• New Series! OOTD: Child Style #1

      posted in Art by Kay on August 10, 2016

      Kicking off a new art series today – OOTD: Child Style! Read on for a look at the glamorous looks my child often chooses on any given day.

      OOTD: Child Style #1

      Top: Children’s Place | Jeans: Thrifted

      Jeans & a tee are pretty standard for days when we play outside & hike.

      OOTD: Child Style #3

      Tunic top: thrifted | Skirt: Children’s Place | Pants: WalMart | Socks: Target

      A Typical Day at Home
      A dress? A skirt? Leggings? Why not all three? For a day at home, my kiddo loves to layer.

      OOTD: Child Style #2

      Hat: thrifted | Undies: Target | Crocs: thrifted

      What Do You Mean This Isn’t Dressed?!
      On occasion, I’ll ask my kiddo to get dressed, and she’ll stroll out in this fetching look consisting of any varying combination of shoes, undies, and fancy hat.

      OOTD: Child Style #4

      Tiara: Christmas gift from Grandma | Dress: Christmas gift from Grandma | Bug House: Marshalls | Crocs: thrifted

      Taking A Walk
      This ensemble was for a Pokemon GO walk. Because, obviously, one must look like a princess when catching Pokemon. She accessorized with her favorite bug house in case we saw any beetles or grasshoppers along the way.

      I hope you enjoyed my super silly take on OOTDs! For the longest time, I’ve wanted to do illustrations of my kiddo, but I was never really sure what to do. I tossed around a bunch of ideas from little portraits to mini life comics. I finally settled on the OOTD: Child Style series simply because often times the outfits she picks crack me the hell up. I love that kids have no concept of judgement or worry about what people think. She likes it, so she wears it. It’s something I need to embrace more! I haven’t decided how often I’ll post this series, but it’ll be at least once a month.

      What did you typically wear as a kid? I was the complete opposite of my dress-loving princess kiddo. I was a tomboy through and through, living in jeans & tees as a youngin’, only being forced into dresses on school picture day. But I love letting her embrace her style!