A Weekend in Boston

With just a couple short weeks left before the kiddo starts school, we’ve been filling up our weekends with some family trips! We decided to spend this past weekend in Boston, to stay with my brother and have some family time in the city. My brother lives just outside the actual city and it’s a great location with plenty to walk to, and just a short drive in for more of the classic Boston city attractions.

Weekend in Boston A
Someone was excited to get on the road!

Our main plan for the weekend was taking the little miss to the Boston Museum of Science. She had never been, and neither myself, partner, or brother had been since we were in middle school on class trips. We were just as excited to go! The place is so great, with so many different exhibits to see and things to look at. They have a decent balance of things for older kids, but things for littler ones to enjoy as well. And now, a photo dump of museum-y goodness featuring lots of frogs!

Weekend in Boston B

Weekend in Boston C

Weekend in Boston D

Weekend in Boston E

Weekend in Boston F

Weekend in Boston G
These little Poison Dart Frogs were so vibrant and shiny they looked completely fake! Until they hopped that is.

Weekend in Boston H

Weekend in Boston I

Weekend in Boston J

Weekend in Boston K
Giant grasshopper…kiddo loved it!
Weekend in Boston L
My brother trying out the bed of nails. Felt pretty cool actually!
Weekend in Boston M
About sums up my feelings on the Spiders Alive! exhibit.
Weekend in Boston R
This contraption fascinated my kiddo. It ran on a continuous loop, running billiard balls all around a course that would drop and make music as they bounced, fell, and rolled over things. So cool!
Weekend in Boston N
Upper half of the ball contraption.

My little one’s favorite parts were the Frogs exhibit, and the Spiders Alive! exhibit. Both are temporary exhibits that won’t be there all the time, so I’m really glad we got to see them! They had frogs and spiders from all over the world to view and learn about. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of spiders, but it was pretty cool to see the varieties. The frogs were definitely my favorite part – so many varieties and so much fun to see!

After the museum we hopped on the T to head over the Faneuil Hall. Honestly, we didn’t really NEED to take the train, but my kiddo had never been on one and was beyond excited to go on a train that went underground. She loved it! Also, that’s my brother on the left being a giant goober.

Weekend in Boston T

Hilariously, I didn’t even know until Friday that this weekend is Boston Comic-Con! We saw quite a few cosplayers wandering around the Faneuil Hall area which was pretty great. After grabbing some treats at Quincy Market, we wandered around the harbor for awhile looking at the boats and popped by the New England Aquarium to watch the seals outside for a bit.

Weekend in Boston P

Weekend in Boston Q
Happily snoozing away, bobbing up and down in the water. It was quite comical as they would bob into each other and startle each other awake!

Plus, we spotted this fantastic little duck house near the docks.

Weekend in Boston O

How cute is it?! I love the dish of water provided that the ducks were actually using, despite being IN a giant body of water haha. Sunday was disgustingly hot, and since we didn’t have any specific plans for the day, we decided to take the miss to one of Boston’s many free public water park areas. Honestly, I think this is the coolest thing (HEH, puns), and certainly an awesome benefit of living in the city. I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but there is a huge splash pad for littler kids, and then also a really big wading pool with huge water jets and waterfall areas. It was so great! My miss had a blast, and we loved being able to wade in and cool off too.

Weekend in Boston U

We ended our trip with a stop at IKEA. From home, it’s a three hour drive but only about 20 minutes from Boston, so we figured why not stop on the way home? It was fun, and my kiddo had a blast trying out EVERY SINGLE couch bed, chair, etc. along with opening EVERY SINGLE drawer, cabinet, etc. that she could find. It certainly added time to the trip, but hey, she was so entertained how could we say no?! We got a ton of stuff, and I’m most excited about getting the first big things (desk, chair, and some bins) for the new art area I’m making! More on that in an upcoming post.

Weekend in Boston V
She loved all the pink and purple on this couch.

It was a fantastic weekend, and so great to spend it with my brother too. This was the first weekend we’ve ever spent down there now that the kiddo is a bit more self sufficient in terms of eating, sleeping, etc. and I can’t wait to take more trips down! Normally, my brother comes up to visit at our place each month, but this was so much fun and I’m happy to switch it up and do more things in Boston with the kiddo.

Weekend in Boston W
Bye-bye Boston!

Have you ever been to Boston? What are your favorite things to do there?

  • Emma

    It looks like you all had an amazing trip. I think i’d love the frog exhibition too – I love poisonous dart frogs, they’re so cute and colorful. Those duck houses really were adorable as well, and the seals looked super chill. Where will you guys be adventuring to next then?

    • Kay

      The seals were so chill they kinda looked dead ahaha!! It was only when they bobbed into each other and startled awake that they would swim around, but for a bit it was borderline creepy. 😀 We are off to New York next (in a couple weeks!) to take my kiddo to see Niagra Falls & then in Rochester NY there’s a place called The Strong Museum of Play which looks SO INCREDIBLE and I can’t wait! I’ll be blogging all about it. 🙂

  • So glad you had a great time! I love going to museums/exhibits, my mom used to take us to them all the time when we were homeschooled. I still like going to them, but they’re usually in San Francisco and I hate getting myself to the city 😛 So stressful!

    I’ve been wanting to go on an IKEA shopping trip sooo bad, but I’m trying to convince the other half that we should. Technically we don’t NEED anything, but almost all of our furniture are hand-me-downs which are very dated and all brown, and our carpet is brown, so the whole apartment is just so BROWN and I hate it, hahah.

    • Kay

      AHHHH Natalie we have the same apartment decor ahaha!! Seriously, like all our furniture is second hand, or just so old it’s dingy and awful. We are slowly working on replacing things and making the place a bit nicer, now that we’ve decided to stay put in this place for awhile more (aka, not buying a house anytime soon). IKEA has a lot of great stuff, but it can be really overwhelming to look at! Definitely worth a trip though – we’ve only been twice in the 8 years we’ve been together, but a lot of that has to do with the drive!

      I love museums too, and also did as a kid, and I can’t wait to take my little to more! She’s still at the age where she prefers hands on things vs just look at things, but there are plenty of museums that offer both. 🙂

  • Oooh I LOVE Boston!!! I don’t go there nearly enough, mainly because driving through CT makes me want to die lol I love the aquarium! And just the whole feel of the place. It seems so magical. I’ve been there a couple times and we’ve gone to see this interactive play called Sheer Madness every time. It’s a murder mystery in a hair salon and it’s hilarious!!
    And I am the same way as your daughter when we go to Ikea! But I like to see what people store in the cabinets because you’ll inevitably find something in there lol Glad you guys had a good time!

    • Kay

      Thanks Katie! AND YES, driving in CT is the WORST. Don’t blame you there. I definitely want to see more shows in Boston! We really want to take our kiddo to see Blue Man Group sometime – it’s been years since we went to see them!

  • Wow how fun! I’ve been on that side of the U.S. to Maine but I’ve never been to Boston. So cool you guys had such a fun trip!!!!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina! I definitely recommend checking out Boston at some point. I find it a really nice city! There is just so much to do (like any city I suppose) and it makes for a great trip.

  • I’ve never been to Boston, but it would be fun to go there! I’m glad you guys all had a fun trip together 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks Jess! I’m not much a city girl, but I like Boston a lot!


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