January Goals + Art Goals for the Year

2018 is well underway and I, for one, have been loving getting back into the regular routine of life. As I mentioned in my New Years post, I’m not very big on resolutions. I prefer the idea of smaller goals each month. But when I sat down to brainstorm January goals, I really couldn’t come up with specific tasks. The few things I wanted to get done were quite simple, and didn’t feel worthy of a monthly goal list. After thinking on it, I realized there was one thing I wanted to work on for the month which is:


Specifically, consistency in my online stuff. I am so up and down with blogging, and sharing things on social media. Twitter especially; I tend to go days at a time without even checking, then remember for a day or two, then forget again. And maintaining an online presence is something that’s important to me (and my job, since most of my art income is due to online sales/commissions). So, my January goals for online consistency are:

Glowing Star on Google Android 8.1 Social Media: Posting on Twitter/Instagram at least four-five times a week, and scheduling time to use them to avoid aimless scrolling
Glowing Star on Google Android 8.1 Patreon: One post per week minimum
Glowing Star on Google Android 8.1 Twitch: Stream 2-3 days per week. Figure out a stream schedule! (For those who don’t know, I stream art on Twitch! A full ‘announcement’ post will come once a schedule is nailed down.
Glowing Star on Google Android 8.1 Blog: One post per week

So far, I’ve been keeping track of all this in my planner in terms of what I’m posting when and where. I don’t function without lists and organization, so having it all in one place is super helpful for me. If you guys have any interest in Plan With Me type post, let me know! I’d be happy to share my scheduling methods.

As for non-online life, my consistency goal is yoga. I’ve done at-home yoga for about three years now (Yoga With Adriene is the best, 10/10, would recommend) but EVER DECEMBER my daily practice always falls apart. Lucky for me, Adriene releases a new 30-day yoga series in January, which is the perfect way to get back on track! I’m going through her TRUE series now and it’s just so good.

Art Goals

While I don’t enjoy making yearly resolutions, I do have some art goals I’d like to be working on throughout the year. Mainly improvement in a few areas, and improvement takes time! The first area I’d like to improve on is backgrounds/environments. I don’t do a lot of them, and for a long time I actively avoided them. As an artist, I want to be growing and improving, so this year I’m tackling that head on. The biggest thing I need to remember: it’s okay to make crap art! That’s why it’s called practice!

The second thing I need to practice on is hands/feet. Hands I have an okay grasp of, but there is always room for improvement. Feet, however. Oh boy. I don’t know why I find them so difficult but they always seems to perplex me when I try to draw them. Shoes as well! My $3+ Patrons will be getting all the behind the scenes actions of these attempts (I’m sorry already guys!) since I share my sketchbook and WIP work there.

These art goals also tie into my January consistency goal. I want to be making sure to fit in time to practice these things in my sketchbook, instead of having all my art time be dedicated to finished work.

What are your goals for January? Let me know, or link to your own goals post, in the comments!


  • Definitely just subscribed to that YogaTuber! I’ve been looking for some type of exercise that I can do at home to add into my routine. And I’m the same re: Twitter! I made a habit tracker for January (I also thrive with lists) and tweeting is one of the things I’ve added and so far I’ve said something online almost every single day!

    • Kay

      Well done! I too have Tweets scheduled in; sounds so silly but I’m glad I’m not the only one who has to use a schedule + list system to keep up!

      Yoga With Adriene is AMAZING and I hope you like it if you try it! If you’ve never done yoga before, I highly recommend you start with her foundations videos (that’s what I did when I started three years ago!) I knew NOTHING about yoga and those vids really helped me break down a lot of the poses in terms of what muscles to engage.

  • B.

    I’ve seen a lot of people mentioning that Yoga series lately! I hope it works out for you. I think you have some pretty attaimable goals here!

    • Kay

      Thanks! YWA is the best, especially for someone like me who is way too shy to go to an actual yoga class. I highly recommend, and start with her foundations vids if you’ve never done yoga before!

  • Jas

    These are really great goals. I didn’t realise that you streamed on twitch :O I’d love to come and hang out. I forget that twitter exists most of the time. Woops.
    Jas xo Jas Poole Blog

    • Kay

      Awesome, I hope you can catch a stream some time! I’m still trying to figure out a schedule in terms of time, and I know it can be so hard with dif time zones but hopefully I can nail something down that work for people in different areas.

  • Good goals this month and obtainable. Always a good thing!

    I also have to remind myself that it’s ok to have bad drawings when practicing. It can be difficult to give yourself permission to play.

    Sorry, I haven’t been able to catch a stream. I can’t do night ones and I’ve always been busy when you do a day one. :/

    My main goal right now is to finish at least one of the four acrylic paintings I’ve started. I also need to find a way to post more regularly on Instagram.

    • Kay

      No worries at all! I’m still trying to figure out a schedule so my stream times have been all over the place. I love your art updates on Instagram – such great work!

      • Well, hopefully I can catch one soon. I like watching streams while I draw or paint. 🙂
        Thank you!
        I loved your gouache drawing on your sketchbook. Be interesting to see if you do anymore with the medium!

  • Great goals! I always feel a lack of creativity concerning Instagram after Christmas, but this time I decided to take things easy and don’t care too much.

    Of course I caught the flu and I had to pause my YWA series 🙁

    Are you still using the bullet journal? I am but I’m also using an actual planner (the Molang Diary) this year. 🙂

    • Kay

      Oh no, I’m sorry to hear you have the flu! I hope you feel better quickly! That same thing happened to me last year; the flu is the WORST.

      I’m not using a bullet journal this year. I honestly found the bullet journal more work that it was worth; I never kept up with the trackers I’ve made so really it was just making the weekly spreads. I don’t know if it’s because I make art all the time, but I really just didn’t enjoy the process of bullet journaling. It wasn’t a creative outlet for me, it was just work haha! So this year I’m using a SketchPlanner, which is a thing I backed on Kickstarter that combines a sketchbook and planner. It’s not my fave if I’m being honest, but it works, and since I paid for it, I’ll use it! 🙂

      • I know, I’ve been on hiatus since Tuesday and now I don’t know if I should even restart from day 1 🙁

        Yeah, the bullet journal as you see around the internet is too much work and makes me feel anxious, I use a planner and then I have a notebook for collections and tasks but I use the original method with no decorations and just lists without complicated spreads. The SketchPlanner sounds great for you since you’re an artist! 🙂


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