Treat Yo Self

Welcome to a new monthly series: Treat Yo Self (No, I will never be over Parks & Rec.)  If you’ve been around my blog for awhile, you know that indie shopping is something I love to do. There’s really nothing better than getting a great product and knowing you’ve supported an indie artist or maker. I’ve made it a point to purchase at least one indie product each month for the past two years, and I have no plans to stop yet! So each month, I’ll be showcasing some things I’m lusting after. (Case in point: that fabulous header image at the top. It’s art by the ever awesome Liana Kangas – grab a print here!)

This month, here’s what on my radar. Full disclosure: there be affiliate links below. Purchasing through those links earns me a small commission, which pays for costs here on the blog!

Planner Stickers
Lately I’m all about finding ways to decorate my planner. I’m still finding the best way to use my Passion Planner, and I’ve realized I’m not too into decoration without purpose. Therefore, I definitely want to make an order of stickers with useful things on them (appointments, water tracking, etc.) to add a little cute to my weekly layouts.

Sweet Kawaii Design Planner Stickers

I’m a little obsessed with Sweet Kawaii Design‘s stickers. I’ve ordered from her in the past and loved what I’ve gotten. Right now I’m lusting after these Water Bottle stickers for water tracking, the Water Plants stickers since gardening season is right around the corner, and the adorable Gas Pumps to help track how often I’m filling up for budgeting purposes. Also, these little tea bags for absolutely no reason other than I love tea.

Hello Quirky Harry Potter Vinyl Stickers

Also, one of my all time favorite shops for stickers, Hello Quirky, has just released a set of vinyl Harry Potter stickers! I’m not sure I’d use these in my planner but regardless, I must have them.

I wear earrings on a daily basis. They are about the only jewelry that I will definitely switch each day, and I’m always looking to add new pairs to my collection. Especially of the geekier variety; I am severely lacking in geek earrings.

Alex's Misfit Toys Earring

Alex’s Misfit Toys is a new Etsy discovery for me. I’m crushing hard on all the fandom earrings! Most especially the Hylian Shield pair and the Princess Mononoke pair.

Favoring Brave Earrings

I’ve been wanting to order from Favoring Brave for ages. Their jewelry combines a love of books and reading to make some seriously lovely jewelry. There are so many pairs of earrings I want to own! Topping the list are the Make Art pair (no surprise there) and the Make Time pair.

I think I’ll be indulging a bit more than usual with this month’s indie buy as February brings about a wonderful time of the year: Tax Return! While the hubs and I do budget it accordingly (a big chunk into savings + a new lawnmower this year) we save some aside just for the fun stuff.

What’s on your Treat Yo Self list?

  • B.

    Those stickers are super cute!

    • Kay

      I love that they have the pop of adorable but also serve a purpose!

  • Emma

    WAHHH.. why did I have to stretch my lobes. I can never wear cute earrings from Alex’s Misfit Toys 🙁 Maybe it’s time to order a glue gun!

    • Kay

      Ohh that stinks! Hopefully you’ll find a solution and still get to have awesome cute fandom earrings!

  • Jas

    Yessssssssss! YES. Everyone loves a bit of treat yo self. I love planner stickers! Etsy is such an awesome place. I am currently scouring it for Valentine’s gifts of Jack.

    • Kay

      Love it! I’m STILL narrowing down what I want to buy haha. Every time I shop on Etsy I always have a browser full of tabs open! So much goodness to be found!

  • Love them all, especially the earrings!!!

    • Kay

      I’m such an earring addict! Glad you enjoyed!

  • I love using stickers in my bullet journal, but I feel the same way about “decoration without purpose” hahah. I see cute stickers EVERYWHERE but if they’re just going to sit on the page looking cute (especially for something I’m only going to look at for one month or less) I feel like I’m wasting money 🙁

    • Also I love the title on this because I literally finished watching Parks and Rec YESTERDAY

      • Kay

        ISN’T IT THE BEST!! 😀 I am so in love with that show. Totally cried like a baby when it was over.

        And I’m SO glad I’m not the only one who has decoration issues! I feel like you see these oh so cute decorated planner pages everywhere and I just don’t get it haha. I like them to be functional! Preferably, cute and functional. 🙂

        • Yes I loved it! I still love The Office a liiiiiittleeee more, but Leslie is so bomb I wish she was in everything lol <3

  • gamerwife

    Those fandom earrings are adorable! I’m such a sucker for geeky studs.

    • Kay

      I’m an earring addict, but I am really lacking in terms of geek earrings. Definitely need to add a few more to my collection!

  • Oh my gosh, I’ve bought some Sweet Kawaii Design stickers before because I’m the exact same way! Cute AND functional? Yes please! And I’m super in love with those Princess Mononoke earrings<3

    • Kay

      Aren’t they great?! I want so many earrings from that shop.

  • Those planner stickers are amazing, I definitely need something to spruce up my planner!

    • Kay

      I love combining cute and functional, and Sweet Kawaii Design does it so well. Enjoy!

  • Michelle Turner

    I really need to get more in the “treat myself” mindset…versus simply buying every cute thing :-/ Maybe I will start doing that AFTER I get those planner stickers LOL

    • Kay

      Haha, stickers are so hard to resist!

  • I love everything from Hello Quirky and I want those HP stickers right now!

    • Kay

      Same here!

  • I was *this* close to buying that HP mug from Hello Quirky a while ago, until my husband kindly pointed out that my cupboards are filled to the brim with mugs already. Such a killjoy! I wish I had a use for stickers so I could grab some!

    There’s only one thing on my wish list at the moment: a freakin’ haircut. I told myself I had to reach my first weight milestone before I could have it, and I reached it last week, but then my husband went and quit his job!!! So, I’ll be looking like a homeless mermaid for a while yet.

    Can’t wait to see what awesome finds you stumble across next 🙂

    • Kay

      I am in the exact same boat with that HP mug!! I don’t even have room for the ones I already own….but it’s Harry Potter!! Blargh haha. And I feel you on a haircut. I just took six inches off mine last week and it felt lovely…I hope you get to do the same as well soon!

  • Thanks for loving my stickers! I’m working on some other designs + hopefully smaller planner stickers soon! I love Liana’s work!! I am also a huge fan of Parks + Rec! Xo

    • Kay

      Awesome! Looking forward to seeing your new stickers!

  • Planner stickers are my weakness….

  • YES to planner stickers! I just recently got into planning this year and I’ve been obsessed with finding stickers – and these are so cute! Also, thank you for introducing me to Alex’s Misfit Toys – so many cute earrings.

    • Kay

      You’re most welcome, enjoy! I only got on the planning train last year, and am always on the lookout for cute functional stickers to add to it!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Love the stickers and Parks and Rex forever!!!!

    • Danielle Knapp

      Rec – stupid autocorrect ha

      • Kay

        Ahaha…glad you enjoyed the stickers!

  • Lots of geeky clothes… 😉 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      An excellent treat for sure! 🙂

  • The ‘Make Time’ earrings are gorgeous!! I love earring like that.

    • Kay

      Same here! I love SO MANY of Favoring Brave’s earrings!

  • So many things on Hot Topic are on my wishlist.The other day I was on there adding things to my cart, total was around $51 but before I clicked “place order” I was like, “Do I really, really, really need this stuff!?” and I decided I do not. I’m so sad! I wish I had ordered them but I’ve honestly been splurging quite a bit (especially with how pricey my Wrestlemania ticket was, plus the flight+hotel to Texas) I am trying to spend less for a little while… it’s tough!!

    • Kay

      It definitely can be! When our tax return comes in we are going to splurge a little, and I’m excited to do guilt free! I actually for once legitimately need some new clothes ( I hardly ever clothes shop haha) so I’m looking forward to a shopping day once it’s in the bank!

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