June: Small Goals

june small goals

New month, new goals. I didn’t end up blogging for pretty much the last half of May. No real reason, I just didn’t feel I had much to share that I hadn’t already been sharing on either Instagram or Twitter. When I realized it had been a week without blogging, I immediately had that twinge of guilt; that feeling of ‘I should be blogging!‘ But I whisked it away as an afterthought and that was so refreshing. This is my hobby, and sometimes other things take precedence! Like art, soaking up beautiful weather, going out for ice cream. Just BEING. Enjoying the little things. It’s my definite summer plan.

May Goal Wrap Up

1. List original work in my art shop. Success!! It’s open again! I’ve listed many originals for sale there, along with my older prints, and I’ve got new prints on the way! I’m also working on stickers, along with a couple other things. I’ll be having a full post about my shop once my new prints arrive, since I’ll be doing a fun little giveaway over on Instagram to celebrate the re-opening!

2. Order prints to list in my shop. See above! They’re on their way!

3. Apply for 3 freelance art jobs. I did, but didn’t land any jobs. And that’s okay. I also had a big sit down chat with my partner that was half vent about feeling frustrated and useless at being a freelancer and half brainstorming session on things I can do. It was (and is) so nice to be able to talk out my thoughts with him, and get feedback, encouragement, and advice from him. I’m so thankful to have a supportive partner!

4. Look into opportunities for local art jobs. Did not do this at all. With summer coming up, I have some ideas about reaching out but I need to A) solidify them a bit more first and B) get up the courage to actually approach people. Deep breaths.

5. Attempt to participate in #mermay. I did! I drew six in total – you can see them all on Instagram!

Four of five goals complete, I’ll take that! On to June.

June Goals

1. Refine my work schedule. About two weeks ago I had the realization that for the summer months, being a stay-at-home-mum kind of takes precedence over freelancing since my daughter will be home full time again. That’s not a bad thing, but it does mean I have to re-prioritize my time and figure out how much work I can take on and realistically complete.

2. Reach out locally about art jobs. Rolling this over from May because it needs to happen!

3. Apply for more freelance work. Gotta keep that train going.

4. Continue my Zodiac portraits series and start roughs of my new series. I’m over halfway complete on my Zodiac series, yay! I’ve also got a new series in mind which I’m keeping under wraps for now, but I’ll definitely be sharing about as it progresses.

5. Take some Skillshare courses. This is one of those things that I keep meaning to do and always putting off. I’m making June the month it happens!

I love the month of June. July is a very hectic month for us and August ends with back-to-school, so June is a wonderful carefree month of summer. It’s not too hot in the early weeks, and starts to get the summer heat by the end that’s just perfect for the beach. Bring it on!

What are your goals for June?


  • Mariah Kaercher

    Another idea for you could be tabling at craft shows? Or if you have geeky art tabling at conventions? They may be expensive at first, but if you could put yourself out there and sell your art, you might reap the benefits later.

    • Kay

      Yes, a great idea! I actually have a big list of craft/art fairs to look into in my state. Unfortunately, a lot of the craft shows where I live don’t particularly fit the type of art I have – most craft fairs swing towards the rustic/handmade craft type stuff vs illustration art. But it’s most definitely something I want to look into and see if I can find some that fit!

  • I perfectly know that feeling, I haven’t blogged for the whole month and I feel myself guilty about that sometimes, but you’re right, it’s a hobby! 🙂

    • Kay

      It can be hard to remember that sometimes but I’ve definitely been trying my best to let the guilt go about it!

  • I’m definitely with you on the whole feeling guilty about not blogging thing. You’re totally right though, sometimes other things take precedence and I mean, it’s healthy to take a break every now and then! Congrats on kicking most of your May goals in the booty! You’re going to rock it this month too<3

    • Kay

      Very true about taking a break being good for the health. Stressing constantly ABOUT blogging certainly doesn’t make my writing or posts any better haha!

  • I am with ya on that work schedule. I’ve really mucked it up the last few months, so I’d like to get back to where I was in February as far as my routine goes. And as for blogging breaks, it’s totally fair that you take them, intentionally or not, because at least in my mind I don’t see you as just a blogger–I see you as an artist who blogs (whether it’s about art or other stuff). Y’know?

    • Kay

      An artist who blogs – love that! Thanks! Guilt is a weird thing, eh?

      Part of me is excited for this schedule change as it means I can be more a night owl again (my fave time to work!) I hope finding a routine again isn’t too stressful for you! It can be hard to hop back into it, I definitely get that.

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’ve been there feeling guilty about not blogging, be like you said sometimes you just have to be 🙂 I just loved you MerMay series and the Zodiac ones are just so amazing!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Danielle!

  • Congrats on completing your May goals! I hope you’re able to kick June’s butt!

    • Kay

      Thanks Katy!

  • It’s good to talk with someone, especially with freelance frustrations. Also, congrats for completing your May goals 😀 + I love that Taurus you created! It’s amazing! I love it. So, don’t feel guilty if you haven’t enough time for everything: it’s normal.

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Pepi! Taurus power all the way! 😀 😀


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