New Art Books!

For today’s art post I wanted to share a few new art books I’ve acquired recently. I swear, at some point, I will actually have my OWN art here on the blog again, but man….life. Lately it’s been taking priority. Anywho, onto the awesome art!

First up was a Kickstarter project I backed for the book Exodus: The Art of Michael C. Hayes. This was actually his third art book (all via Kickstarter I do believe!) and it was worth every penny of my pledge.

Art of Michael C Hayes

I also completely forgot I’d selected the reward for his second book as well, so imagine my delight when I opened the package and got not one, but two art books! It also came with this signed print, only for backers of the project.

Michael C Hayes Print

The pictures don’t do it justice, but the way Hayes renders skin in oil just makes me shiver. It is so painterly, not photo realistic, and yet it is so alive that I could reach out and touch it. I can’t handle it. So good. The art inside is so gorgeous, and I love that many pieces include process examples like the one below, so you can really see how each piece starts and comes together.

Inside Art of Michael C Hayes

I don’t know if you can order Exodus anywhere, but Awaken (Volume 2) is still available here on his site, and you’ll find links to buy prints there as well.

The second book is one my partner, Chris, actually snagged that I can’t wait to pore over. For those who don’t know, Chris is a huge Magic the Gathering buff; not only does he play, but he is in fact a Level 2 MTG Judge as well as an Area Representative for the state! It’s pretty sweet; he travels all over judging tournaments and such. Anywho, I’m getting off topic. The point is, he pre-ordered this glorious book and it finally arrived.

The Art of Magic the Gathering Innistrad

I know nothing about MTG, other than the basic rules, but man do those cards have some great art. This book is huge (239 pages!) and packed with loads of great art to look at. I am huge fan of architectural and environmental illustrations, especially fantasy based, and this book has so much of it to drool over.

Inistrad - Inside A

Inistrad - Inside B
SO in love with this. I must own a gothic castle on a cliff someday. #goals

Not to mention fantastic character art, like this awesome lady.

Inistrad - Inside C

If you’d like to purchase a copy, it’s available on good ole Amazon!

Have you gotten any awesome new art or art books lately? Share below!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I love Magic the Gathering art! I’m so excited for Eldritch Moon which comes out this weekend because the art on the cards is amazing.

    • Kay

      Yes! My partner has shown my some previews and they look great!

  • Danielle Knapp

    No art books here, but those looks awesome!

    • Kay

      Thanks, they are so great to look through!

  • Wow, that MTG book looks amazing! And I hadn’t heard of Michael C. Hayes before but his artwork looks fantastic! Love that print!

    • Kay

      Thanks! His work is unbelievable.

  • The artwork on MTG cards is fantastic. The last few sets -which it looks like your book covers, have been exceptionally beautiful!

    • Kay

      I agree, as does my partner! He really adores the art for the latest set, which is the main reason he wanted this book. And I don’t think I could or would ever turn down a new art book haha!

  • You have such fantastic taste in art and books! These are absolutely stunning!

    • Kay

      Thanks Sara! I’m running out of shelf space for them haha!


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