• Why I Love Using Patreon to Support Artists

      posted in Art by Kay on August 18, 2016

      Lately, I have been completely falling in love with Patreon as a way to support artists. I’d used Patreon before, but only for donating to musicians. For awhile, I wasn’t really aware that artists were available to back though it makes perfect sense! Shortly after backing my first artist, I quickly realized that using Patreon to support artists was quickly going to become my favorite way to show indie and freelance artists some love.

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      It’s not the most conventional way. I mean, generally when one thinks of supporting an artist you think of buying their art! However there is one big problem with that, and I know I’m not the only one who suffers from it.

      I am out of wall space. Seriously. There is hardly a wall in my house that doesn’t have art or family photos on it. And while some people may enjoy every square inch covered with something, I don’t personally enjoy that aesthetic for every wall in my house. I also don’t like constantly changing out artwork on the walls. A few times a year, sure. But then you’re also left with the problem of storing any art you aren’t displaying. All these things left me wondering how can I show my financial support for these awesome artists if I’m not actually purchasing their work?

      using patreon to support artists - torianne

      Cue oodles of excitement when I realized I could do just that by using Patreon to support artists. In case you’re new to Patreon or have never used it, I’ll briefly explain how it works. It’s quite simple. You donate money to an artist. This amount can vary. Some artists just have monthly donations, and you choose how much you want to pledge. (I’ve found this to be the most common method.) Much like a Kickstarter project, your pledge generally nets you some pretty spiffy rewards!

      Other artists offer packages, and you pay a certain amount per ‘package’ that’s released. (From what I’ve seen, the packages include process images, monthly sketchbook works to look through, and other such exclusives.) For donations where you pay ‘per project’ you can put a monthly cap on your amount. For example, if you agree to pay $5 per project and the artist were to release 15 projects, that’s $75! If you cap your donation to $10 a month, after the first two are released, you’ll be done for that month. Honestly, I think that’s a really unlikely situation. In the instances were I’ve seen a ‘pay per package’ type donation, it’s typically still once a month, twice at max.

      using patreon to support artists - love teacup kisses

      I absolutely love using Patreon to support artists. It shows I support their work, helps them keep creating, and doesn’t overwhelm me with artwork I feel like I need to be displaying. And, since financial situations can certainly change, you can change or cancel your donation at any time. It’s pretty much the perfect way to support your favorite indie or freelance artist!

      I currently show my support for:
      Mary Doodles
      Love Teacup Kisses
      Victoria Gedvillas
      Fran Meneses
      Monster Paws
      Liana Kangas

      Have you ever used Patreon? Would you consider it?