• Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur Photoshoot

      posted in Geekery by Kay on November 7, 2017

      I hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween last week! As I mentioned in my November goals post, we’ve had a ton of rain here in NH lately. So the photoshoot I had all planned out ended up getting continually postponed. The day I was finally able to take pics was ON Halloween! But, better late than never! May I present my extremely excited kiddo as Moon Girl and my ever awesome partner/her dad as Devil Dinosaur. Good god I love my family.

      Moon Girl

      Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

      We almost didn’t have a Devil Dinosaur to accompany my kiddo! Originally my partner was told he wouldn’t be allowed to take the day off work despite putting in for it months beforehand. Thankfully, he was able to work it out and leave work early so he could still be her partner in crime. My kiddo was thrilled that he could walk in her school parade with her!

      Moon Girl cosplay

      Moon Girl cover recreation

      I know Lunella doesn’t have her costume on the cover of issue #1 but what can I say, I am easily amused and really wanted to recreate this cover.

      The costume itself was pretty simple to make. Here’s a quick rundown:

      The blue undershirt, blue leggings, yellow shorts, boxing gloves, and rainboots were all purchased on Amazon. I think total was around $35. Since they are all items she can still wear, I am quite happy with that. Other purchases included some craft foam and felt (roughly $3 for all) and some velcro ($2.99).

      I purchased a plain grey shirt then added the moon with some white fabric paint and a bit of black acrylic. I hot glued strips of yellow felt to the shirt to act as ‘suspenders’.

      For her utility belt I used a large piece of gray craft foam. I measured and cut the foam to fit as the base of the belt, fastened with velcro in the back. I sewed each pocket out of felt. Using thick red craft foam, I constructed the computer box at the front of the belt. For the screen I simply used Copic markers to create the glare look and covered it with a piece of plastic page protector to give it the feel of a real computer screen. An old piece of rotary phone wire from my mum served as the curly wire detail on the pockets. I attached everything to the belt with hot glue. So simple!

      For her headpiece, I sewed the entire thing out of yellow felt and stuffed with cotton filler. I love that it acted as both a costume piece and an actual ear warmer since Halloween was quite a chilly day! We ended up layering an extra sweatshirt under the costume for extra warmth since the blue long sleeve is pretty thin. Overall, the costume was a huge success! I’m so happy my kiddo wasn’t bothered by the fact that no one recognized her costume. I explained to her that people may not have read the comics and she wasn’t bothered by that in the slightest. She would confidently announce, “I’m Moon Girl! She’s a superhero from my favorite comic!” whenever anyone asked who she was. Ugh I just love her so much. *cue sappy mom tears*

      Moon Girl cosplay

      Bad guys beware!