• WIP Wednesday #7: Making Time for Side Projects

      posted in Art by Kay on May 25, 2016

      Another WIP Wednesday, where I share what I’ve been up to with my art. For more frequent peeks in to my art, make sure to follow me on Instagram!

      Lately, a lot of my art time has been going to commission work again (woohoo!) and unfortunately it’s nothing I can share here. That makes it sound oh so secretive and cool (which yeah, it is) but why I can’t share is because it’s a surprise thing from a husband to his wife, and we’re not sure if she reads my blog! But in case she does, obviously I’m not posting anything until after she receives it. I can tell you it’s one of the most fun and sweet projects I’ve ever worked on, and I can’t wait to share it with you!

      Moving on to things I can share – art I’ve been doing just for me! I’m super happy I’ve been working on a schedule to make time for art for myself. I was so utterly inspired by Torianne’s 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge and it really made me want to start sketching and drawing more just for myself, and without worrying about perfection (still working on that part!)

      mermaid for mermay

      To kick it off, I sketched a mermaid. I’ve loved seeing all the art for #mermay on Instagram, and I wanted to get one in! As usual, I had a heart attack about sketching without a reference but, also as usual, once you start and the more you do it it becomes so much less intimidating.

      mermaid thumbail color test

      I whipped up some thumbnail color tests, and picked a few color schemes with my daughter in mind (she loved this piece). She chose the middle one, and she also requested adding gold, so I obliged and did some detailing with gold acrylic paint!

      Sailor Moon wip

      I’m also still slowly-but-surely making progress on my Sailor Scouts in boots. I’m personally not a fan of females wearing heels as part of superhero outfits; don’t get me wrong, I love a good pair of heels, but there is a time and place. Combat and lots of running is not that place. So cute boots it is! Anywho, I’m coloring these with my Chameleon Pens and learning more about their gradient system, which just rocks. I don’t have enough color variety the Chameleon Pens however, so I will have to incorporate some Copics into the Scouts to finish them.

      winter soldier wip

      And my last just-for-me project is a sketch of Bucky/Winter Soldier. I just love his character, and haven’t ever really drawn him, so I wanted to get something down quick! This was a fun exercise for me because while I did use references of Sebastian Stan and the metal arm, I didn’t use one direct reference to draw the picture. It definitely doesn’t look just like Sebastian Stan, but the character comes across and that’s the point. Now I’m working on finishing it up with Copics + Prismacolors.

      I have to mention the new sketchbook I’m using. It’s a Rendr Lay Flat sketchbook and it is fucking amazing. I’m pretty sure this is all I’ll ever buy for larger sketchbooks now. I’d heard of them for awhile now and know a lot of people who use Copics love them, so I finally ordered myself one and it was such a good decision. Why so great? First of all, they really do lay FLAT. And close back up flat, not stuck halfway open forever like some.

      Second, the paper quality is completely fantastic. Copic markers don’t bleed through to the other side so you can use front and back which is amazing. And the marker ink doesn’t feather or bleed when applied to the paper; something I’ve never experienced with Copics before. The lack of ink bleeding really lets you get so precise with the brush tip; I’m loving it. Definitely an excellent investment, and I can’t wait to fill it up!

      I’ve got a few more projects up my sleeve, but they’ll be shared here on the blog for other things instead of in WIP Wednesday posts, and I’ll be talking more about them in upcoming June posts!

      What have you been making lately?