• Productivity: Weekly Wrap-Up #1

      by Kay on April 8, 2018 , No Comments

      It’s Sunday night and I’m realizing that this past week was one of the best I’ve had in awhile. Not because anything particularly exciting happened, but because I FELT good, mentally. And due to that, I had a week full of productivity. I got every task I set for myself accomplished for both art and personal, worked in public, felt confident in the projects I’m doing – it was a banner week all around. I mentioned on my IG stories that I’ve recently started therapy again for anxiety. And while I’ve only had one session so far, I feel relief […]

    • Family Portrait Commission Special!

      by Kay on October 23, 2017 , 4 Comments

      I know Halloween isn’t quite here yet, but the holidays will be upon us soon enough. So today, I’m launching my holiday family portrait commission special! These will have very limited spots, so book yours asap! Read on for options. Option A is $25 for a family portrait of two to three which gets you a high resolution digital file. You may use this for any personal printing you want, whether a single print, holiday cards – whatever you like as long as it is for personal use only. Option B is $40 and gets you the digital file from […]

    • Ballpoint Pen Portrait Commissions Now Available!

      by Kay on October 16, 2017 , 2 Comments

      If you saw Friday’s post about Inktober, you know that I am loving pen portraits lately. So I’m happy to announce that I’ve opened up limited slots for ballpoint pen portrait commissions in my shop! They are $25 each (plus shipping) for a single subject ballpoint pen portrait of whatever you want! Fanart, personal portrait, pet portrait – you name it! Click here to grab a spot! Slots are limited, but if they fill up I will open up more as I complete orders. Speaking of my shop, I feel like I’ve done a terrible job of announcing that it’s […]

    • Patreon Launch Day!!!

      by Kay on September 8, 2017 , 8 Comments

      Holy shit guys, my Patreon launch day is here!! Today, my Patreon page is officially live and running. Yeehoo!! I have no idea what will come of this, but I’m so excited to dive into this venture. So what is Patreon? Well, if you haven’t read my post touting my love for it, here’s a brief summary. Patreon is a way to support artists and other creatives. You pledge a monthly donation, starting at as little as $1 per month, and for that you get perks! Becoming a Patron of mine gets you early access to art before I post […]

    • Happy Mail Update

      by Kay on July 6, 2017 , 14 Comments

      The other day I had the realization that I haven’t done a Happy Mail Update since I first launched the project. Oops! Time to rectify that. It’s been four months since I kicked off my Happy Mail project and it’s going great! I’ve sent out three pieces of art to three different people in my address book and it’s felt great! Creating a piece of art as a surprise for someone never ceases to bring my joy and happiness. March’s piece went to writer Sonya Cheney. Although we’ve never met in real life, I see in many ways a kindred […]

    • Travel Journal Prep!

      by Kay on April 20, 2017 , 20 Comments

      Holy moly, tomorrow night I will be headed out of the country for the first time on a family vacation to Costa Rica! Since I’ve never been on a trip of this scale, I decided to take a travel journal with me for the sole purpose of drawing and documenting my trip. I always take photos (and I’ll certainly be doing so!) but I really like the idea of journaling each day and each adventure, and capturing those memories while it’s fresh in my mind. Figuring out what supplies to pack for my travel journal has been on my mind […]