Kiwi Crate Review: Solar System

I’m here today for what may be the last Kiwi Crate review for awhile! Before I get into the review I do want to make perfectly clear that I absolutely love this subscription box. I recommend it for anyone with young kiddos, especially those homeschooling. Kiwi Crate provides STEAM projects that are equal parts fun and educational, and I can’t recommend them enough. We are pausing our subscription simply for time and budget reasons. With our daughter in school now, our days are pretty packed. This box is actually from November, but we didn’t get around to assembling it until mid-December! We also have many trips and adventures planned for this year so tucking away a few dollars where we can does make a difference. I think we’ll probably resume our subscription over the summer months when we have more time during the week. Onto the Kiwi Crate review!

The theme for this box was Solar System! My kiddo definitely enjoys space themed things, so she was pumped for this box. As per usual for Kiwi Crate, this box was packed with high quality supplies, and came with more than one project. Here’s what was inside!

Kiwi Crate Reivew: Solar System supplies

The two projects included in this Kiwi Crate were a solar system mobile and a meteor launcher! I’m pretty impressed that an entire watercolor set was included with this crate. The supplies never disappoint!

The miss wanted to assemble the mobile first, so she got to work!

Kiwi Crate Review painting

Kiwi Crate Review assembling

After painting the planets we let them dry overnight. The next day it was time to assemble the mobile! This part of the project was so great for fine motor skills – so much knot tying! My kiddo loved that. Once assembled, we headed into a dark room to turn it on (yeah, it definitely comes with a sweet LED light bulb keychain so your sun lights up!)

Kiwi Crate Review: Solar System finished

She loves it! It’s hanging proudly in her room. Plus, it looks quite spiffy in the day as well! She did such a great job painting the planets.

The meteor launcher (aka pom-pom launcher) was equally fun, but I didn’t get many pictures. The crate came with a ‘landing pad’ that you can lay out targets on, each with a point value. We had quite the meteor launching competition!

I definitely cannot overstate how much I love this subscription box. Despite pausing our subscription, I wholeheartedly recommend Kiwi Crate!

While I am an affiliate of Kiwi Crate, this box was purchased with my own money, and the review is my own honest opinion. As an affiliate, the links in this post are affiliate links. All income from affiliate links covers costs here on the blog.


  • Love the idea of this!!

    • Kay

      It’s such a great box! We had it for a full year, and my kiddo loved each box!

  • I love it! My son would have loved this box but I know I’d be doing all of the work. We are still on the Koala Box!

    • Kay

      How are the projects in those? I know the Kiwi boxes had varying levels of parental involvement, but most required very little help other than reading instructions if the follow-along picture instructions weren’t clear. I was really impressed by that! I think there was only one 1 out of the 12 boxes we got that needed a huge amount of my help.

      • Pretty much all the projects need help with the Koala box. Of course my son is a bit older so he is able to do the project once I explain it to him the first time but it’s heavy in the parental involvement department. I am excited to try the Cricket Crate when the little guy gets here.

  • This looks really cool. Hoping its still around when Lazy Baby gets old enough!

    • Kay

      I hope it is too! They also offer a Koala Crate, which is for ages 3-4 so it’s a great place to start!

  • Nerd in the Brain

    It looks fabulous! (And like a lot of fun!)

    Side note: The miss is getting so grown up!

    We did the lava lamp Tinker Crate yesterday. I’ll be reviewing it on the blog in the next few weeks, but spoiler alert…it was awesome. 😀

    • Kay

      Ah fantastic! That sounds like so much fun. We actually got two Doodle Crates just to try them and see if my kiddo would be able to do them with help (that box is ages 9-16) but overall they are just still too far out of her ability to enjoy it too much. So we’ll take a break for now!

      And I agree about her seeming so grown up! I mean, duh, I’m her mum heehee, but I feel like the transition from age 5 to 6 was huge both physically and mentally. She is so much of her own person now, and so independent which is both wonderful and wistful all at the same time. 🙂


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