• March: Small Goals

      posted in Life In General by Kay on March 7, 2017

      I’ve seen small goals posts kicking around for while now (I think I first saw them on XO Mia? Or maybe Super Space Chick?) and I think they are a great way for me to jump back into monthly goals. Just some little things to bring some form of direction to my month. With fingers crossed that I am finally, FINALLY on the way to being completely healthy again I am beyond ready to get back into my normal life routine. February was a complete wash of a month, so let’s kick it off fresh with some March goals!

      1. Start streaming my art on Twitch. This is kind of a cheat goal as my first stream is…tomorrow! But my goals is to stream at least every Monday and Wednesday this month.

      2. Revamp my online art porfolio. My portfolio is a freaking mess at the moment. I can’t find a plugin I am happy with, and the art shown needs both updating and organization. Honestly, as a full time freelancer, it’s super embarrassing that I haven’t taken care of this yet. No more excuses, I NEED to get it done.

      3. Back to daily yoga. I was doing yoga daily for nearly a year. Due to being sick for the past month, I have hardly done any yoga at all. Once my lungs get the clear (my appt is Thursday, here’s hoping!!) I definitely want to get back into yoga, and then regular exercise again.

      And that’s it! Just three little goals, nothing overly stressful. Do you have any goals for March?