The Pokemon GO Book Tag!

A couple weeks ago I saw Kristin (aka SuperSpaceChick) do this Pokemon GO book tag on her wonderful YouTube channel and decided to join in! Really, it’s because it gave me an excuse to sketch up some Pokemon in my free time, which was awesome. This tag was originally created by Read at Midnight (check her post here!) Read on for book chats and cute Pokemon doodles!

Pokemon Go Book tag - starters

Image result for the daydreamer For the longest time in elementary school, I was obsessed with The Baby-Sitter’s Club series. It’s all I read. But then, in a bookstore one day, I stumbled upon The Daydreamer by Ian McEwan. My 8 or 9 year old self was highly intrigued by the cover of a boy with a cat head, so I brought it to my dad who happily bought it for me. This book blew my little mind. It was my first foray into fantasy, and so beautifully showed the power of imagination. I adored it, and it opened up the world of reading for me!

Pokemon Go Book tag - pikachu

1934 While I haven’t read this in well over a decade, I remember loving Little Women by Louisa May Alcott as a young teen. It was one of the first classics I ever read, and I found it completely enjoyable!



Pokemon Go Book tag - Zubat

12177850 I have a kind of weird answer for this one, but I’m going with George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series (aka Game of Thrones). I have actually read the first four books, but I am so done at this point. The show it outpacing the books, and I can’t believe I’m saying this, but the show is actually more interesting than the books. These books are so complex, and I’m so sick of waiting 6+ years in between each (massive) book since by the time they come out I have no idea what even happened in the last one. I’m calling it quits with these books, and just sticking to the show.

Pokemon Go book tag - ditto

22328546 I actually have the same answer as Kristin did for this, and that is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. Also, while I didn’t LOVE this book, it was enjoyable despite feeling like a mashup of many different books. I’ve heard a lot of not-so-good things about book two, so I’m not sure I’m continuing with this series.


Pokemon Go book tag - snorlax

7165300 My partner has been after me to read The Black Prism by Brent Weeks for a couple months now. I’m sure it’ll be good, but I’m just not ready for an 800 page epic fantasy at the moment. I feel like I enjoy longer books in fall/winter, when I can snuggle up on the couch with tea and just indulge in a giant reading session.


Pokemon Go book tag - gengar

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon Oh, this book. The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon was one of the first I’d read of Stephen King after my best friend convinced me I needed to read more by him. (She was correct.) I could not put this book down! Besides King’s compelling writing, I also had a little daughter and we happen to live in the woods, in NH, and so much of this book hit home. I cried like a baby at the end, and highly recommend this book to anyone, with or without kids.

Pokemon Go book tag - nidoqueen and nidoking

6604209 I have to go with Vin and Elend from Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn trilogy. These two were an unlikely pair, but I love how their relationship developed throughout the books. It’s been awhile since I read these, and I definitely want to revisit them soon!


Pokemon Go book tag - Rapidash

15704307 I’m not entirely sure comics count for this, but too bad! Saga by Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples is such an excellent read. It’s non-stop practically from page one, and the fact that is is still consistently enjoyable after six volumes is impressive. I highly recommend it!


Pokemon Go book tag - Eevee

Image result for question marks No matter how hard I thought about it, I could not come up with a good answer for this. Honestly? No matter how big a fan I am, I’m really NOT a fan of endless spinoffs and things. I like things to have a solid ending, even if I love them.

Pokemon Go book tag - Magikarp

15839976 I call Red Rising by Pierce Brown ‘surprisingly awesome’ because it starts out pretty darn terribly. As in, I almost quit reading it because I just found it really lame, and full of tropes in the opening chapters. Luckily, I stuck with it because this book is so fantastic. And book two is even better. I’ve yet to read book three (partially because I don’t want this series to end…I love it so!) but I’m sure it’ll be just as great!

Pokemon Go book tag - Legendary

16096824 I have heard so, so much hype about A Court of Thorn and Roses by Sarah J. Maas. Which makes me really nervous. I’ve definitely read some YA that I’d heard lots of hype about and ended up really not enjoying it. That being said, I’m still excited to give this series a try! I know almost nothing about it, which I’m glad for since I like going in with no preconceived notions or expectations. I don’t have plans to read it any time soon, but it’s definitely one I’ll get to eventually!

Pokemon Go book tag - Mew and Mewtwo

Image result for harry potter book sets I want to own literally any set of Harry Potter books. I own them all of course, but I have some in paperback & some in hardcover which is obnoxious. Plus, some of mine are so well loved from multiple readings they are starting to fall apart. I want a nice set of HP books just to be untouched and have a full complete matching set.

Pokemon Go book tag - Poke Egg

29845906 Okay, since I do not keep up with authors and/or current releases that well, I’m kind of fudging this answer. I know Nevernight by Jay Kristoff is not his first book, but it’s the first I’ve heard of him and I’m really excited to read it! It sounds great, and I am SO IN LOVE with the UK edition cover.


Pokemon Go book tag - Lure Module

Image result for victoria schwab books At this point, I will read anything by Victoria/V.E. Schwab. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything I’ve read by her. If she releases a new book, I want to get my hands on it.


Pokemon Go Book tag - Server's Down

8074907 The Thorn of Emberlain by Scott Lynch is book four of the Gentlemen Bastard series, which starts with The Lies of Locke Lamora which is one of my favorite books of all time. Originally this book was coming out this year, and now it’s been pushed to 2017. UGH. WHY. I need it!!!


And that’s a wrap! I’ll tag a few peeps below, but if you want to do this tag, please do! You’re welcome to use my images for the tag, just please credit me/link to this post. ^_^ And be sure to credit Read at Midnight for creating the tag!

I’m tagging:
Natalie of Natalie Patalie
Fiona of FIONERD
Kayla of Epicfied

  • Danielle Knapp

    What a fun book tag. I just started the GoT series and am all caught up with the show so hopefully he’ll actually release the next book soon and I can feel caught up on all fronts haha

    • Kay

      Ah, nice! I gave up hahaha. Though if he ever finished the series, I think I’d be more inclined to read them knowing they are ALL out and finished.

  • Such a fun tag and your pokemon sketches are SO CUTE.
    Also, ACOMaF is great, but if you’re like me when it comes to hyped books… let me tell you this. Keep in mind that the second book is 100000% better. I barely made it through the first book, but I’m happy I did because the second book is one of my all time YA favourites now.
    And YAAAS, V.E. Schwab! I haven’t gotten my hands on This Savage Song yet, but that’s kind of because I want to wait as long as possible to read it so it can kind of tide me over until A Conjuring of Light next year (the wait is killing me).

    • Kay

      I’ve heard that the second ACOTAR is SO much better, so I will definitely keep that in mind when I read the first if I’m not loving it!

      I don’t have This Savage Song yet either but I SO want to get my hands on it! I’ll probably toss it on my Christmas list. πŸ˜€

      And thank you!!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    This is going to be my next blog post! πŸ™‚ So cute! πŸ™‚

    • Kay

      Yay!! Glad you’re joining in!

  • Oh my gosh, awesome drawings!!! Love them, especially Mew and Mewtwo…like, I want to hang them on my wall! <3 I keep hearing really good things about the Red Rising series, I'll have to put that next on my to-read list!

    • Kay

      Aw, thanks lovely! And it is SO GOOD. Very fast paced and lots of action, but really well developed characters which is a must for me. Just don’t let the first few chapters fool you! πŸ˜‰

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  • So many books!! I really like your drawings for each graphic!

    • Kay

      Thanks Jess!!

  • christine

    Awesome! LOVE all the drawings and lol’ed at the Snorlax tag. I agree on spinoffs – they drive me nuts! Case in point, a lot of people liked Angel, but I never watched enough of it to get into to it because it somehow seemed wrong, haha.

    • Kay

      Yay, not alone haha! I feel like I’m one of the few people who isn’t into continuing something FOREVER just because. I mean, I love my fandoms, but I’d much rather they be finished and a masterpiece than drag on and on just to make money. :/ And thank you!

  • Yes! I have the same feelings on Red Queen. I can’t decide if I feel like continuing since so many people seem to dislike the second book πŸ™ I’ve also been wanting to read the Black Prism but also it’s huge and I’m put off by that! I have to finish Mistborn because I LOVED Vin & Elend in book one so to hear that they’re your OTP is a good motivator to pick up book 2! I think you’ll really like ACOTAR, but it’s ACOMAF that’s my favorite book of the year<3 It's just incredible. VE Schwab is an auto-buy author for me too and I have to read more Locke Lamora because I fell in love with him! We still have to have a long discussion about that book and the Raven Boys!

    • Kay

      Yes, for sure! I’m making my way through re-reading The Mortal Instruments (I’ll let you know when I get to City of Heavenly Fire!) and then I’m diving back into the Raven Cycle. Can’t wait!!
      Book two of Mistborn is kind of a slog, I won’t lie. I mean, it isn’t unenjoyable, but I feel like you, the reader, know what is going to happen for most of the book, but it takes the WHOLE book to get there and that can be frustrating. But book 3 is AMAZING so it’s worth it to finish.
      And yes, The Black Prism (well, the whole Lightbringer series) is so intimidating! Book 4 comes out in October, and each one is like 800 pages long and I just keep putting it off haha.

      • Haha same! And I hear that there aren’t even any chapter breaks in the Lightbringer books which is even more unappealing!

  • This is the cutest book tag I’ve ever seen!! Also, Court of Thrones and Roses is such a great book, and the second book in the series was so good that I never wanted to put it down, ah! I can’t wait for the next book to come out!!

    • Kay

      I definitely want to read them!! And feel free to do the tag too!! Though I’m sure you’d probably have your own epic Pokemon illustrations. ;D

  • I’m glad you said that about the GoT books hahah. I read the first one and just could NOT get into it! I still haven’t seen the show yet >_> But I gave the book to Andrew (who does watch the show) and even he just thought it was “ok” and much prefers the show! Plus the books are way too big to carry around with me hahah.

    • Kay

      I feel like a ‘bad’ reader for saying a show is better than a book, but I really believe it in this case. The books are HUGE, hard to keep track of, and have the tendency to have chapters focusing on THE MOST BORING characters. Whereas the show balances everything nicely, while still moving the story along. It’s so well done! Though very intense in many aspects (mainly violence) so if that’s something that bothers you, it may be a good idea to skip it! I know a few people who just can’t watch GoT for that reason; it’s def not for everyone!

  • Did you draw all those little pokΓ©mon? Because they are GORGEOUS! I used to love reading, but I don’t have much time for it while studying (I read so much serious science stuff that I feel like doing something totally different in my spare time) – otherwise I’d totally have participated in this. I’ll bookmark this so I can check out some of your favs at some point in time, though. I haven’t read any of these (except, ofc, HP, let’s not be crazy). πŸ™‚

    • Kay

      I did draw them, and thank you! It was fun to doodle Pokemon again; made me feel all nostalgic as I used to with my best friend when we were kids!
      I definitely go up and down with reading..summer is when I read the least for sure – so busy!

  • Awwww your PokΓ©mon!! <3 They're so cute!! I did the same thing you want to do with the Harry Potter books lol I read the paperbacks and I have a hardcover set on display. I don't know that I've ever even opened them. I just want them to stay perfect!! And you've definitely given me some reading inspiration. It's been so long since I last read and I'm missing it!

    • Kay

      Thanks! And I must own an untouchable HP set at some point!


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