• Readjusting

      posted in Art, Life In General by Kay on June 22, 2017

      One week ago my kiddo officially began summer vacation. That morning, she and her fellow classmates put on an adorable presentation all about completing their first year of school. As a parent, it was such a wonderful, proud moment for me. Watching her flourish in school has been amazing, and it’s given me an opportunity to pursue art as my career. And now, as I’m readjusting to her being home all day for the next three months, I feel like that career has to be put on pause.

      Realistically, I know that isn’t true. I can still work on art during the day. But it IS different. I no longer have six uninterrupted hours each day, five days a week, to dedicate to art, projects, and jobs. June has been packed with inspiration, and I have so many different art projects I want to be working on and so little time to dedicate to them. So this adjustment ends up feeling like a setback. Which of course leads me to incredible feelings of guilt, as if I’m not appreciating this gift of being privileged enough to not HAVE to be earning a paycheck and can stay at home and play with my daughter all day. That should be enough, right?

      It’s only the first week. I know things will adjust and I won’t feel so out of sorts with time. In the scheme of things, three months is no time at all. And of course, I still can and will be making art and working art jobs (hopefully!) during this time. Yes, I will have to work on my time management (as always). Prioritizing will be a necessity; some things are going to have to take a backseat in order to make time for others. Like most things in life, it becomes all about balance.

      I guess there isn’t much of a point to this post; just a brain dump/life update for you. My blog has taken a bit of a backseat lately both because of time spent on other things and constantly reevaluating the direction I want this blog to go in. I do think I’d like to make it a little more art focused. I’ve also been debating starting up a Patreon in the fall? That’s a whole other bag of worms – figuring out if there’s any interest, what on earth I’d do for rewards, and making sure rewards don’t end up taking up all my creative time.

      Alrighty, time to wrap this rambly mess of a post! I hope you’re all having a great start to summer. Despite this rather angst-filled writing session, I really AM having a great start to mine. We’ve done a couple hikes, already gone on our first camping trip, and are taking a trip to some caves this weekend! Keep an eye out for posts about our summer adventures. I promise I’ll try keep the angst down! 😀

      How is your summer shaping up? Any big (or little) plans?