Time For A Break

Blogging has such an ebb and flow to it. I’ve never met a blogger who doesn’t inevitably get hit with a lack of inspiration or feels the need to take a break. I’ve had many times like that myself. October was one of those months.

Nearly every time I sat down to write a post in October it just felt like a chore. It didn’t feel like the fun hobby it used to. It didn’t bring me any satisfaction. It felt like an obligation. Between content I thought was lackluster and being overall unhappy with how my blog currently looks, I had no desire to write yet forced myself to anyway. So for the month of November, I’m stepping back. Not disappearing (I’ll certainly still be reading and commenting on other peoples’ blogs!) but only blogging when I feel like it. No pre-planned schedule, no dedicating Sundays to writing posts for the week. Just a post here and there if I feel like it.

This isn’t an apology post. So many bloggers (myself included) seem to have this guilt associated with not writing, or being gone for long stints of time. I’m ready to be over that guilt. It’s stress I’m causing myself for no reason, that I don’t need. For me, this is a hobby. And when it becomes un-fun, why force myself? So I am certainly not sorry to be taking a step back. I’m excited!

I plan to use the time to finally get this place to reflect what I want it to be. Which is a professional looking site of a working artist, that happens to have a blog element. Obviously, this is not where I’m at yet. But now, I can use all the time I was dedicating to writing out posts I only semi-cared about and put it towards revamping things around here so I when I sit down, I’m inspired to post content in this space! I do have a few posts for month I plan to write at some point, but for the most part I’m looking forward to just doing nothing here if I feel like it.

Have a great November everybody!

  • It’s funny because it’s exactly what I’m thinking about my own blog! I recently deleted all my time blocks on Google Calendar I made to write blog posts and decided to go with the flow and it feels so good! I was planning my editorial calendar for the end of the year trying to make space for my writing sessions at the end of the days and, oh gosh, I felt so uninspired, like it was something I had to do rather than I wanted to do. They say consistency is the key for succesful blogs, I agree with that, but I’m afraid it isn’t for me right now, I prefer to have less readers but more fun writing my posts.
    Can’t wait to see all the updates to your site! <3

    • Kay

      Thank you Alice! I too have heard that consistency is what it’s all about, but honestly, I find that only to be true if you are putting out productive content. I don’t feel my content lately has been really all that exciting or useful, which is how I know it’s time to step back. And I think that will benefit readers in the long run too! I hope you enjoy your unscheduled time as well!

  • B.

    I’m feeling you on this. I barely blogged last month. I blame some of it on my horrible cruise. I was really excited to have all these posts to write about it, but then ya know. And honestly, I don’t have much going on, or it’s stuff I don’t think anyone would care about. LOL

    • Kay

      That about sums it up. My days lately are filled with art making and playing with my kiddo after school each day. THRILLING lol! And while I do love sharing about that sometimes, and stuff I do with my kid, trying to fill three posts a week with it just isn’t happening.

  • Enjoy your time off!! I hope it’s refreshing for you! It is funny how guilty I feel when I don’t post on a day I’m supposed to, but it’s not like people yell at us if we miss a day! Looking forward to the new look! 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you Katie! And it’s so true. I completely get it when other people want breaks so why it is a problem if I do haha?? Brains are so weird.

  • Definitely know what you mean! Before I took my break last month, blogging felt more and more like a chore. I hope your time off is just what you need to feel inspired to blog again and I can’t wait to see what your site becomes!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Ashlee! I’m looking forward to winging it here for awhile for sure! Breaks can be so refreshing.

  • I’m also sort of on a break. I’m still blogging, but just not on Oh Hey Jess. I kind of want to do something with that blog though, since I love the name but I’m stumped. Hopefully I can figure something out. 🤔 Enjoy your break, it’s nice to step away and cut down on posting!

    • Kay

      Thanks Jess! Where do you blog now? I’m looking forward to winging it for awhile for sure.

      • I have a private blog on WordPress.com where I kinda just write all my thoughts out. Usually when I’m frustrated lol it helps me calm down 😝

        • Kay

          Oh that’s awesome! Journaling definitely helps me sort out my thoughts as well.

  • I totally hear you on this. It happens to me once or twice a year. I think that it is definitely the norm.

    • Kay

      Agreed. We all need that step back every now and then!

  • Ugh yes! I haven’t been feeling blogging lately either. I’m hoping NaNo will bring out the creativity more…or maybe it will just suck it all out of me lol. Enjoy your blogging break! 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks! I definitely feel like we all need a step back every now and then.

  • It’s okay to take a break. <3 I hope you enjoy your break and reflection comes!

    • Kay

      Thank you! It’s been really nice so far. 🙂

      • Yay, that’s good. You haven’t completely disappeared either. You’re commenting!


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