• WIP Wednesday #5: Wizarding Clue!

      posted in Art by Kay on April 13, 2016

      So excited about today’s project! Back in February, I joined in with six other artists to work a fabulous project being put together by Scott Gipson of Gipson Wands. (Check out his awesome wand shop – his hand-turned wands are amazing.) He proposed the idea of making Wizarding Clue, a fan-made Harry Potter-themed Clue. LOVE IT! Upon joining the project, I selected what I wanted to illustrate and opted for three room cards – the Potions Room, the Girls Lavatory, and the Kitchens. For today’s WIP Wednesday, I wanted to share the process I used to make the illustrations from start to finish!

      As many of you are aware, my usual art consists of portraits. Technical or perspective drawings are just not things I gravitate towards, or have much experience with. So the first thing I did was grab some plain ole printer paper, measure out the proportionate card size, and start sketching.

      wizarding clue - sketches

      The kitchens gave me the most trouble mainly because of the viewpoint I had to work with. I wanted to include the tables, big fire, and pots and pans as described in Goblet of Fire. I added the bowl of fruit above the fire as a nod to the fruit painting used to enter the kitchens in the book. As you can see, in my sketches are a lot of wiggly lines and perspective disasters! Once I have the roughs done, I pull out my trusty lightbox. I trace my sketches onto Bristol board using ink (and a ruler!) to clean up the lines and perspective.

      wizarding clue - inking stage

      The kitchens needed so much correcting I retraced it in pencil, then traced it again for the inking process. From here, it’s time to move on to color! I knew I wanted to do color tests, much like I mentioned in my last WIP Wednesday post, so I scanned them, printed them on plain printer paper, and went to town with my daughter’s Crayola colored pencils.

      wizarding clue - color tests

      The result is very rough, but does give a pretty accurate idea of what I want for color. Once the studies are done, it’s time to render the final inked piece in Copic Markers.

      wizarding clue finals

      And here are the finals! I’m really pleased with them. This project was so exciting for me as it absolutely forced me out of my comfort zone. I know I would not have opted to create drawings like this on my own, and it was actually a really nice change. Plus a confidence booster to know that yes, I can do this! Scott put together my images with the final banner for the cards:

      wizarding clue - with name banner

      They look so cool! For more information about Wizarding Clue, be sure to follow along with GipsonWands on Instagram – he’s been sharing updates along the way. Also on Instagram, check out #wizardingclue to see some of the great art other artists have contributed to the project. The mix of styles from the different artists is going to make this game so unique, and I can’t wait to see the final product! Interested in a copy? Sign up to be notified when pre-orders begin! It’s going to be such a unique game that any Potterhead won’t want to miss!

      As for current art, I’m hard at work on commissions – two out of three slots are filled for April! Those are taking precedence, but I will also finish up the Sailor Moon side project I started to test out my Chameleon Pens. April is proving to be a fantastic busy art month!

      What are you working on lately?