July Kiwi Crate! And A Mini Life Update! And Exclamation Points!

Well. This month has been…busy. And draining in many ways. Honestly, more mentally busy & draining than anything else, but it definitely makes the time freaking FLY by. I don’t know how it’s already the last week of July. Anywho, life update. As I mentioned in this very personal post, my relationship was in a little large amount of trouble recently. Things are going well. We are working hard, communicating, and will more than likely be beginning some couples/individual counseling in the next month or so (still working on child care, and if my partner will be able to work it around his work schedule.)

Things are positive, and that is good. I’m at a place where I feel like I can get back to a little bit of normalcy. For pretty much this whole month, I’ve put off art, barely skimmed by on blogging, and really did nothing much other than basic self-care (eating, drinking water, showering, exercise). It was a break I really needed, just to process everything. But I am very happy to be getting back on track, back to art, and back to a sense of my regular life. It feels good.

Earlier this week, we received the little missy’s monthly Kiwi Crate! I was pretty pumped for this theme, as it was perfect for summer: Water Wheel! It was such a great project, which my miss adored, and came with two other little projects to do as well! We haven’t even gotten to one yet, simply because we have yet to make time! This months box included:

July Kiwi Crate supplies

The monthly Explore magazine (loved the article about hydro-electric power, explained in a manner young kids understand!), water wheel assembly kit, cork boat assembly kit, paint pen, straw, patterned and plain paper, animal stickers, and a really cool vinyl ‘splash pad’ you’ll see later on!

We dug right in with water wheel assembly. In standard Kiwi Crate fashion, the project was simple enough for my five year old to put it together with minimal help (just me reading some of the instructions to her, and holding things in place occasionally.)

July Kiwi Crate water wheel assembly

July Kiwi Crate water wheel assembly 2

Once the wheel was assembled it was time to give it a spin!

July Kiwi Crate water wheel spin

I freaking love her face in this photo! She was totally amazed at how fast the wheel spun, and was so proud she built it!

July Kiwi Crate water wheel complete

With the wheel complete it was time to assemble the little cork boat.

July Kiwi Crate boat

She was so excited to practice some knot tying to attach the boat to the wheel! Once attached, it was finally time to play.

July Kiwi Crate water wheel set

I was SO impressed with the mini splash pad/pool this kit came with! It meant we could use it indoors to play with, instead of having to go outside with it. I mean, we love playing outside, but it was nice to have the option to use it indoors! She loved it, and loved pouring in cups of water to fill it until the boat was floating. Then, time for the water wheel!

July Kiwi Crate water wheel play

She poured it into the funnel, and off it spun! The wheel spinning caused the string to wrap up, pulling the boat in. She loved it!

July Kiwi Crate water wheel play 2

After a few rounds of reeling the boat in, she had to bring in some embellishments and toys…she seriously played with this for about an hour. Plus, the water wheel is now a bathtub staple!

All in all, another fabulous Kiwi Crate. She still adores getting them despite not doing structured school over the summer, and can’t wait to see what August’s box brings!

While I am an affiliate of Kiwi Crate, this box was purchased with my own money, and the review is my own honest opinion. As an affiliate, the links in this post are affiliate links. All income from affiliate links covers costs here on the blog!

  • B.

    This sounds awesome for kids! I might have to tell my sister about it. My nephew loves putting stuff together. And that little splash pool is such a great idea!

    • Kay

      She loves her Kiwi Crate! I’m sure your nephew would too…it’s pretty hard not to enjoy! 😀 Some projects do require a bit more adult help than others, but we’ve received nine boxes total, and she’s loved each one. Also, I find it a great value not only for how much you get in each box, but the quality as well.

  • I’m glad everything is going better for you<3!

    • Kay

      Thanks Kristin! Positive steps for sure. <3

  • Aaah, I just saw your personal post as I was out of the blogging loop myself. I’m glad to hear everything is getting better. I hope it continues to!! <3
    Your daughter is adorable. I love that she had her toys lined up to watch. Too cute!!

    • Kay

      Thanks Katie! <3

  • I am glad to hear things are getting better Kay! I hope they only continue to improve!!! <3 <3.

    I'm glad your daughter loved the box this month! So cute! I think we are a box lower so it is something about Rainbows. I haven't gotten my box yet you know everything takes forever to get to Hawai'i…..

    • Kay

      Ah cool! I’m curious what the younger box is like. Thanks again for using my link to sign up – it’s so appreciated!

      And thank you! We are definitely making positive steps!

      • You bet! I can’t wait to get my box. I think we’ll only get a few boxes before my son graduates to the Kiwi Crate.

  • I’m so happy to hear that things are getting better, friend. You definitely deserved a break!! That little water wheel project looks like so much fun! What an awesome way to bond with your little one<3

    • Kay

      Thank you Ashlee!! <3

  • Danielle Knapp

    I’m so glad to hear things are going better. We’ve definitely had some MAJOR ups and downs in our marriage so I wish you all of the best in getting through this.

    • Kay

      Thanks Danielle! This is pretty much the first major down that we’ve encountered, and it is a rough one. But, positive steps are happening, and that’s where it’s got to start!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Glad to hear that things are being worked out. I feel like most marriages/relationships have some frustrating and hard times. It’s good that you’re making the extra steps to work things out! 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you!! <3 We're making positive steps for sure.

  • Gosh! I wish I had had kiwi crates when I was a kid!!! These look so much fun!! As for long-term relationships: ups and downs are always there. Communication is paramount, and counseling works a lot for that too. I’m sending you guys lots of love! <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Pepi! <3

  • Nichole

    Catching up on posts here. I should sign up my kiddos for this crate. They would love it!

    • Kay

      Dooo it! And I promise I’m not just saying it because I’m an affiliate haha. The boxes are so much fun!

  • gamerwife

    Glad to hear things are finally settling down for you. That Kiwi Crate looks seriously amazing. So cool that it came with a little inflatable pool and everythign!

    • Kay

      Thanks Mariko! And yes, I was really impressed with that as well. At first I though it was just a piece of plastic to put down, but I was really happy to find out it was a little inflatable pad like that!


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