• Oh, Hello August

      posted in Life In General by Kay on August 1, 2017

      I, for one, am thrilled to say hello August. This summer has gone by unbelievably fast. Perhaps it’s because it’s the first actual summer break for my daughter. Or because I’m juggling freelance life and motherhood (spoiler alert: motherhood has taken priority all summer.) Or because we’ve had an abundance of fun plans that have kept us busy. No matter what the reason, summer is coming to a close this month, and I am honestly thrilled about it.

      Don’t get me wrong; I have loved this summer. We’ve gone hiking, done multiple camping trips, done day trips to different places both local and far, and it’s been wonderful. But I am so looking forward to getting back into the school year. To have a set work schedule. Balance this summer has basically been non-existent. Art has taken a full backseat to full-time mom life again. And that’s not a bad thing. It’s my choice. Yes, I could prioritize working over other things. But I am in an incredibly lucky position where I don’t HAVE to do that. Where we can afford for me not to work for the summer so I can make the choice to spend this precious time with my kiddo.

      Towards the beginning of summer I struggled a lot with guilt about working less. About not contributing. But I realized throughout this summer, as I gathered up big and little experiences with my ever-growing child, that I have no reason to feel guilty about wanting to enjoy every moment of this time. All too soon my daughter will be big enough to not want to spend her days playing with mom, adventuring with mom, curling up in my lap at the end of a long day of fun. As she grows, and keeps garnering more and more independence, she’ll want to spend her time with friends, or on her own. And that’s wonderful! But it does mean that I want to enjoy this time, now, while it’s still here. Time to work will always be there. Time with my daughter while she’s young won’t be.

      The past two weeks I’ve been rather absent online. A tweet here and there, or an Instagram post on occasion. Part of me wishes I put more effort into it. But then the other part remembers that in those two weeks I’ve done two camping trips (in the woods with zero internet service), trips to the beach, lazy days building Legos, backyard sprinkler jaunts, and much more. And I realize that while I love my life online, the friends I’ve made, sharing my art with the internet world, it isn’t a requirement to share. I don’t have to set up the perfect snap for Instagram, I don’t have to think of something to tweet about. If I want to, great! If not, that’s just as great.

      As I type this, I’m mentally making lists for the trip we are taking this week. Thursday morning we head out with friends for our first little family vacation together! Our two families are driving up to Montreal for four days and we have SO much planned. Given that we are staying in the city (aka with WiFi and cell service), there’s a good chance I WILL be sharing a lot of it on social media. But if not, that’s okay too. We’ve got just a few weeks left of summertime before the school year begins and I’m back to my regular work schedule. And while I’m thrilled for that, I’m equally thrilled to soak up every ounce of time until then. So I’ll say again, hello August, I can’t wait for all you bring!