May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box Review

My May Vegan Cuts Beauty Box arrived about a week ago, and I am still quite happy with this little subscription box! While this is only my second box, I am impressed that I’ve liked just about everything in each box (read my review of April’s box here!) As an ambassador for Vegan Cuts, the links in this post are affiliate links. Any money earned via affiliate links goes into running this here blog. All opinions on about the products are 100% my own.

may vegan cuts box everclen

The first thing I pulled out of the box was this Everclen facial toner. It’s a full-size bottle, which is pretty impressive since often you only get sample sizes. I’ve been using it for about a week and while it is quite refreshing to mist on after cleansing my fave, I guess it doesn’t really seem to DO much. I’ll use it while I have it, but I have no plans to purchase it again once it runs out.

may vegan cuts box terre mere cosmetics brush

The next thing I pulled out was this Terre Mere Cosmetics contour brush. I really love this. Honestly, I am such a makeup newbie- I have very little knowledge about different brushes and what they are for, but this brush is just so freaking soft. I love the quality. Now if I only had a clue about contouring.

may vegan cuts box medusa's makeup

I am so in love with the design and packaging of the Medusa’s Makeup Bronzer! It is just so lovely. May’s box had the chance to receive either a bronzer, blush or lip gloss from Medusa’s Makeup. I was really hoping for the blush simply because it’s the one I would use most. Time to show more of my makeup newbie-ness: I have never used bronzer. I literally don’t know HOW to use bronzer. But hey, this will give me the chance to learn and (hopefully) look all glowy and wonderful just in time for summer! I did a swatch on the back of my hand and it does look quite lovely; now to learn how to use it.

may vegan cuts box the granola goat face serum

Next up is a sample size face serum from The Granola Goat. This a mix of raspberry seed oil & sea buckthorn berry oil and it’s quite lovely. I’ll probably use it sparingly in the summer months since my skin is often oilier thanks to the combination of sunscreen and sweat, both of which are frequent on my face during the summer!

may vegan cuts box molly rose balms

And the last item is a little sampler of a grapefruit & basil exfoliating body scrub from Molly Rose Balms. I absolutely love the scent! Grapefruit & basil may sound a bit weird, but it is so refreshing and zesty. I’ve actually been really into more earthy scents for scrubs and soaps lately (lemon & rosemary is lovely!) and this combo is great. I also love that this is a really gentle scrub! I’ve even tried it out on my face and really liked it as a facial scrub to use on occasion. Definitely a product I’d consider buying a full size of, and they offer lip balms too!

vegan cuts may

Another satisfying month of Vegan Cuts Beauty Box! I was really impressed with the value this month – this box is only $20 per month with free US shipping. JUST the Everclen toner + the Terre Mere contour brush is a $49 value…and then there are still three other items in the box! I was pretty wowed at that. Snag your own today and look forward to some great cruelty-free beauty products coming your way in June!


  • B.

    I have 0 clue about bronzer too! I just don’t get it? LOL

    • Kay

      Yeah I’ll be hopping on YouTube to try and solve that mystery!

  • I have no idea how to use bronzer either haha! I have one that I occassionally swipe on, but then I’m never sure if I put on too much or too little and then take it off. I’m more a blush girl. The packaging on the bronzer is fantastic!

    • Kay

      Same here – I’m definitely a blush girl! But I’ll give this a go and see what happens. What did the world do before YouTube to find out how to use things haha! 😀

  • This box looks amazing! I’m a complete makeup newb too, and I doubt I’ll ever need a contouring brush because…I don’t know how to do that:P But that Medusa bronzer thing is adorable! I could learn how to bronzer just for the sake of carrying that around<3 So cute!

    • Kay

      Yeah, I would 100% never have bought one on my own time. But this is soooo soft and lovely…and since I have bronzer too I guess I’ll give it a shot haha! 😀

  • gamerwife

    Ugh! I wish the Canadian dollar was doing better so I could justify getting this box again. Looks like you got some great stuff. As for using the bronzer, if it is matte (no glitter/shiny stuff) you can use it to contour (use in the hollows of your cheeks, just under your blush), or if it does have shine, brush it lightly on the high points of your face (cheekbones, temples, etc.) to create a ‘sun-kissed’ look. Happy experimenting!

    • Kay

      Awesome, thank you! I will definitely give it a go. Contouring is always something I’ve wanted to learn about, but I am so horrible at shopping for makeup. I always just get overwhelmed and go NOPE.

      • gamerwife

        Yeah. I totally get that. I’m lucky I had friends working as makeup artists who helped teach me what to do, but with YouTube now it’s easier than ever!

  • Oh wow, what a great box and such a good price!

    • Kay

      I was so impressed with the value this month!

  • These comments make me happy, because I’m apparently not the only one who is make up impaired! I could absolutely use a geeky tutorial for the absolute make up noob. But who would write it for us?

    Enjoy the experimenting! <3

    • Kay

      Right?! I totally need tutorials…how did anyone ever learn anything before YouTube ahaha! I am definitely in the makeup impaired category. 😀

  • Awww these products look so cool! And the price is so good! 🙂 If I used more makeup and beauty products I would subscribe!

    • Kay

      I use a lot more in the winter than summer (ugh, sweat) but I definitely like to dabble in makeup from time to time! 🙂

  • Mariah Kaercher

    I love makeup but I’m pretty picky on how much I want to pay for make up. I think it’s great that all this stuff is cruelty free, but the price tag alone is enough to turn me away.

    • Kay

      I agree – if I were in a shop, I can’t imagine paying what these cost. It’s why I like the sub box option, since it’s just a blanket cost and it takes away the overwhelming amount of choice. However, I definitely can see how that wouldn’t appeal to some people, especially if you’re particular about makeup! 🙂 I just don’t know enough to be picky haha! XD

  • Karen

    Oh man, there are so many great subscription boxes out there! I love the items you received in this one. I need some new brushes!

    • Kay

      Subscription boxes are so addicting, and yes, there are SO many options! I’ve tried a few, but haven’t stuck with many for more than six months. I like to try out new ones, and my bank account just wouldn’t be pleased with having a bunch at once! 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    I adore the packaging on the bronzer!

    • Kay

      Agreed! So lovely!

  • That toner sounds really refreshing! I haven’t heard of this particular subscription box before but I love the idea.

    • Kay

      I’m really enjoying it! And the toner is quite refreshing to spritz on. 🙂


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