Making A Creative Space

This week kicked off my first official week of life as a freelancer. My two week stay-cation is done, and I dove in Monday with a freshly made work schedule to try out (loving it so far!) and got down to business! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on making a creative space. I think having a designated work area when you work from home is extremely important. Being able to have a spot where you can sit down and go into work mode is essential for productivity. But it also has to be a place where you feel comfortable. Ideally, someday, I’ll have my own studio area. Since that currently isn’t an option, making a creative space where I am comfortable was essential for this freelance adventure.

Enjoy this cringe-worthy mess dug up from the archives of my old phone. Good. Grief.

I’ve had an ‘art desk’ in our bedroom for over a year now and it has sat largely untouched that whole time, other than as a place to pile crap on. Any time I wanted to do art, I hauled everything to the living room and sat at the coffee table. Why? Because the area wasn’t comfortable for me. It was in a weird spot in the room and facing away from the door, which I hate. It had horrible lighting, where I was sitting in my own shadow to work. Also, the desk was huge. I didn’t need that much space. Therefore, I filled it up with stuff. Overall, it was just a mess (both literally and figuratively.)

As I mentioned in my post awhile back about our trip to Boston, we stopped at IKEA while down there. About 60% of the reason was to furnish my new art area. I measured out a spot where I wanted it, and hunted down some things that fit. Here’s what I snagged. This post is so not at all sponsored by IKEA in any way; I just like sharing things.

LINNMON Table top IKEA Pre-drilled leg holes for easy assembly.

ADILS Leg IKEA Adjustable feet allow you to level the table on uneven floors.







For my desk I snagged a LINNMON Table Top for $8.99 + four ADILS legs at $4 each.

SNILLE Swivel chair IKEA

My desk chair is the SNILLE swivel chair which was $19.99.

SUNNERSTA Rail IKEA Saves space on the countertop. Can also be used as a towel rail.   SUNNERSTA Container IKEA Helps free up space on your countertop while keeping cooking utensils close at hand.

And I grabbed some storage in the form of a SUNNERSTA set. The rail was $1.99 and the cups that attach were $0.79 each.

So for about $50, I had all the furniture I needed for my new area. And here it is!


Yes, it’s quite small. This little niche in the wall is tucked right next to our closet, and if fits the desk perfectly. It’s tucked away in my own little corner and I absolutely love it because it’s perfect for me. I love the small cozy area. I love that is has a window with plenty of daylight pouring in. I love that I can glance to my right and see our whole room (you know, in case a burglar tries to walk in and take a nap in our bed. IT COULD HAPPEN.)

But the point is, I’m happy I finally put effort into making a creative space that is right for me. I absolutely love going to sit down at my desk each day and make art. It feels right.


Like any space, I wanted to make sure my new art office had some great decor. The wall right in front my desk is my own little gallery. It features work from Michael C. Hayes, Victoria Gedvillas, Sylwia Telari, Megan Lara, Kirstin Winklbauer, Arnel Baluyot, Liana Kangas, and Dan Luvisi. It’s amazing to be able to glance upward and be filled with inspiration. And, this wall has so much more room to add more prints!


My desktop features a smattering of things that make me happy. Mainly, candle. I adore candles. Especially the candles that drip and ooze everywhere. They make my heart happy. Also in the category of things that make me happy: nostalgia. Those little anime figurines are from the show Tenchi Muyo – they’ve been in storage for ages and my mum just found them while cleaning out her basement. I’m so happy to have them on display again! I also recently acquired a mini Bulbasaur planter that I can’t WAIT to get a succulent or cactus for and then it too will adorn the desk.

As for practicalities, the rail cups are filled with tools I use the most and like easy access to. In that wooden case are my custom pen and mechanical pencil from Mystic Eye Creations. And of course, my lamp. My lamp is the one thing I’m not happy with. I need one that has a taller reach and moves a bit more. However, I did discover something totally life changing in terms of making art in crappily lit areas – daylight bulbs. BUY SOME!  (#protip?) Seriously, they make a world of difference not only for working, but also photographing my art.


I’m so, so glad I took the time to put effort into making a creative space that is perfect for me. I feel like I used to think along the lines of ‘I’ll do more art when I have a studio to do it in.’ and I allowed the lack of a space to limit me. And I realized how counterproductive that it. Would I love my dream studio? Of course! But since that isn’t an option, I decided to focus my efforts on making a creative space I can utilize and enjoy now, instead of ‘someday’. I’m sure I’ll be adding more to this little space and updating it along the way, which I’ll be sure to share on my art Instagram.

What does your creative space look like?


  • Your new creative space is super cozy and beautiful! IKEA is always a good idea 🙂 I have the same desk, btw.

    • Kay

      Thanks! And it’s such a great little desk right? Sturdy, and just the right amount of space. 🙂

  • Mia Moore

    LOVE your new space!! Great art and a cute cozy space 🙂 I have some of the same IKEA items too, haha!

    • Kay

      Thanks Mia! I am so glad I live no where near an IKEA because I would buy all the things all the time.

  • Such a lovely space to work in. This has really inspired me to sort my office out hehe. ;D | geek lifestyle

    • Kay

      Thank you! And yay, re-doing spaces is always so much fun!

  • I love how cozy that space looks! It’s so clean and bright. And YAAS to the daylight bulbs. I have them on my vanity and they’re fabulous. We also put them in our kitchen because normal lights hurt my boyfriend’s eyes and now I feel like our kitchen lights up the entire town LOL They’re SO bright!

    • Kay

      Thank you! And I’m sure my desk will not stay clean for long haha! Currently it’s covered in black Sharpies and the latest project I’m working on. 😀 And seriously, I want to replace all the bulbs in our house with daylight bulbs now that I have the one. The light is so much crisper, and now the yellowish bulbs annoy me!

  • I’ve been totally putting off scrapbooking since my crafting desk looks exactly like that first picture. I needddd ot get going cause I need to have my scrapbook caught up for our wedding in June. Seems like a long away but I basically have to scrapbook two years of our lives hahaha. Let alone all the other crafts involved with wedding planning… aghhhhhh

    • Kay

      Ahhh that’s a lot, but you can totally do it! Scrapbooking is such an undertaking. I used to do some serious scrapbooking, but now I do a tone downed version in my planner….hmmm…I should post about that haha!

      Wishing you the best getting caught up, and with all the wedding crafts! <3

  • gamerwife

    Having a space you feel comfortable in is so important to creativity. I love your little art wall and I NEED candles burning while I work.

    • Kay

      Thanks Mariko! Candles are a life must. I burn them less in summer (mainly because we are out of the house a lot more) but the minute the weather starts to cool, I burn candles constantly.

  • Desiree

    Love your area. I agree having a space of your own, where you’re comfortable so helps so much.

    • Kay

      Thanks Desiree! Personal comfort level definitely has so much to do with productivity!

  • That’s a really nice space! A clear and clean space really does clear your mind.

    • Kay

      Thank you Tanea! I completely agree.

  • Love your space!! I need to get my little space put together too, eventually! For now, I do all my freelance work on my couch haha!

    • Kay

      Hey, that’s exactly what I was doing until recently! And if it weren’t something I’m making my full time job, I’d probably stick with the couch. But I definitely wanted a place to feel like a ‘work space’ for my days at home, and I’m really glad I whipped something up. But man, some days the couch is tempting haha!

  • I love your space it looks amazing! I sadly, sit on my couch and create. LOL

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina! Nothing wrong with couch creation. 😀 Some days the couch is a very tempting spot to work haha!

  • I’m in the process of cleaning up my creative space too. It’s nice to know I’m not alone. Looks great!!!

    • Kay

      Thank you Sadie! Enjoy setting your new one up! 🙂


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