• Weekend Adventure: The Deerfield Fair

      posted in Family by Kay on October 4, 2016

      This past weekend we drove down to one of New Hampshire’s biggest fairs – The Deerfield Fair! We had a great time, in spite of the weather which was low fifties and just on the cusp of rain the whole day. Luckily, the rain decided to hold off for us until we were driving home! I didn’t bring my DSLR with me in case of downpours however, so all the pics you see are from my phone. Better than nothing!

      We began our day in the petting zoo area which was pretty great since we had it mostly to ourselves. The kiddo had an absolute blast feeding goats and llamas, and of course giving them plenty of pets. She couldn’t stop giggling every time they’d hop up to the fence for some loving! We also got to feed chickens later in the day, and visit cows, oxen, pigs, and ducks!

      Deerfield Fair - curly horns

      Deerfield Fair - feeding sheep

      Deerfield Fair - feeding goats

      Deerfield Fair - llamas

      The hairstyles kill me!

      Deerfield Fair - feeding llamas

      From there, we took her over to the rides section. Honestly, the rides are crazy stupid expensive for what you get, but since we actually had free tickets to the fair, we didn’t mind splurging a bit on extra fun! She loved it of course, and had a blast on the various rides.

      Deerfield Fair - caterpillar coaster

      Deerfield Fair - dragon coaster

      Deerfield Fair - car ride

      Deerfield Fair - funhouse

      We watched the herding dog ‘show’ over lunch. It’s not really a show, as the dogs aren’t performing per say; it’s more of a demonstration. The presentation was full of information about what herding dogs do & the training process. So much of herding is instinctual to these dogs, and it was pretty cool to learn about the process. These were some seriously well trained dogs. Following the herding demonstration were some performance dogs – Disc Dogs! Lots of epic jumping and frisbee catching from more incredibly well trained pups. Sadly, all the pictures I took were a blurry mess.

      A fair just isn’t a fair without delicious(ly terrible for you) fair food. I got myself some fried pickles (chips, not spears) and boy was I happy about it. SO GOOD. We also tried dark chocolate covered bacon.


      No joke. I didn’t want any, but both my partner and kiddo informed me that it tastes mostly like chocolate. Wrapping up our day was a bit of shopping – it just wouldn’t be a fair without checking out the indie vendors! There were not as many vendors attending as I expected considering this is one of the biggest fairs in the state, but we found a few goodies.

      The first thing I just had to buy was for my cats. #crazycatlady. But seriously, this booth was so awesome! A little indie company called Dr. Pussums Fancy Feline Elixir. I mean COME ON. If you’re not sold just from the name, I can’t help you. They sell fabulous home grown catnip & catnip products. We bought our boys a kicker toy and they adore it.


      Next up were some jams! My partner spotted a jam stand as we were walking and saw that they had Moxie Jelly. You read that correctly. Moxie. Jelly. I do not know who on earth ever thought that this was something that should exist. It sounds, to me, like probably one of the most disgusting things ever. BUT, my grandmother absolutely adores Moxie. So of course, we had to buy her a jar for Christmas! And it’s awful, well, she’ll get a kick out of that too. For us we snagged a jar of Apple Maple Jam. So good!


      And our last purchase were some tasty treats! We stocked up on whoopie pies from this bakery since both the kiddo and my partner love them (me not so much.) The miss selected Chocolate & Peanut Butter along with Maple for the whoopie pie flavors. Each box came with three, but obviously they had to try some right away at the fair! In addition to the whoopie pies we bought a small box of soft-baked chocolate chip cookies for me to enjoy. Yum!


      I am so grateful that the weather held out for us! The day could have ended up pretty miserable if it was nothing but downpours. Instead, we had a wonderful time spending the day at The Deerfield Fair. I’m quite glad we made the hour drive down to it! There are a ton of fairs in New Hampshire, and while I don’t feel the need to go to each one, we try to go to at least one a year. Deerfield Fair is definitely a good choice!


      What’s your favorite part of attending a fair? (My favorite part is definitely the plethora of fried foods to try.)