The Vegan Cuts Makeup Box: Winter Edition

I really enjoy wearing makeup on occasion. But I don’t own a lot of it. As I’ve mentioned, I find shopping for makeup overwhelming. This year, I’ve also made a commitment to buy only cruelty-free beauty products. This makes shopping for makeup even more of a process. Therefore, I have no plans to stop receiving my Vegan Cuts Makeup Box anytime soon. For those who don’t know, The Vegan Cuts Makeup Box is a quarterly subscription box featuring only full-size products. It is customized to your personal preferences via survey and shipped straight to your door for $39.95 per month (plus free shipping withing the United States.) The winter box is the second Vegan Cuts Makeup Box I’ve gotten and yet again, it is very much worth the price.

This post is not sponsored by Vegan Cuts in any way. I pay for the box out of my own pocket. However, I am an affiliate of Vegan Cuts, and the links in this post are affiliate links. Any money earned from affiliates goes to paying the costs of blogging.

The winter Vegan Cuts Makeup Box included a lot of products I wouldn’t have normally picked out, and I’m excited for that! I’d definitely like to expand my makeup skill, which is a pretty low bar to begin with. Having access to new items is a great help for that! So here’s what was in the winter Vegan Cuts Makeup Box.

vegan cuts makeup box winter eye shadow

vegan cuts makeup box winter eyeshadow swatch

Juice Beauty Phyto-Pigments Cream Shadow Stick – $22
I love this product! It is easily the item most within my comfort zone – a neutral toned eyeshadow. It’s great for a simple, natural look – aka my go-to look. Goes on smooth, and lasts.

vegan cuts makeup box winter ofra lip palette

vegan cuts makeup box winter lip palette swatch

OFRA Cosmetics Rainbow Lips Ritz Gloss – $24
Sadly, this is the product I am least excited for. I’m not a huge gloss girl. I rarely wear lip color, and when I do, it’s matte. I’m also not a pink fan. But after trying them all, the deep red is quite nice, as is the next darkest color. Though I haven’t tried any with my new hair, so who knows what will look good now! I think the most dissapointing thing about this lip palette is that the largest section at the center is basically clear gloss, which I can’t see myself ever using.

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box Winter Thrive Blush

Thrive Cosmetics Triple Threat Color Stick – $36
I was so happy to get a cream blush in this box! After applying the first time, I learned that a little goes a long way. Rubbing just a bit on your cheeks and then blending it in works to give a great soft look. (My swatch photo has somehow disappeared; sorry about that!) Also, did I mention how much I adore that this has the stiff blending brush attached to it? Because I really, really do adore that feature.

vegan cuts makeup box winter eye liner

vegan cuts makeup box winter eye liner swatch

PHB Ethical Organic Eyeliner – $9.95
Sigh. Eyeliner. Eyeliner is something I so desperately want to wear, but my skill level is so poor I never do. But this color is so great that I am definitely going to practice more! I love that this is not a solid black eyeliner. It’s a nice dark charcoal grey, and I really like that color with my skin tone.

Another great Vegan Cuts Makeup Box! As you can clearly see, the value of this sub box is pretty incredible. The winter box has a total retail value of $91.95 and as I mentioned above, it cost only $39.95. Love it. Be sure to check out my Fall Vegan Cuts Makeup Box review to see another example of the products you can expect!

Vegan Cuts Makeup Box Winter Unboxing

  • How nice! I didn’t know this kind of box existed~ I’m very much into the organic, healthy make up brands and I might be interested in trying some of this stuff out. I’m on the search for a chemical free eye lash glue.

    • Kay

      I highly recommend it! And I love that it’s quarterly…a box of makeup every month would be way too much for me. Good luck on your search!

      • Oh it’s quarterly?!?! I didn’t read that part! That’s even better!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    The only thing missing is the mascara!

    • Kay

      Right? Hopefully in the spring box haha!

  • Ooooh so much pretty packaging! The cream shadow stick and the cream blush look great!

    • Kay

      They are my favorites of this box for sure!

  • Wow! That’s cool!!! I’m a disaster in terms of makeup. I own some, but it pains me to go and buy more… there’re too many things to choose from and I end up buying nothing… 😮

    • Kay

      Yes, that is exactly how I feel! It’s one of the reasons I love this box…it’s so easy to have the makeup just show up at my door haha!


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