May Goals

WHOA. I feel like somehow in the last half of April my life organization imploded. I fell behind on so many things (blogging, reading blogs, Instagram, exercising, general life organization) and I’m definitely ready to just take some time and get things back in order. What better way than with some May goals!

#1. Get into a schedule for my ‘extra-curriculars’. I feel like I never seem to keep my personal projects and hobbies in balance. It’s like I always work on just one of them while the others get shifted aside. For May, I really want to utilize my planner to keep all the things (art, blogging, reading, social medias, my blogging friends & groups) in order so I don’t feel like I’m scrambling to stay on top of things.

#2. Complete two personal art projects. Going hand in hand with my above goal, I’d like to give myself enough time to work on personal art projects even if I end up busy with commissions again. It’ll be challenging, but I really want to still be making art for myself, so I think it’s worth it to make time for it.

#3. Create an exercise schedule for myself. While I get a decent amount of exercise since I’m a pretty active person I would like to get on a set schedule of purposeful exercise at least three times a week. Ideally, a combination of YouTube videos and running. Right now, I kind of just wing it with exercise which means it’s always really irregular. I also want to look into signing up for another race, which I find gives me great motivation for running. Also great for motivation? Awesome ladies. If you’re looking to get fit, check out the PowerPuff Bloggers group that Natalie created! It’s full of amazing blogger ladies chatting about fitness!

#4. Continue purging unnecessary possessions. Since January, I’ve been slowly going through our apartment and getting rid of things. Having lived in the same place for eight years, we’ve amassed a lot of crap. And I’m a bit sick of it. There is just so much that we don’t use or need, and I’d much rather see it go to people who can use it! My next biggest obstacle to tackle is clothes, and I really want to look into the idea of a capsule wardrobe after reading about them on XO Mia.

I think that’s about it! April was an amazing month, but I really feel like I need to up my time management game for May. Scheduling is a precarious thing…letting one thing slide can quickly snowball and suddenly things are in shambles! Being unorganized just isn’t something that I deal well with anymore; it ups my anxiety like crazy and generally makes me feel unaccomplished. Time to bring it around for May!

What are your May goals?

  • Mia Moore

    One of my goals is also to schedule my “extra-curriculars” haha! Great minds 🙂 I hope you have a good May!

    • Kay

      Thank you! And high five for scheduling hobbies! I feel like it sounds kind of weird, so I’m glad I’m not the only one who feels the need to do so. 🙂

  • Sonya

    I have two main goals for the month: One is, as usual, to write more, because I took April off for the most part after getting a short story rejected and having our cable package upgraded to have way more channels, so it’d be nice to feel a little productive again. The other is to drive more, partly because I was invited to a concert (at Meadowbrook!) and Dan won’t be able to take me but I reeeeeeeeeally wanna go and partly because he’s going to be gone over the summer so it’d be nice to have a way to keep myself occupied by going to bookstores or taking myself to lunch or something. And that’s it, because I have a tendency to overdo it on goals at times, and especially the driving one is going to be major for me, so I’m taking it easy.

    • Kay

      I so relate on driving…I really dislike driving distances alone. I think it’s a great goal to practice that more! Who are you invited to see at Meadowbrook? I haven’t been to a concert there in a couple years, but it’s a great venue. Best of luck with your goals! 🙂

      • Sonya

        Weezer/Panic at the Disco! And I was really disappointed when I didn’t think I’d get to go, so I’m both determined and terrified (because it’s like a 2 1/2 hour drive one way). My aunt said she might be able to get tickets for my cousin and asked if I’d want to go, too, if she can. 🙂

  • Yay! I’m very bad at setting up goals, but I’d definitely like to study more.

    • Kay

      That’s a good one to have! 🙂

  • christine

    We’ve done so much purging and it feels amazing. At first, I was SO RELUCTANT to let go of anything, especially clothing!! But honestly I feel better now because we are surrounded by only the things we love, not things we were keeping around just to have around 🙂

    My May goal is to actually go through with the online course I signed up for! Way too often I sign up for a class, then don’t actually do anything. This time I’m committing!

    • Kay

      Good for you! I’ve never done online courses other than a few free business ones when I was opening up my shop. They are definitely something I’d like to look into when I have more time – there is just SO much knowledge waiting out there!

      I’m just amazed at what gets collected around here that I don’t even notice building up. Clothes are one of those things – I rarely shop for clothes, and very often it’s thrifted clothing that I buy so I’m not spending much money. But I also rarely get rid of any clothing, and we are at the point where there is just a ton of unused clothing. Definitely time to donate!

  • Awe, thanks for the shout out! 🙂 Good luck with your goals! #4 is one I’ve been trying to work on as well. I have too much stuff that I don’t need, but at the same time I hate getting rid of things 🙁 Life is hard hahah.

    • Kay

      Of course – I’m so excited about PowerPuff! Got my pedometer app going and all. 😀
      And I am always so baffled as to how much stuff we manage to acquire…where does it all come from haha?!

  • gamerwife

    Good goals. I also hear you on the life/hobbies/etc. balance issue. I definitely need to be stricter with my schedule.

    • Kay

      Thanks! I feel like I start the day with good intentions and then suddenly the day is done and I’ve hardly gotten anything done. D: I’m hoping specifically scheduling things will help with that!

  • Brilliant goals <3 Best of luck with all of them. I need an extra curricular project too I think.
    Jas Poole Blog

    • Kay

      Thanks Jas! I hope you find one! 🙂

  • Great goals!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina!

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