Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Today is superhero dress up day at school for my six year old daughter. When she brought home the flier about it a few weeks ago, the words immediately out of her mouth were, “I have to go as Moon Girl!” To which my nerdy parenting heart swelled and I had a mission to make it happen.

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a fantastic comic, especially for the younger age group. It stars Lunella Lafayette (aka Moon Girl), a nine year old science genius who is bored to tears at school and terrified of the inhuman genes that lurk within her. Through some crazy happenings, she teams up with a gigantic red Tyrannosaurus Rex (Devil Dinosaur) and the two form both a wonderful friendship and an epic bad-guy fighting duo.

Why is this comic perfect for young kiddos? First, the series doesn’t have any harsh language or overly harsh violence. Yes, Lunella and Devil Dinosaur take on baddies, but nothing is graphic. Lunella’s powers rely on her extraordinary intelligence – she’s an inventor extraordinaire. Her tech gadgets take down the baddies so the cops can take them in.

But the biggest reason this comic is great for young kids is the themes present. Things like being afraid of being different, being afraid of turning into someone you won’t like, being afraid to accept yourself the way you are. Lunella struggles with these things constantly, and it makes her real, vulnerable, and totally relatable. Plus, she’s got some great snark. I also love that although she fears her own change due to her inhuman genes, she does NOT fear her smarts. She knows she’s intelligent, and she is proud of it. YES. Kids, especially young girls, need these kinds of characters in their lives.

If you’ve got little ones who are interested in comics, I highly recommend reading Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur with them. Or, just for yourself – it’s a great read! On to the costume now!

We modified Moon Girl’s superhero outfit both for warm weather and available materials. As you can see, we opted to skip the long sleeve blue undershirt (too hot) along with the red glove she wears on her non-boxing glove hand. Her utility belt also had some changes, mainly in color, due to not having the proper color felt! Her belt + accessories, headpiece, and suspenders are all made of felt. It’s easy to craft with, cheap, and holds up. Perfect for a kids costume.

To make the headpiece, I drafted a pattern on felt and then hand-sewed it together, adding in some stuffing to make it puffy. The utility belt is made from a strip of brown fabric with Velcro to take it on and off. Both the pockets and power-pack are hand-sewn and hot glued on to the belt. The moon t-shirt is simply a grey shirt I painted a moon on! Easy peasy. The rest of her costume (leggings, shorts, boots, boxing gloves, and glasses) were all purchased on Amazon; it was around $30 total.

I am really surprised at the amount of fun I have putting together costumes for my kiddo. I have as much fun making them as she does wearing them! I really hope my kiddo wants to keep on cosplaying, because I am super happy to keep making stuff for her! And of course have her help as she gets older. You’ll be seeing this costume again come October as it is also going to be her Halloween costume! We’ll be making some changes, and there’s a surprise addition, but I’ll save that for the photoshoot. No spoilers!


  • Danielle Knapp

    I just love this so much! Moon Girl sounds like a great comic for the young ones and your daughter in this costume is just THE best. Way to go, nerdy mama 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Danielle! Putting together costumes for her is such a blast!

  • I love everything about this! The comic sounds adorable and awesome, and that costume looks so good! I’m definitely impressed. Basically this just made my whole day!

    • Kay

      Eeee thanks Sonya! <3 It was so much fun to put together. And I absolutely LOVE this comic; it's so much fun!

  • You did an awesome job on the costume! Very awesome! Glad to hear your daughter is thrilled too.

    The comic sounds like it could be enjoyable. Hmmm… 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you! I definitely enjoy the comic; it reminds me of classic Marvel only brought to the 21st century if that makes sense! It’s quite good fun.

  • I love it! You are so talented Kay!!! You really did an amazing job on her cosplay!!!

    • Kay

      Thank you Dina!! Really it’s just a bit of stitching haha; I’m a lazy DIYer! XD But it is so much fun putting together costumes for her!

  • Oh my, she has grown so much! And WOW, what an amazing costume!!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Rav! I can’t believe how tall she is now (she looks like she has anime legs in the pics haha, so long and skinny!!). She was such a little munchkin and lately she’s just been gaining height like crazy!

  • OMG this is so perfect! She looks AMAZING!!! You did such a great job of putting together your daughter’s Moon Girl cosplay!!!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Kristin!! It was a blast to put together!

  • I agree! The comic book is amazing! And WOW for the costume!!! It’s amazing! Plus your kid looks so happy! 😀 Congrats!!!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Pepi! <3

  • So awesome! I’ll have to remember this series for down the road. She looks amazing, you did a great job!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Lyn! It is definitely a great comic for the young ones.


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