Why I Love Kylo Ren

Happy Star Wars Day! Today being May the 4th I wanted to write up a post about my favorite part of The Force Awakens – Kylo Ren. Don’t get me wrong, I love Rey, but Kylo took the cake for me. He was everything I ever wanted in a Star Wars villain.

I know there are a fair share of people out there who dislike Kylo Ren completely, for a variety of issues. I’ve found in many cases, the reasons people dislike him are the same reasons I adore him! Here are the two biggest issues I’ve seen that people have with him, and why I think they make him great.

1. The Temper Tantrums

Many people saw the tantrums as completely childish, and they’re right! But that’s why I love it. Someone who so embraces the Dark Side is generally fueled by raw emotions, and usually those emotions aren’t well controlled. Outbursts happen. I feel like Darth Vader had the same problem, only he had extra grumpy pants on and just flat out murdered people when he got bad news. I saw Kylo’s tantrums to be his way of showing restraint. He knows constantly murdering crew members is probably a bad idea, so he expresses his rage in the only way he knows how; with a tantrum. It’s very much like a small child, but I feel that accurately describes the emotional stability of someone who is fully on the Dark Side.


2. The Lightsaber Fight with Rey/Finn

There was a lot of hubbub about the fact that Kylo Ren should have been able to wipe the floor with Rey in a lightsaber duel seeing as how she hadn’t ever fought with one, ever, and he has had years and years of training. And I agree with that. With a few exceptions. Initially, I don’t think he wanted to kill her. I think he is incredibly intimidated by her natural gift with the force, and truly hoped to be able to convince her to join him. When that didn’t pan out, I feel like he got a lot more vicious.

But the main reason I think Rey survived was because Kylo Ren was massively injured at that point. He took a direct hit in the side from Chewie’s bowcaster, which as we saw previously in the movie was capable of taking out multipleΒ armored Stormtroopers with one well placed shot. Kylo Ren just stood on the bridge and took it. I feel that most of his focus and energy during the fight with Rey was being used to not bleed to death.

Given his massive skill with the force (remember that time when stopped a blaster bolt mid-shot and just held it with hardly any effort for awhile?) I definitely feel like he would be able to use the force to heal, with immense focus and effort. Using the force to heal (aka force healing) is something that’s come up in the expanded universe (and the games), and I completely feel that Kylo Ren was putting every spare ounce of what he could into staying alive during the fight via the force.

I guess there is a third issue I’ve seen a lot online but it’s so stupid it makes me want to just start table flipping. And that reason is:

“I Don’t Like Adam Driver’s Face”

I’m sorry, how is this a reason to dislike a character?! I am floored at the amount of tweets basically just bashing Adam Driver’s face, and so many jokes about how he should have kept the mask on. First off, that is just plain rude. (And seriously, I don’t get it, what is wrong with his face?! It’s a face! I see nothing weird there!) Secondly, even if you don’t find him attractive, what does that have to do with his character?! Nothing! That is not a reason people! Also, I was actually really pleased with how much he and Harrison Ford look alike since they are totally unrelated in real life. Obviously not identical, but the similar facial structures make it quite easy to see them as father and son.

Now, some people are just annoyed that Kylo Ren de-masked in general; they found him to be a more effective villain with the mask on. That is a legitimate reason to be annoyed; I just happen to feel differently. I was so happy he took the mask off. To me, it showed strength. He did it to prove to Rey that he doesn’t need to hide behind a mask to be intimidating and powerful, that he is happy to show his face and still be effective. I loved it! I think he only wears the mask because of his obsession with Darth Vader; as an homage to him, and I love that he doesn’t feel bound by the need to wear it all the time.

There are so many theories out there about how Kylo Ren is actually a good guy (basically the Severus Snape of the Star Wars universe in place to take down the Dark Side for good). There are still a million ways he could redeem himself to the light in the upcoming movies. And honestly, I really hope he doesn’t.

I am quite sick of the sympathetic villain. Going in to The Force Awakens, I wanted a Dark Side baddie who had truly embraced his Dark Side. Who thrived on it, unapologetically. I got that in Kylo Ren, and I want him to stick to it. I want a villain who is power hungry, and wants to rule. Who thrives on gaining more skill and power no matter the cost to their humanity. Is it so bad to want a villain to just be truly evil?

What are your thoughts on Kylo Ren? Do you hope he stays dark?
Let’s discuss!

  • B.

    I hope he stays Darks. Movies need good villains that grow and learn over time!

    • Kay

      Agreed! And I would love it if they would grown and learn to be more evil instead of growing and learning to be ‘better’. πŸ˜€

  • Sonya

    I LOVE ALL OF THESE REASONS. Like he is such a great villain right now. I kinda just love everyone in the movie, to be honest, and you hit the nail on the head with this whole post. And I agree: I hope he stays bad. I’m cool with maybe some backstory that makes you wanna feel bad for him–and I’ve seen some fan theories to that effect, considering reasons why he went Dark, which I really enjoy–but I want him to stick to his guns (lightsaber) and just be *mean* the whole time. Sometimes that just makes the story more exciting. (Also, omg, “I don’t like Adam Driver’s face.” I lol’d.)

    • Kay

      Haha, glad you enjoyed! Seriously, I can’t handle people bashing his face. What the hell people! Glad I’m not the only one who loves him, and hope he stays dark! I would agree, I do hope we get more backstory, especially about the Knights of Ren and what happened to them. Are they still around?

  • Yaaasssss. I literally (like, 5 mins ago) just got done watching The Force Awakens and I agree with all of this.

    1. I found the temper tantrums kinda funny. And like you said, it’s way better than just killing off your crew. You need them!

    2. Ppl hating on the light saber fight just prove they weren’t even paying attention. He was clearly very injured before the fight even started! Rey and Fin may have been tired, but for the most part they were just fine. And by the time he decided to kill Rey he was probably already too injured.

    3. I have a weird crush on Adam Driver (*swoon*) so I don’t understand this one AT ALL. And even if he’s not your type, why does it matter? Let’s not pretend there’s no ugly characters in the Star Wars universe!

    • Kay

      Exactly!!! I personally don’t find him to be that attractive to me personally, but in what way does that matter or affect my thoughts on his character?! I don’t get people haha. I freaking LOVED the lightsaber fight at the end. I feel like I could write a whole post on just that! I loved that Rey was the worst fighter ever, as she SHOULD be not having training with one. Basically she tried to use it like her staff (poke, bash, RUN AWAY!) and I so appreciated that detail. Glad you agree!

  • Yes yes yes!! Those were all reasons why I like Kylo Ren too! I thought his tantrums showed that he’s a flawed character who’s still young and learning to control himself and his powers. I LOVED that light saber fight! It was exciting and terrifying! Seriously people don’t like his face??? That’s a horrible reason not to like Kylo! Adam Driver was awesome and I actually thought that moment with Rey when he finally took off the mask was a little bit scarier because he took it off. With the mask on, you can keep seeing him as just Kylo Ren, but taking it off means that there’s more to him and that he’s not just a villain for villain’s sake.

    • Kay

      Yes, exactly!! I found him scarier because he took the mask off. He feels no need to hide behind it. Yay for Kylo Ren fans!!

  • gamerwife

    I also absolutely loved that Kylo Ren is an emo baby villain. I just found that so smart and current. Although I have a slightly different interpretation of the fight with Rey, where I saw him pounding on his wound as a way of using his pain to fuel him.

    • Kay

      Ah, that’s a good point! Totally fits with his Dark Side line of thinking as well. Revel in the pain.

  • Awesome post! I HATE that people dislike Kylo Ren simply because they don’t like Adam Driver’s face. Such a stupid reason! His face is fine, people. And Kylo is a fantastic character! I agree with basically everything you said, though a part of me still loves sympathetic villains and hopes he switches over:P Oh well, to each her own!

    • Kay

      Haha, exactly! I think I could get on board with it if it’s well done, but I hope if he DOES make the switch it isn’t just a similar story to Vader. I like that he has a bit of an obsession with Vader, but I want his story to be unique. The idea of him being a Snape type character intrigues me – committing these terrible atrocities in the name of the light side with the goal of taking out the dark for good. That could leave some serious emotional stuff to deal with – at what point have you actually turned dark? Are you still light? I think it could be really interesting!

  • I think Adam Driver is sexy. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      I know you aren’t the only one! πŸ˜€ But I am still so appalled at how rude people can be, ugh!

  • Yep, I’m in the dislike camp. But I’ve only seen the movie once so I”m open to change πŸ˜‰ I couldn’t quite put my finger on it during my 1st watch, but he just rubbed me wrong. Perhaps I’ll have to give him another chance

    • Kay

      Hey, to each their own for sure! πŸ˜€

  • Thank god someone wrote this post. It all needed to be said. The casting was perfect.

    • Kay

      Thanks Liana! I’m excited to have found more people who love him. πŸ˜€

  • Danielle Knapp

    So I will say I had a hard time with Kylo Ren because I’m so familiar with Adam Driver on a different show and he’s kind of a tool on that show. That said, I did enjoy Kylo with the mask on, but I just kept picturing him in his regular show whenever he was mask off. Ha, I hope that makes sense. I did LOVE the lightsaber battle and I hope that by the next movie I can focus on him as Kylo Ren and not his other roles.

    • Kay

      I totally think that makes sense, and I have that same thing with actors sometimes. This was my first experience with him as a character (I’d legit never heard of him prior to TFA, though now I know he’s from Girls, which I haven’t seen) and I definitely think that helped with my loving Kylo!

  • I have still yet to see the movie but I need to. I keep seeing it at Red Box. I have to agree with you in this day and age I want a villain that is that a villain. We all love villains and I suppose we want to see them redeem themselves in some way. Yet, people are people and not all of us are good or unselfish. I think Kylo Ren should continue on the path of his “mentor” and not turn from the dark side.

    Just like me. I’m sure I’d be on the dark side, my life is ruled by my emotions and I would find it extreme difficult to pass up raw emotion over passivity and controlling my emotions.

    • Kay

      I agree. I think I’d struggle to stay on the light side truth be told. And YES what you said about not all people being good or unselfish. THIS. I mean, I do tend to think that individually, MOST people are good hearted, but most certainly not all. Some people just AREN’T and that’s what I want in my villains. The broken, irredeemably evil ones.

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