Life Update + Blog Thoughts: A Very Chatty Post

Well. I definitely didn’t intend to disappear from my blog for three weeks, but that is certainly what has happened. And it wasn’t just here. I kind of disappeared from all my standard internet hangouts (socials, awesome blogging groups, etc.) Why? Well, I wrote a big ole caption on this Instagram post covering that, but in case you don’t follow me on Insta or don’t want to click over, allow me to sum up with a nice list.

  • The inauguration happened.
    I began ingesting way, WAY, too many articles about politics.
    I got depressed.
    Then I got super sick for ten days.
    Once I felt healthy again, I felt stuck in a fog about what to do other than exist on a day to day basis.
    I am now pulling myself out of said fog.

I know I am not at all alone in feeling depressed about the current political climate in the US. I’ve got a whole post about this coming up, so I won’t ramble about it much here. Suffice to say, I’ll continue to stay informed and take action, but in a way that doesn’t entirely overwhelm and depress me.

As for pulling myself out of the fog, that is taking more effort. I definitely still have days where I just want to do nothing but nap or play video games all day. Which is not only not productive, it’s not healthy. So while it is taking effort to be a normal, functioning human being, it’s effort I’m willing to put in. Cheesy as it sounds, I’m focusing on little things. Taking ridiculous selfies with my daughter (and also hilarious videos of her). Appreciating the friends and family I have. Indulging in a healthy amount of video game time. Making time to read.

I’m also getting back into standard self-care stuff – literal basics like drinking water and eating well regularly. For the two weeks I was super sick, I barely ate, and drank water really irregularly (which I’m sure was not the least bit helpful in recovering). I also stopped daily yoga completely. Simple things like that make a huge difference in my mental health, and I am getting back on track with a regular schedule for them.

As for art, it is still a wonderful refuge. An activity that makes me lose track of time completely, focuses all my attention, and makes me feel both accomplished and proud. Right now I have a good balance of commission work and personal projects that are keeping me both busy and happy. I often struggle keeping a balance of making art for myself when I have a lot of paid work. It’s a balance I really want to achieve. Right now I’m really inspired with a new mini-series of portraits for February, and I’ve got one in the works for March too!

So with my personal life and creative life getting back in order, that still left the blog. Sitting here, untouched. I would think about writing, and then just…not sit down and write. I am certainly not unique in my blogging qualms. Every single blogger I’ve ever interacted with has at some point experienced a slump, a lack of interest, doubt about their content, worries over monetizing; the list goes on. Even though I’m not alone on this boat, it doesn’t really make me feel any better about it.

My current blogging struggle? I don’t feel like I have anything to offer you guys. My posts don’t feel like I’m providing anything to my readers. I have lists in my bullet journal for post ideas, and that list is pretty damn bare. I’ve read countless articles on growing blogs, bringing in new traffic, and they all say pretty much the same thing. Provide your readers a service! Give them useful content! Solve a problem for them! Riiiiight.

Here’s the thing. I totally understand what all the articles are saying. I get that it’s better marketing to provide super useful content, I get that it makes more sense to have a niche blog, I get that consistent blogging brings in more readers. But honestly? I don’t want to do that. Or more accurately, I don’t want to ALWAYS do that, or feel like I HAVE to do that.

So I’m not. I’m changing a lot of the blogging goals I had for this year. While I still want to be posting twice a week, the content is going to be what I want, when I want. Some days I might actually have useful content for you. Other days you may just see what I got up to this weekend. I’m throwing SEO to the wind, along with most strategies to grow my readership. Since I have no intention of monetizing my blog, pageviews should be the least of my life worries.

I’ve put a lot of thought into what IĀ  like to read in a blog as well. I don’t enjoy blogs solely about one topic or even worse, blogs that feel like a commercial. What I love are personal blogs, where people share what they’ve been up to, doodles they’ve made, or their latest obsessions. So why wouldn’t I write my own blog in the same way?

I had goals of making my blog a lot more content focused this year. This is an ART blog so I’ll write only about ART and ART related things! ALL ART, ALL THE TIME! Yuck. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I love art (duh), and there are sure to be art related posts, but this blog is a representation of ME. Therefore, I want to share about all the things I love not just one section of it, or only posts I think people can get use out of.

Will my views go down? Probably. Will I bring in a lot of new readers? Doubtful. Will I be 100% happier? YES. SO MUCH YES. And that is absolutely worth it.

TL;DR: I’m embracing ‘you do you’ and writing about whatever the fuck I want, pageviews be damned.

How do you deal with blogging woes? And what kind of content do you enjoy reading in a blog? I’ve never done any kind of reader survey (maybe at the end of this year), so I’d love to know what types of blogs you all get excited about. Share links in the comments if you like; I’d love to check out some new ones!



  • Oh Kay, I totally get what you mean! Since the beginning of 2017 I started feeling so tired of everything in general and I “have days where I just want to do nothing but nap or play video games all day” too. Definitely. I started classes again and I come back home so tired that the only effort I can make is to turn on my laptop and watch a video or an episode of my TV shows. For the blog, you already know my feelings, same for Twitter. I’m so tired of reading the rules of the perfect blogger! The other day, during my hour-long commute, I even started thinking about what’s the whole point about sharing photos of books on Instagram, maybe I should start sharing random stuff again, I don’t know, too much brainstorming. I came to a point that I’m tired of useful contents and I enjoy reading personal posts šŸ™‚

    • Kay

      Exactly! We are definitely on the same page in that regard. I think if I read one more article about the ‘best way to blog’ I’ll scream haha. I made all these plans for my blog for 2017 and then realized quite quickly, following those plans would make me miserable. And what’s the point of that? I’m glad you too are enjoying taking a break from things, and just writing about what you want. It’s so refreshing!

  • The blogger struggle is real. Regardless, you do you. Your blog is great as is and I enjoy the variety of posts you already write (your art is also amazing) and will continue to be a reader <3

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Celeste! PS, I’m so excited for the SoN podcast!

  • <3 <3 <3 I'll read your blog no matter what you write! I tend to enjoy blogs that are much more personal anyway. I can't name a single blog that I still subscribe to that blogs about blogging. I feel like we get it, we're bloggers, and most of us aren't trying to turn blogging into our full-time jobs. It gets so boring and tedious after a while! And I feel like what personal bloggers are "offering" is a look into their daily lives and their unique perspective on things.

    • Kay

      Thanks Kristin! <3 I am definitely done with blogs and article about how to blog. It just turns what was a fun, creative hobby into a stress-causer. Thanks for the kind words! <3

  • MagicCatJenny

    Yes yes yes! This post felt like it was coming out of my own head. Everything feels so overwhelming now, and blogging and YouTube feel like ‘why would anyone care about me and my life when there’s so many other more important things to care about?’ I’ve debated quitting both all-together, but then do what? Binge watch Netflix shows all day? I’m so happy you are you are blogging what you want and not what will get you views and followers. I really need to follow your lead. <3<3<3

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Jenny! You hit on such a good point – one of the reasons I stopped sharing more personal posts (like what I get up to on the weekend) is because I got stuck in the mindset of ‘who cares about my simple life?’ Which is so silly, because I LOVE reading/watching that kind of content! So that’s what I’m going back to.

      I realized that blogging used to be such a fun and creative hobby for me, and I let it turn into something that causes nothing but stress. And what’s the point of that?! I hope you can find a peaceful place with your blog and videos as well! I’ll definitely still be a reader and subscriber along the way. šŸ™‚ <3 <3

  • B.

    You do you! I’ve never understood trying to have a theme to a blog, or only writing about one thing. I always looked at my blog as a personal story. That means I’m writing about whatever pops into my head. Maybe one day it’s the gym, the next day it’s a trip I have planned, maybe sharing some new collectible that’s out. I think NOT having a plan can sometimes lead to the best posts. Because you just write when something strikes you.

    • Kay

      Exactly! And yours is one of my fave blogs for that exact reason. I love reading your posts, and they always read and feel genuine and ‘real’, if that makes sense. It’s really something I need to embrace again.

      • B.

        Aw, thank you so much!

  • Been there. Stay strong and do what feels right. <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Lyn!

  • Well you saw what I did because I got too stressed with blogging. I was overly worried about my blog all the time. I tasked myself to create content I thought other people wanted to read but it wasn’t fulfilling to me. I was also always worried about my blog being hacked. It just became too much. Additionally, I felt I was beginning to suffocate from the lack of creativity with my blog. I now just vlog about what I want, of course I like to join in to challenges like the community game along but overall my content is going to be just what I want and I’ve commited to only once a week.

    • Kay

      I think that is such a good plan. I’m so excited for your YouTube channel! I love vlogs, so I’m pretty pumped to keep on tuning in! šŸ™‚

  • Girl, you and me are on the same blogging page. I totally lost my way in what I actually wanted my blog to be about in order to try to grow it, but I just lost interest completely so I’m working on re-vamping my content. Most blogs are going to be hobbies so it only makes sense to write about what makes you happy.

    I hope you’re getting out of your fog! The political climate is terrible and yeah, seeing stuff on the news about it every day is just infuriating. I can’t believe it’s only been a month. Ugh.

    Katie |

    • Kay

      It can be so easy to get caught up in growth and numbers without even realizing you aren’t having fun anymore! I hope you get your content where you like it. šŸ™‚

      I can’t believe it’s only been a month either. To think that we may have four years of this is terrifying. D:


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