• November Small Goals

      posted in Life In General by Kay on November 3, 2017

      As usual, a new month means new goals! I can’t believe it’s time for November small goals already. Small Goals created by Writes Like A Girl – check out her blog to take part in the link up!

      October flew by, much of which I think is due to Inktober, and I feel like the end of this year will be gone before we know it. Before I get into my November small goals, lets check in on October’s goals for the month.

      october small goals

      October Goals Wrap Up

      1. Complete all 31 days of Inktober. Success!! I absolutely loved doing Inktober this year, and have fallen in love with pen portraits. You can read all about my Inktober experience here, and just a reminder that I have pen portraits available for $25 + shipping! Shoot me a message or email if you’d like to grab a commission spot!

      2. Complete my daughter’s Halloween costume. Done, and it was such a success! A post all about the costume will be coming next week. Due to all the rain lately, I wasn’t able to take photos before Halloween so the post is running a little late!

      3. Inquire at local shops about my art. I DID IT!!!! This is the goal I’m most proud of completing because it was the scariest. I don’t know where the disconnect in my brain is – I’m confident and proud of my art but when I have to go talk about it in person I fall to pieces. But I inquired at the local indie art shop! The owner’s son actually goes to school with my daughter so that was a fun little connection. The shop actually closes down for the winter, but I’m on the list for next year when they get new product so I’m excited about that! And mainly proud that I went and talked to someone IN PERSON. It’ll make the next time easier!

      4. Launch commission slots for my holiday special + others. Done. You can read all about the family portrait special here, and if you’re ever interested in a commission you can always email me or hit me up on any social media.

      5. Complete my Zodiac portrait series + order prints. Nope. Between commissions and Inktober I had no time for more art. Sagittarius is drawn and ready for color; now I just need to make time to finish.

      All in all, a great month of goals! Onto November small goals.

      november small goals

      November Small Goals

      1. Make the invitations for my daughter’s birthday + order all I need for the party. The party venue is booked but I need to whip up the invitations in Photoshop and order decor. She’s having a cat themed birthday – so cute!

      2. Complete all commission work. I’ve currently quite a few commissions to complete and can hopefully pick up a couple more before the month is out. As of December 1st, I close commissions until the new year, so if you’re looking to get some art, make sure you get in touch with me!

      3. Finish my Zodiac portrait series. Sagittarius just needs color and then the project is finished!

      4. Plan out a social media schedule for my art business. I am utter shit at self promotion which is real bad news for a one woman business. So I want to make a schedule for self-promo posts. It’ll not only keep me on track with promoting new sales and products in my shop, but will also make self-promotion less stressful for my brain.

      Keeping it to four this month! Anybody else seeing Thor Ragnarok tonight? Today is my dad’s birthday, so we are taking him out to see it – what better way to celebrate?! Have a great weekend everyone!