September Favorites

September Favorites Illustrations

1. Buffer. Trying out a social media scheduler was on my list of priorities for the month. After hearing some great endorsements from the lovely people in the Fake Goth Girls Slack channel I decided to give Buffer a go. And it is great. I still haven’t worked out a perfect system for when I schedule things, but I am loving this method already.

2. My new art space. I am absolutely loving the little nook that I set up for my myself. I am totally comfortable working there all day. Added bonus? It’s right in front of the heater so I’ll stay nice and toasty through the winter. Read more about my new art space here!

3. My Caravan Palace Pandora station. As I mentioned in my September currently post, I am utterly addicted to Electro Swing as a musical genre. Bonus: my five year old loves it as well so we have epic dance parties in the living room.

4. Fresh garden brussel sprouts. This season was my first year growing brussel sprouts, and YUM! Roasted in the oven with olive oil then drizzled with balsamic vinegar and honey? Droolworthy.

5. New boots. I finally snagged myself a pair of high top boots for the fall. I have two pairs of knee highs, but I had nothing else besides my running sneakers as another option. Since ideally those are for running only, I wanted to pick up a new pair. I’m happy to have some new kicks!

What are your September favorites?




  • Bonnie Porter

    Loving this list, Kay! I’m definitely going to have to check out My Caravan Palace! Thank you for including Buffer. 🙂 Give us a shout if we can help with anything!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    September Favorites: New season of Agents of Shield!! 😀

    • Kay

      Ah, nice! I am so behind…haven’t started that show yet! D: Along with so many others haha.

  • I might have to give Buffer a try since I am not great with all of my social media. If this takes the work out of posting on Twitter and Facebook, that would be super!

    • Kay

      I find it really does. Obviously, there is still a time investment as you have to schedule any posts you want to go up, but I’d much rather take an hour or so to schedule out a week’s worth of post across all my socials than have to worry about it day to day. Plus, it’s free! You can upgrade for more, but so far I haven’t seen a need to.

  • I’m glad you’re enjoying Buffer! My friend Nora has a great post about it in case you need some info/tutorials/tips 🙂

    • Kay

      Oh, thank you Alice! Bookmarking it for sure.

  • Love Buffer! I used to use it a lot, then I got really lazy with my social media feed, oops! I need to remedy that!

    • Kay

      I can see myself being that way about it haha. I am definitely still learning in terms of using it productively but I’m getting there!


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