March: Small Goals

I’ve seen small goals posts kicking around for while now (I think I first saw them on XO Mia? Or maybe Super Space Chick?) and I think they are a great way for me to jump back into monthly goals. Just some little things to bring some form of direction to my month. With fingers crossed that I am finally, FINALLY on the way to being completely healthy again I am beyond ready to get back into my normal life routine. February was a complete wash of a month, so let’s kick it off fresh with some March goals!

1. Start streaming my art on Twitch. This is kind of a cheat goal as my first stream is…tomorrow! But my goals is to stream at least every Monday and Wednesday this month.

2. Revamp my online art porfolio. My portfolio is a freaking mess at the moment. I can’t find a plugin I am happy with, and the art shown needs both updating and organization. Honestly, as a full time freelancer, it’s super embarrassing that I haven’t taken care of this yet. No more excuses, I NEED to get it done.

3. Back to daily yoga. I was doing yoga daily for nearly a year. Due to being sick for the past month, I have hardly done any yoga at all. Once my lungs get the clear (my appt is Thursday, here’s hoping!!) I definitely want to get back into yoga, and then regular exercise again.

And that’s it! Just three little goals, nothing overly stressful. Do you have any goals for March?

  • Heather

    I don’t think you’re cheating by listing your streaming as a goal! Having one planned is a start, but sticking with it is a bigger goal and one that is worthy of the list 🙂 Wishing you all the best with your March goals!

    • Kay

      Thanks Heather! 🙂

  • I still don’t know how Twitch works, but I feel like I’ve been hearing it mentioned a lot lately, and it definitely sounds like a cool goal–especially because I love watching art videos. (I’ll often open two tabs on YouTube with one being an art timelapse and the other being an ASMR video and I just zone out for a while.) Really all of these goals sound great! And I’ll bet you’ll kick butt at them!

    • Kay

      Thanks! Learning Twitch has definitely been a process. I bought an ebook about it that has proved invaluable as it really walked me step by step on how to get setup and use the streaming software. I’m really hoping to be able to put together some timelapse vids – you can record your Twitch streams, and I’m hoping to put that into a timelapse after the fact!

  • Adriene has short like 6 min yoga that I wanted to try out. I’m honestly so tired even the idea of yoga is too much for me. That’s my biggest goal and then getting a new camera. 🙂 I can’t wait to see your first stream I hope I’m able to tune in!!!!

    • Kay

      You have every reason to be tired!! Ooo I hope you can get a new camera, that’d be awesome! Your photos are always so stunning. My first stream was a bit of a train wreck ahaha, but hey, what can you do! Hopefully it’ll be a little smoother next time. 😀

  • Great goals! Mine are to not spend my free time on social media and play LOTRO or read instead 🙂

    • Kay

      Awesome! I’ve been much better about reading more lately (I didn’t even finish ONE book in January!) and it’s such a good feeling!

  • Eesh, glad you’re finally feeling better, girly. Awesome goals! I’d like to get into daily yoga too…it’s just a matter of convincing myself to wake up early and do it before work that’s got me stuck:P

    • Kay

      Don’t blame you there. I LOATHE getting up early. -_- Maybe you could try it in the afternoon or before bed? Sounds weird, but I did that routine for awhile and it was really relaxing to do some gentle yoga before bed. Obviously nothing sweaty and strenuous haha!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Yoga is awesome! It makes you strong in more ways than one.!

    • Kay

      Yes! I do yoga as much for my mental health as my physical. It’s definitely helps with anxiety (as does regular exercise in general!)


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