• Travel Journal Prep!

      by Kay on April 20, 2017 , 20 Comments

      Holy moly, tomorrow night I will be headed out of the country for the first time on a family vacation to Costa Rica! Since I’ve never been on a trip of this scale, I decided to take a travel journal with me for the sole purpose of drawing and documenting my trip. I always take photos (and I’ll certainly be doing so!) but I really like the idea of journaling each day and each adventure, and capturing those memories while it’s fresh in my mind. Figuring out what supplies to pack for my travel journal has been on my mind […]

    • Artist Supply Source Site Review

      by Kay on April 6, 2017 , 13 Comments

      Last month, a company called Artist Supply¬†Source reached out to me about sending some supplies my way in exchange for a review of their site. I agreed, and they graciously sent me a Pentel Brush Pen, which is something I’ve been dying to try! Today I’m sharing the two pieces I’ve used the brush pen on, along with my review of the Artist Supply Source website. All opinions are 100% my own. Before I dive into the Artist Supply Source site review, I do need to rave about the brush pen. I love it so much! I definitely need more […]

    • DIY Copic Marker Storage

      by Kay on April 21, 2016 , 35 Comments

      When it comes to DIY, I’m a pretty lazy gal. Despite being a crafty person, I prefer DIYs that take minimum effort, and more importantly, minimum cost. Today’s little project meets both of those qualifications! I’m showing you a DIY Copic Marker Storage method that can be modified in many different ways and used for so much more than Copic Markers. Pens, pencils, brushes – you decide! I came up with this project because I absolutely hated the case my set of 72 Copics came with. Those teeny little slots at the bottom were all that held the markers in […]

    • Chameleon Pens!

      by Kay on April 5, 2016 , 13 Comments

      Last week was such a happy mail week. I got two products in the mail that I had backed on Kickstarter! The first to arrive were my set of Chameleon Color Tone Pens. I am so excited to try them out! This was the most money I have ever put into a Kickstarter campaign, but so far I’m pretty positive it will be worth it. So what are Chameleon Pens? Check out the video below for a quick explanation. So cool, right?! Now, there is definitely a learning curve with these. I mean, they are markers that come with an […]