Summer Hiking Trips

One of my absolute favorite parts about living in New Hampshire, specifically at the base of the White Mountains, is hiking. Summer hiking trips have been a part of my life since childhood. But for some reason, last year we hardly hiked at all. Granted, last summer was a bit rocky in terms of some personal life turbulence. No matter the reason, this year I definitely did not want to let hiking season pass us by. Thanks to my trusty bullet journal, I’ve planned out some summer hiking trips for us to conquer!

We’ve already checked the first hike off our list! The Lonesome Lake loop up in Franconia Notch was our first hike of the year over Memorial Day weekend. A beautiful 3.2 mile loop with plenty of rocks for my happy child to climb on along the way. I wanted to start with a ~3 mile hike to see how well our six year old would handle the distance + incline. Unsurprisingly, she handled it like a champ!Β Other than a couple short rests on the way up, and a knee bashing incident on the way down, it was smooth sailing.

As expected, the view was gorgeous. The White Mountains, and especially Franconia Notch, do not disappoint. Even driving through them is beautiful. Lonesome Lake is a lovely little mountain lake tucked between peaks.Β They have a couple spots with docks for relaxing; we enjoyed a nice lunch picnic at one. Wooden board paths surround the lake in a loop so you walk above all the wet ground and over small streams and rivers as you make your way around – my daughter loved that part! Overall, it was a perfect way to kick off our hiking season.

I have a few trails on our list that break the 4 mile mark. Those trails are also a bit more challenging in terms of terrain. But I think if she can handle this as the first hike of the year, by the end of summer she’ll be climbing those no problem. I’ll be sharing more pics of different trails and trips for sure. Can’t wait to check more summer hiking trips off our list!

Do you hike in the summer? What’s your favorite summer activity?

  • Danielle Knapp

    Wow what stunning pictures! It’s definitely too hot to hike in the summer in Florida and we don’t have any cool mountains, but we did do a hike earlier this year that was a lot of fun πŸ™‚

    • Kay

      Oh man I can’t imagine trying to hike in Florida heat! Glad you got one in for the year though!

  • B.

    Man, these photos are amazing! I really need to get out and go for a hike.

    • Kay

      Thank you! And yessss do it!

  • Wow, gorgeous photos! I’m glad the kiddo enjoyed hiking and the knee bashing incident didn’t bum her out too much. I hope to see more photos from your hikes! Maybe they’ll inspire me to get off my butt and go explore nature:P

    • Kay

      Thanks! Luckily the knee bashing was just a bruise and not a blood incident (she freaks out a bit with blood!). After a quick rest and icy water bottle applied to it she was good to go! I’ll definitely be sharing photos! Hopefully with my DSLR instead of my cell phone like these. My DSLR has been on the fritz lately so I often leave it at home for trips since it’s iffy on weather it will work!

  • This is my first year making a real effort to hike, and I’ve already managed to do more than I think the past few years combined. They’re not always the most challenging (like the short one we do in Shelburne Falls), but it is lovely and always puts me in the best mood. I’m really hoping to finish Monadnock by the end of the summer. For now I tend to only go to the halfway point on the trail we take. Maybe I’ll put this one on my list, since Dan and I are hoping to go camping in the White Mountains over the summer.

    • Kay

      I highly recommend this one! This trail starts IN Lafayette Campground so if you camp there, it’d be super easy to hike! We camped there a few years back and it was quite lovely (well, except for the bear haha, but it happens!) Monadnock is the longest I have on our list and I don’t know that we’ll complete it before summer ends but I’d like to try! Honestly, the majority of the trails we have are pretty gentle and around the 2mile mark. Enjoy your hiking trips! It’d be hilarious if we ran into each other on a trail sometime haha! XD

  • Love this great post, the pictures are truly amazing, thank you for sharing, cannot wait for the next post!!!


    • Kay

      Thanks so much Nora, and thanks for reading!

  • Wow! What gorgeous photos! I wish I were more into hiking! I can walk around NYC for HOURS on end but I don’t fare well when there are bugs around. I tend to get badly bitten by mosquitoes (even when I wear bug spray) so I always avoid places where I think it’ll be the worst. But I love seeing the photos that everyone else takes!

    • Kay

      Thanks! That is the one unfortunate thing about hiking in the woods, bugs galore for sure. Ticks are the worst! Luckily I’m not too squeamish with bugs (with the exception of spiders – run away!!!) so I can take of them when need be. And hey, walking around NYC must be amazing in it’s own way! I’ve only been once but there was ALWAYS something to see. πŸ™‚

  • Love it! My family and I greatly enjoy hiking too. It’s so relaxing and refreshing. We live in Northern Minnesota, so there plenty of forests and lakes to explore. We like critter hunting when we’re out -looking for tracks, etc.

    • Kay

      Oooo beautiful! And yes, we love to critter hunt too! My kiddo kept a running tally of all the wildlife we saw (even just birds in trees!). On this particular hike we saw an actual stick bug which was really cool since none of us had ever seen one in real life before!

  • Some beautiful pictures for sure. Look forward to seeing more.

    I’m not much of a hiker but I do enjoy trail riding. I probably won’t get much chance to do it this summer though since Gemma is needing a lot of tune up on manners and other training aspects. If I’m lucky we might get a few in this fall.

    • Kay

      Thank you!

      Trail riding sounds wonderful – it must be so peaceful. I hope you do end up being able to get a few in!

      • It is. Being out in nature is great. Thank you!

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