• October Favorites

      posted in Art by Kay on October 26, 2016

      October Favorites 2016 Illustrations

      1. Costume making. I’ve had so much fun putting together our family Pokemon costumes for Halloween! It ended up turning into way more work than expected (more about it in the costume reveal post) but it’s been such a fun process!

      2. Inktober. Not only have I enjoyed making an ink drawing each day, I absolutely love scrolling through Instagram and watching all the Inktober Youtube vids. SO much gorgeous art everywhere!

      3. Going vegetarian. We finally did it! This is the first month where my family has been 95% vegetarian. I say 95% because my partner still buys lunch meat for sandwiches at work, but what can you do. Honestly, I can’t believe he’s agreed to give it a go at all so I’ll take it! Both my daughter and myself are full vegetarian now and I’m so glad.

      4. Getting a haircut. I hadn’t had a haircut in at least six months. Normally I go every 8 weeks, but I had to cancel my last appointment and then just kept continually forgetting to schedule a new one.

      5. Tearaway Unfolded. This is a PS4 game that we got for my daughter and it’s so great! I love watching her play as she learns to navigate games, and this game has amazing design. Everything, and I mean EVERYTHING in the world is made of folded paper. SO COOL. My daughter’s favorite part is dressing up her character, and catching squirrels! (See the above illustration…I love the design of the paper squirrels!) My kiddo loves gaming already, huzzah!

      I put a little more effort into my October favorites illustrations this months and I am so glad. I definitely plan on illustrating them like this in the future. Plus, it’s really nice to give them a full page spread in my sketchbook!

      What are your October favorites?