September Small Goals

september small goals

Between my kiddo starting school again, the arrival of September, and the temperatures here in NH hovering around the mid-sixties for the last week and a half, I am in FULL ON FALL MODE. I’ve taken my sweaters out of summer storage. I’ve placed candles in all rooms of my house. Bring it on autumn, my body is ready. And what’s a new month without new goals? Before diving into September small goals, let’s see how August went.

august goals

August Goal Wrap Up

1. Complete another Zodiac portrait.  Done! Cancer is in the bag, and I’m down to just three left!

2. Prep for Patreon launch. Success! Reveal time…my Patreon goes live THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th!! Cue mental freak out.

3. Yoga at least 3 times a week. Nope. I did yoga weekly, but most often it was only once a week with an occasional two-fer. However, I’ve doing Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution 31 day practice again so I’ll be on track with daily yoga again in no time. I’m giving myself Sunday’s off though! Six days a week is still good stuff.

4. Thumbnails for my Fear series. Nope! Instead, I busted out some pieces to submit for an upcoming horror zine. Check out Sonya’s IG post about the zine – submissions are open until September 10th so if you’re a writer or artist and want to submit something, you still can! This is my first time ever submitting to anything so I’m pretty nervous! But even if my pieces don’t get chosen, I’m still really happy with them. Be sure to check out my Instagram if you’d like to see what I created for it!

Even though I technically didn’t complete goal #4 I’m calling it a win since I made lots of art. So overall, August was pretty good! Onto September small goals. (Be sure to check out Writes Like a Girl who started the Small Goals posts, and hosts a linkup!)

september small goals

September Small Goals

1. Launch my Patreon!! This is actually a GIANT goal, but I’m really excited about it. I have ZERO idea what will come of it, but it’s still a big step to take! Be sure to catch my launch post on Friday!

2. Complete two more Zodiac portraits. Putting the pressure on myself now! Capricorn is ready to go, but I need to refine/rework both sketches for Aquarius and Sagittarius so I’ve got my work cut out for me to complete two this month.

3. Prep for Inktober + an upcoming holiday project. Being ahead of the game is my theme this month. This goal is all about planning ahead so when the time comes, I’m not overwhelmed by these two projects.

4. Pinch pennies. I had a mini Twitter rant about this a few days back, but we are real broke right now. We spent a ton of money this summer on trips which I do not regret, but with some unforeseen car expenses, art supplies I need (like actually NEED, not just want), and the upcoming birthday/holiday month that is December, we need to reign in all extra spending. I have an IKEA trip coming up which thankfully I had money saved away for, but I HAVE to stick to that budget – no going over!

What are your September small goals?



  • Dina Farmer

    My goal is to simple start school. We’ve been putting it off cause of the dynamic with the baby but now that he is getting more comfortable sitting by himself for a bit I can see where we have space in our day to start school. The monster is going into the K so I am just waiting on one more piece of my curriculum and hopefully by the end of the month we’ll get started. However, I’m not totally worried since we’ve been doing Montessori school and a subscription box full of stuff for him to learn from.

    You did a really good job wth your goals! You are beating me in yoga. I’ve kind of dropped the ball, waiting for the nugget to get a little big older for that too.

    • Kay

      Awesome! Are you still continuing with homeschool (sorry I wasn’t sure if you meant he was starting K at home or not!) Either way, that’s great! And I can only imagine how much a new baby changes dynamics – you must be such a busy woman! I would definitely say you have not ‘dropped the ball’ with yoga – you had a second kid haha! All bets are off, and there is nothing wrong with finding that adjustment to a new lifestyle and routine, no matter how long it takes. <3

      • Dina Farmer

        Yep! We are still homeschooling, I will continue to homeschool until my son tells me he wants to go to school. So far that hasn’t happened but I would never keep him from going to school if he wants.

        I’m a very tired woman! Haha! We’ve slowly found our way into getting a normal life.

        Thanks for the supportive words!

  • I do love this idea of doing small goals. Often times I set myself too many high ones and am eventually disappointed when I don’t meet all of them. Think I might do a list/blog of my own like this. It will probably help me feel better about the work I do accomplish.

    Good luck with the Patreon!!! Excited to see what you do with your platform, would be happy to see more live streams or process videos from you 😀

    I am also setting up one and am planning to launch around Halloween because I thought it would be fitting for my work and just love that time of year. Fall is definitely my fav season.

    Also, preparing for Inktober is so smart I found myself completely out of it last year and a bit depressed because there was no painters tag for the time(must find/create one). Ink is such a different medium for me, I do enjoy the starkness of it but when it comes down to it paint is just my heart and soul.

    • Kay

      Awesome that you’re launching a Patreon too! I will definitely keep my eyes out for it. 🙂 And I totally get what you mean about goal setting – doing a few small goals really helps me reign in since often I feel like I have 1000 things I could put on this list. It just helps gives me a focus. And hey, some months I don’t complete any, but it happens.

      I’m doing a bit of non-traditional Inktober medium this year, but it IS still ink so I’m excited to try it out! Just gotta get everything prepped. If you create a painters tag for it, I’d love to check it out!

  • Good luck with Patreon, I’m so excited for you!!! <3

    I decided to start doing yoga 3 times a week (Mon, Wed, Fri) and I started today! I went for 3 days, because it's when I used to have my ballet classes back in the days and I like that schedule, also making it a daily thing wouldn't work for me, I would find excuses and stuff and I would give up, I know.

    I signed up to this newsletter ( last month, because I'm new to Yoga and this gave me 21 poses + 3 flows, the teacher is great and I'm impressed by the quality of the instructions+photos of the poses. My plan is to start with the first flow, doing it once a week and the other 2 days do something basic from Adriene. For example, today I did her very last video and it's been amazing! 🙂

    • Kay

      Ah that’s fantastic!!! I never thought I would be a ‘yoga person’ haha, but I have come to love it so much now. I’ve been practicing mostly regularly for about two years, and I just feel better both mentally and physically when I do yoga daily. (Well, weekdays – weekends are optional, I almost always take Sunday’s off to just chill!) And somedays if I’m really tired, I’ll just do a short 15-20 min practice and still feel so much better knowing I DID something. I hope you enjoy Yoga with Adriene – she’s my fave! I highly, highly recommend her foundation vid series if you’re new to yoga – it really helps lay out the proper way to engage your muscles in the core yoga poses which is super helpful.

      And thank you for the Patreon wishes!! I’m nervous, but super excited too! <3

      • I never thought I would be a ‘yoga person’…OMG SAME!! Adriene is the best, I will definitely check out her foundation series! I love you can mix things up and just do 10 mins practice when you’re not feeling like it 🙂

        • Kay

          Yes!! Best recommendation if you’re sick – her bedtime yoga vid. It’s like 10ish minutes I think and basically just relaxing stretching for your muscles. If I still want to feel productive but have a cold or something, that’s my go to haha!

  • Danielle Knapp

    Can’t wait to see your new Zodiac portraits!

    • Kay

      Thanks Danielle! I’m excited to finish it – it’s the first series I’ve ever done!


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