• January Wrap-Up: Goals, Faves, and What’s To Come

      posted in Life In General by Kay on January 31, 2016

      What. A. Week. This last week of January has kicked me in the ass hardcore in terms of staying on top of things. Despite getting many productive things done, I still ended the week with so much left to do, things I didn’t get done at all, and the overall feeling that I am epically behind. And it really opened my eyes to so many things regarding my personal time management. Something to work on in February! For now, let’s see how I fared with January’s goals.

      #1. Make art every day. I’m calling this a win. I think there were two days over the whole month where I know I didn’t work on some piece of art. In total, I made 4 finished pieces, 4 sketch portraits, and many doodles/concepts in my sketchbook. I am really, really happy with that result.

      #2. Stay caught up on blogging. Definitely a yes! I blogged a stupid amount (for me) this month. I’ve never aspired to be a daily blogger but because I missed out on all of December I had so much catching up to do along with introducing new stuff, and honestly by the end, it was too much. In fact, I had posts I wanted for both Friday and Saturday but chose to skip them and work on other things. So while I did stay caught up, I also learned that I need to give myself a schedule and stick to it.

      #3. Be active. Also a yes! I stuck with Yoga Camp and fell in love with it, along with playing outside with my little in the snow, shoveling, and lots of crazy dance parties. I also signed up for my first ever Virtual Race thanks to this awesome post by Nerdy Alerty and I’m so excited to have a commitment to running this year!

      This month had some pretty general, easy-to-achieve goals, but nonetheless I’m really happy to have nailed them.

      The new thing I want to add to my wrap-ups each month: favorites! I love monthly favorite posts from the YouTubers I follow along with and I figured, hey, I’ll write my own! And if I ever delve into YouTube, I’ll have to make one there! This month’s faves are:

      sakura gelly roll pens

      • Sakura Gelly Roll white pens. (Affiliate Link!) I DON’T KNOW HOW I LIVED WITHOUT THESE FOR SO LONG.
      • This mascara. I still love it.
      • Fiona’s YouTube channel. I adore her accent. Is that weird??
      • Yoga Camp
      • Participating in my first joint giveaway with some awesome blog ladies! (It goes through February 9th so enter today!)
      • Lake Street Dive releasing this new track from their upcoming album. So in love with this band. So many eargasms.
      • And lastly, playing LEGO Harry Potter with my daughter, along with reading through the illustrated version with her. Reliving the magic has been amazing, especially as she experiences it for the first time.

      harry potter fun

      Looking forward to February, I’m excited to hone in and have some more specific goals to aim for. Time management is going to be a huge focus (so weeks like this one don’t happen again) Finding a blog schedule is up there as well, along with further continuing my art endeavors. I want to thank all of you again for your amazing support about my art; it truly means a ton to me. As such, I’m doing something special for you readers next month, so be sure and stay tuned!

      How was your January? Anything you’re looking forward to in February? Let me know!