• September Small Goals

      posted in Life In General by Kay on September 4, 2017

      Between my kiddo starting school again, the arrival of September, and the temperatures here in NH hovering around the mid-sixties for the last week and a half, I am in FULL ON FALL MODE. I’ve taken my sweaters out of summer storage. I’ve placed candles in all rooms of my house. Bring it on autumn, my body is ready. And what’s a new month without new goals? Before diving into September small goals, let’s see how August went.

      august goals

      August Goal Wrap Up

      1. Complete another Zodiac portrait.  Done! Cancer is in the bag, and I’m down to just three left!

      2. Prep for Patreon launch. Success! Reveal time…my Patreon goes live THIS FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 8th!! Cue mental freak out.

      3. Yoga at least 3 times a week. Nope. I did yoga weekly, but most often it was only once a week with an occasional two-fer. However, I’ve doing Yoga With Adriene’s Revolution 31 day practice again so I’ll be on track with daily yoga again in no time. I’m giving myself Sunday’s off though! Six days a week is still good stuff.

      4. Thumbnails for my Fear series. Nope! Instead, I busted out some pieces to submit for an upcoming horror zine. Check out Sonya’s IG post about the zine – submissions are open until September 10th so if you’re a writer or artist and want to submit something, you still can! This is my first time ever submitting to anything so I’m pretty nervous! But even if my pieces don’t get chosen, I’m still really happy with them. Be sure to check out my Instagram if you’d like to see what I created for it!

      Even though I technically didn’t complete goal #4 I’m calling it a win since I made lots of art. So overall, August was pretty good! Onto September small goals. (Be sure to check out Writes Like a Girl who started the Small Goals posts, and hosts a linkup!)

      september small goals

      September Small Goals

      1. Launch my Patreon!! This is actually a GIANT goal, but I’m really excited about it. I have ZERO idea what will come of it, but it’s still a big step to take! Be sure to catch my launch post on Friday!

      2. Complete two more Zodiac portraits. Putting the pressure on myself now! Capricorn is ready to go, but I need to refine/rework both sketches for Aquarius and Sagittarius so I’ve got my work cut out for me to complete two this month.

      3. Prep for Inktober + an upcoming holiday project. Being ahead of the game is my theme this month. This goal is all about planning ahead so when the time comes, I’m not overwhelmed by these two projects.

      4. Pinch pennies. I had a mini Twitter rant about this a few days back, but we are real broke right now. We spent a ton of money this summer on trips which I do not regret, but with some unforeseen car expenses, art supplies I need (like actually NEED, not just want), and the upcoming birthday/holiday month that is December, we need to reign in all extra spending. I have an IKEA trip coming up which thankfully I had money saved away for, but I HAVE to stick to that budget – no going over!

      What are your September small goals?