Oh, Hey, It’s Been a Month

It’s been nearly one month to the day since my last post. This was in no way intentional, but also not something I’m sad about. I’ve finally reached a point where I no longer feel guilty for not writing. I’ve spent a lot of time waffling back and forth about what I want out of this trusty space. Whether I should be providing ‘content’ and what that should be. Whether I should make it art specific since that’s my main gig. But what it comes down to is this: blogging is not my job. I have little interest in making it my job. I don’t enjoy monetization, I don’t enjoy affiliate stuff all that much, and I don’t have the dedication it takes to be a career blogger. Blogging is a hobby. Much like baking is to me. And, like baking, it’s something I do for personal enjoyment when I have the time and feel like it.

So going forward, this blog will be personal. It will be the space where I share what I’ve been up to with my family, thoughts I’ve got going on, art I’m making, things I’m excited or sad about. LiveJournal-style stuff is not only what I prefer to write and share, but also what I like to read. And I’m sick of adding anxiety into something that should be enjoyable. Baking doesn’t cause anxiety. Blogging shouldn’t either.

That being said, I do actually want to be doing it regularly. I really like writing up posts. It’s a fun creative outlet that is completely different than my art, and I think it’s a really good thing to cultivate. So I do have plans to work on consistency for my posts. But as for a theme or niche? Nope. Not gonna find it here! So, in that vein, here’s what I’ve been up to in the last month!

Thanksgiving Recap

My Thanksgiving was very nice. If I’m being totally honest, Thanksgiving is my least favorite holiday of those I partake in. A lot of my anxiety is triggered by food and specifically by having to eat in front of people or large groups. So needless to say, Thanksgiving is more like Stressgiving for me. Plus, I’m a vegetarian (hit my one year in October, woohoo!) and the main dish is usually meat. I love the traditional sides though, so I fill up on those.

This year was extra nice though because I hosted a vegetarian Thanksgiving for my dad and brother! They both came to stay for Thanksgiving weekend and I whipped up two choices of vegetarian lasagnas (with no eggplant in sight!) The first was a ‘traditional’ lasagna using a veggie ground ‘meat’ in place of beef. Niether my brother or dad had ever had ANY veggie meat before and both said they couldn’t tell it wasn’t meat. It does taste more like ground turkey vs ground beef, but I prefer that. They both thought it was delicious, so that’s a win! Lasagna number two was a mushroom & artichoke heart lasagna with a white sauce. Not to toot my own horn, but that one was SO DAMN GOOD. I ate it for days. (Sidebar: further proof that anxiety is utterly nonsensical – I hate eating in front of people but I LOVE cooking for groups of people. Cool, brain, cool.)

Anywho, we also went out and got our Christmas tree over Thanksgiving weekend as is tradition for us. I had never had a real tree before I started dating Chris, but now it’s one of my absolute favorite traditions! I love going to the tree farm, walking through and selecting a tree, and then cutting it down ourselves. So satisfying. The atmosphere in our living room with the tree all decorated and the lights up is just so cozy and content; I absolutely love it!

Art Updates

Commissions have officially closed for the year! I finished up my last commissions the week of Thanksgiving so now I am free to plow through Christmas presents. Having the month of December free for gift making time is such a weight off my shoulders. I feel like I’m incredibly behind on gifts right now, but I’m hoping to catch up this week.

Even though commissions are closed, you can still shop in my online store! That will be open year round but I strongly recommend getting in orders ASAP if you want them in time for Christmas. I’ll get a specific cutoff date this week and let ya know, but I’m assuming it’ll be the Friday 15th at the absolute latest.

TL;DR of the above ramble: Life has been good, a steady mix of the usual #momlife and #artlife. You’ll be seeing more regular posts from me about whatever I feel like writing or sharing.

Also, expect a facelift here soon. I really, REALLY, need to revamp my site (this is basically a yearly thing now) and I’m hoping that during the post-Christmas week I can put together something I like. It’ll be nice to kick of 2018 with a lovely new look!

Stay tuned for my Annual Holiday Card Swap, coming at you tomorrow!

  • I have many of the same feelings about blogging. Sometimes I’m tempted to pressure myself to”create content” but everytime I go that route I feel worse for it. And I find that a lot of what I like to read is BLOGGING, in what I think of as the truest sense, meaning personal stuff. Bring on that Live Journal stuff. I love it when someone gets really good at telling thier own story. And it’s kind of hard to find these days because everyone is so caught up in growth and being successful at blogging that you get a lot of the same blog tropes all the time.
    It sounds like you’ve been enjoying life mostly lately, and it’s nice that your tldrs read so positively. It’s never a bad thing to not document for awhile because you’re too busy enjoying the ride.

    • Kay

      YES YES YES! I completely agree with you about people being so caught up in growth it tends to take over. I’m excited to continue on a more personal level without worrying about having THE perfect pictures or THE perfect SEO strategy.

      • I wish more blogs would do it! (Or it was easier to find more blogs like that.)

  • B.

    I feel this post so much. I’ve put up a few posts lately but nothing like, amazing? Just something to fill space. it’s SUCH a hard balance sometimes! Especially this time of the year being busy with all the Holidays and what not.

    • Kay

      Right? I feel like I’m winning if I’m just surviving the weeks haha. Anything else is just gravy.

  • HOORAY! I love reading personal blogs as well. I definitely get the most enjoyment out of them and while I enjoy the occasional “how to” post, I’m also not looking to make blogging a full time job. When I recently redid my site, I discovered that the old posts I cared most about were the personal ones which is also why I’m doing the same as you going forward! My blog is largely going to focus on personal things that I want to remember<3 Congrats on your one year as a vegetarian!!!!! That's such a fun milestone to celebrate! Your vegetarian Thanksgiving sounds delicious (but you know my feelings on that day as well!)

    • Kay

      Very true! I was really excited to read your post and be like, “I’m not the only one!!” I have been absolutely loving your personal posts, and I’m excited to follow suit here!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    This post describes me. I definitely blog less than I used to, but I don’t want to make it feel like I’m forced to write when I really don’t want to.

    • Kay


  • I can definitely identify on the blog thing. I have been posting very irregular. Too much else going on to have time to write which means if I get time for creativity, I work on art instead.
    Glad you had a good Thanksgiving. 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks! And yes, getting so busy with other things that you need to let the blog take the backseat sometimes is so true. Since this is just a personal hobby and not my job, then there’s nothing wrong with that!

  • It looks like 2018 is going to be the year of personal blog posts! I hope so, I miss so much reading blogs for pleasure and not for learning something. While I love to write as a paid contributor for other websites, I still prefer to not monetize my blog, I did it in the past and I felt incredibly bad promoting stuff! It isn’t for me at all. I’m planning to create a page to use as my portfolio and write more posts about personal stuff as well.

    • Kay

      Same! I’m so excited for more personal blogs!

  • Dang, anxiety and food. I totally get it. Not ‘coz I’d be eating in front of a large crowd, but because the food never ends T_____T (so yes, Xmas & New Year are Italian nightmares… )


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