My Geek Origin Story

After taking two weeks off for some personal reasons, I am finally ready to get back in the swing of blogging. And what better way than with a post sharing my origins as a geek? The ever awesome Mickey from Nerdily came up with the idea of sharing our geek origin stories, and I just had to get on board (even if I’m a little late!) And be sure to check out all the other awesome lady geeks linked at the bottom of this post!

My geek roots lie in gaming. I started out playing computer games in DOS with my brother and dad when I was about five – things like Gorilla Basic and Snake. We also had an Atari which I loved to play – Centipede was my favorite!

lady geek origin story
Gorilla Basic

As I got older, I continued to game with my brother on PC and eventually on consoles as well, starting with the Sega Genesis (Shenobi and Sonic were favorites!) But it wasn’t until age ten or eleven that I felt truly solidified as a geek.

When I was ten, Pokemon was THE big thing. I loved the games, and collected the cards like mad. I met my best friend because of Pokemon cards. (16 years later we are still BFFs!) This was also the year I discovered Sailor Moon, played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, AND Final Fantasy VII. It was a big year for me. Ocarina of Time and FFVII blew my eleven year old mind to pieces. Between the phenomenal gameplay, story, characters – I fell utterly hardcore in love with gaming because of those two games.

Sailor Moon changed my life in ways I never expected, or even really realized at the time. It made me fall in love with art, and I began drawing SM fanart obsessively. It also opened the doors to so many other animes. At first, just the Toonami lineup on Cartoon Network (Reboot, Tenchi Muyo!, Cardcaptor Sakura) but eventually I sought out more on my own. As an avid reader already, it also opened my eyes to the world of manga, which I became obsessed with as well. I also can attribute my internet love to Sailor Moon. Not only did I love seeking out images to draw from online, but I also made my very first website because of it – a Geocities Sailor Moon fan site. Oh yeah. There I shared my own art, had galleries of images, and even wrote some (terrible) fanfic.

As I grew older and started high school, I moved away from anime a bit. In terms of art, I wanted to focus more on drawing realistic portraits. And I watched less and less TV and became much more immersed in games and reading. The original Halo consumed my life, along with games like Super Smash Brothers Melee. I had a pretty large group of close friends in high school, and since my house was in walking distance, we all gathered at my place each day after school and gamed together. I also started the Harry Potter series in high school, a bit late as I didn’t start until book three was already out, and fell completely in love with the world and characters.

Because I had a great group of geeky friends, I was never bullied in high school, despite how I dressed (we were the goth crew, wearing all black + Tripp pants with fabulously dyed hair; all rather cliche goth) or the fact that I was a female and into gaming. I come from a small town (graduated in a class of 90 people) and by high school, there really wasn’t a lot of drama. I didn’t care what people thought of me, because I had the support of my friends who were also huge geeks. It definitely gave me confidence to embrace being a geek as I got older, even after losing touch with most of that group.

College was an equally great geek experience. I don’t know if it’s because I went to art school, but pretty much everyone was a giant geek. I camped out for my WiiU in the freezing cold with my roommate! And going to school in a city, there were shops everywhere – comic shops, anime shops – it was great! I got into reading more comics and graphic novels in college.

I definitely consider myself lucky in that I have had very little negative experience in being a geek. My family has always swayed toward the geekier edge. My parents are both huge sci-fi/fantasy fans and bookworms which they passed on to both my brother and myself. My father is an artist and he definitely encouraged my own art. He also introduced me to Farscape, one of the first shows I fell hardcore in love with, along with things like The Fifth Element and The Matrix (both of which I was obsessed with.) But really, both my parents are geeks in their own right, and have always encouraged my geekiness!

As an adult I definitely game less than I used to, but still live a very full geek life. It’s really the only life I know! 🙂 Be sure to check out the origin stories below from some other lovely ladies!

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  • B.

    I’m not even sure what my geek/nerd story is! I feel like I’ve always been one but not sure when it all clicked! I love these posts though!

    • Kay

      Thanks! I too loved reading them. I’ve pretty much always been a geek as well. 😀

  • I LOVE that you met your best friend through a mutual love of a particular video game! I met my best friend through Final Fantasy (there was even a fan forum board that we were both obsessed with!) and we are both still besties today as well.

    You also get wicked respect from me for the Farscape mention! <3

    • Kay

      I love it when games (and shared loved for them and the fandom) bring people together. I love gaming, but it can definitely be an isolating thing (especially back before internet was everywhere) so sharing a love of games back then was definitely a bonding experience! And yes, Farscape fans! I knew NO ONE in real life who loved the show so I always get so excited meeting fans today haha!

  • What a great post! My geekness started about the same when my dad bought me an old Atari when I was really young and I loved playing pac-man and there was a game with space camels! This snowballed in to gameboy obsession with Zelda, somewhere along the way the was a sega master system and then I read the Lord of the Rings and from there came so many other things I have embraced from graphic novels to my love of Firefly and my unashamed love of Disney!

    • Kay

      Ah, that’s awesome! I feel like gaming was the way to ‘be geeky’ back then, but now with the internet I love that people can nerd out about so many different things, and find others who share those loves!

  • gamerwife

    Love the Reboot shoutout! That show was so ahead of its time. I definitely think it’s due for a re-boot. Ugh.

    • Kay

      Ah, yes for Reboot fans!! Freaking loved that show, and I agree, completely ahead of it’s time. Also, massive high five for that terrible pun. 😀 😀 I love bad puns!!

  • Love this! I think Sailor Moon or maybe even Jem and the Holograms was my 1st geeky thing to fangirl about and it just went downhill from there. I miss that old Toonami line up! I remember looking at tons of Sailor Moon fanart, so maybe I saw some of yours back in the day! xo

    • Kay

      I totally want to share some here one day! I have so much old art from when I was a tweenager/early teen….it’s so bad but so good if you know what I mean ahaha. And I agree, that Toonami lineup was THE best.

  • All of this Pokemon Go talk is making me nostalgic for collecting Pokemon cards! I remember talking about all of them with my brothers and trying to collect the cutest ones haha! One of the first geeky shows I watched was Smallville. Ever since then I’ve been obsessed with superheroes!

    • Kay

      I was always way more into the cards than I was the show (though I really enjoyed the games). Smallville was great! I used to watch it at my friends house on occasion (I didn’t have cable at the time it came out) and it was such a fun show!

  • Oh my gosh, you were a goth girl?! Pictures please!! That’s awesome to hear that you had such an amazing and accepting group of geek friends, sometimes it can be really tough to have self-confidence as a geeky gal. The fact that your parents are geeks too is crazy cool! I love that you used to have a Sailor Moon fan site:P I wish I had gotten into Sailor Moon when I was younger, so much girl power goodness! Loved learning more about you, friend<3

    • Kay

      Thanks Ashlee! And I was such a goth kid ahaha…all black, all the time, with electric blue hair for a couple years there. God the maintenance was horrific with that!! I used to be so much cooler than I am now ahaha! Though I do still pretty much wear only dark colors. 😀 I’ll have to see if I can dig up some pictures from my mum’s house!

  • Oh my gosh! You were a goth girl? I just can’t even see it I have to see a picture! I think we followed a similar path in that Anime kickstarted a lot of the fandom before we left it and moved on to more western fandoms. I Love Sailor Moon Crystal though. I watch it on Crunchy Roll, it’s nice the show follows very closely to the manga. Loved learning about ya friend!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina! And yes, I was totally a goth girl haha. Though I never died my hair black – just electric blue. 😀 And I never wore an insane amount of dark eyeliner either, simply because I could never master it ahaha. But other than that, all black all the time, dark gothy rock music, and more. There’s still a lot I haven’t grown out of – goth girl for life haha! I’ll definitely have to dig up some pictures.

      • Nothing wrong with that! There are little things about our childhood we never grow out of!

  • Desiree

    Great story! Omg I remember Toonami!! I would stay up late to watch. I need to see pics of younger goth you. 🙂

    • Kay

      I will try and dig some up from my mum’s! I’ll share them in The Dark Room slack channel too; I’m sure they’ll be good for a laugh!

  • Great story Kay! I remember playing Sonic when I was really young. I was always confused behind the premise of collecting spaghetti-O’s. Haha …And Pokemon! Ah…I still have my card collection to this day. Even thought it’s worth nothing monetary-wise, I still love it

    • Kay

      Awesome!! I totally still have mine as well. High five! 😀

  • Danielle Knapp

    What an awesome story. I loved playoff Sonic and watching Pokemon as a kid 🙂 I totally was a goth girl for a while too lol

    • Kay

      Yessss goth girls forever! To be honest, I’m still a goth girl at heart. Some things I’ll never outgrow. 😀

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