• Patreon Launch Day!!!

      posted in Art by Kay on September 8, 2017

      Holy shit guys, my Patreon launch day is here!! Today, my Patreon page is officially live and running. Yeehoo!! I have no idea what will come of this, but I’m so excited to dive into this venture.

      So what is Patreon? Well, if you haven’t read my post touting my love for it, here’s a brief summary. Patreon is a way to support artists and other creatives. You pledge a monthly donation, starting at as little as $1 per month, and for that you get perks!

      patreon launch

      Becoming a Patron of mine gets you early access to art before I post on social medias, first pick at commission slots when they’re open, and voting on upcoming projects. Other rewards include exclusive behind the scenes & process art posted only for my Patrons, and a monthly discount code for 20% off in my shop! Pledges are made on a monthly basis and can be cancelled or changed at any time.

      Patreon also provides such a fantastic platform to form a community on a much more personal level than shouting out into the social media void. I support many artists on Patreon and it’s so great to have a dialogue with them. You are speaking directly to the creator and it definitely feels a lot more connected than social medias.

      So as I said above, it’s Patreon launch day for me! I’m nervous (though I don’t really know why?) but excited. Thank you to anyone who checks my page out, and massive love and thanks to anyone who becomes a Patron! Want to support but can’t afford to pledge? I totally understand financial restraints, and in fact just had to lower my own Patreon pledges due to life expenses. So if you can’t become a Patron, but still want to support I would be so grateful if you could share my Patreon page on social medias! Spreading the word is a massive help, and I’d truly appreciate it!

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