasma. Even though her role was super disappointing…I still love her<3

    • Kay

      I’m quite excited to see where his character goes! I really hope he sticks with full dark side…I much prefer an all out evil villain to a sympathetic one haha. I agree that Captain Phasma was horribly disappointing but her POP is still cute!

  • Nichole

    My son and I fought over Vision. he won. . .eventually! Ha! Love Kylo Ren. He is my favorite character to come out of the new movie.

    • Kay

      Yay! I really like him as a villain, and I’m excited to see where his character goes in Ep. 8!

  • Totally need to collect a few of my favorite characters from all the various tv shows and movies that I watch. I only have three so far. Lol. Omg! I just noticed your Firefly collection. Jayne! FTW!!! <3

    • Kay

      Be warned…collecting them becomes so addicting haha! Those aren’t even all I own, I just ran out of room on my display. Jayne is such a great one…I love that they incorporated his hat and Vera. I just need Zoe and then I’ll have all of them…I do hope they release a second set at some point!

  • geeky_waffle

    My sister got me my first funko for Christmas. A little Helena from Orphan black. She’s very cute (and kind of scary) and I want more. i’ve seen Steven Universe ones and I need a Steven.

    • Kay

      I got Helena for Christmas too! I never really planned on collecting Funkos but the little buggers are addicting! Luckily, I’m happy only collecting ones I like – I don’t feel the need to fill out a collection just to have one of each. Makes my bank account a bit happier!

  • Love your choices, especially Vision! I’m a Paul Bettany fan too, but I’ve yet to pick up the Pop. I’d quite like to get the metallic version if I ever find him. I love Rey too, she’s awesome. 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks! I was quite excited to find that Vision…we weren’t actively looking for him but when we stumbled upon him I couldn’t say no! I quite enjoy the shininess. 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    I love little Funko Rey and Ren together 🙂

    • Kay

      They are so cute!

  • Jas

    WOOHOO It’s Kylo Ren and Rey! When I’ve been shopping recently I’ve kept an eye out for the models of these two, but this is the first I’ve seen of them. Awwww they are so cute.
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    • Kay

      I agree, they are so cute! I really like Rey with her desert gear on but I’ve yet to find that one and now I don’t think I can justify spending money on TWO Reys haha. ….but maybe!

  • I got the Rey Funko Pop too! Love her! I love Kylo Ren as well, but I’d love to know why you love him! The next Funko I want is Luna!

    • Kay

      I feel he’s a really good villain. I like that he is rather unrefined, but clearly has so much force power. I could seriously ramble on for ages about why I liked him as a villain…hmmm..totally going to have to write up a blog post on this! 😀

  • We have the same Vision pop, and he is adorable! Both Kylo and Rey are on my wishlist, but now that I’ve seen them on your photo I need them even more!

    • Kay

      Ha, they are so cute! I really like Rey in her desert gear to, but I’m not sure I can justify buying another Rey haha.