Goals: For the Month, For the Year, For Myself

I have plans to make 2016 a big year for myself. And to do that, I need goals. Honestly, I feel like this is the first time that I’ve gone into a new year with an actual idea for where I want to be at the end of it. Many times, I’ll think about things I’d like to accomplish but they are usually short term, and nothing that tends to involve long term planning or commitment to. This year is different. This year I know where I am now, and I know where I’d like to be by December of this year. I have two major goals this year to get me there.

My biggest #1 goal for the year of 2016 is to start selling my art online. It’s something I’ve mulled around for the entirety of 2015, had endless talks with the hubs and BFFs about, and this is the year I make it happen. I’ll delve further into it in a post coming up this month, but currently I have plans to be ready to go for the beginning of April, and I hope I can stick to that.

Goal number 2: SAVE MONEY. The hubs and I already live on a relatively low budget, but we still spend, in my opinion, a lot of frivolous money given our income. We go out to movies, order food in, and snag geeky things on a frequent basis (damn you, Funko POPs!). Plus we treat our daughter to fun things and adventures as well. By no means do we intend to cut off ALL fun things, especially for our little miss, but we really need to reign it in if we realistically want to save for a house in the near future. I’m planning on blogging about our budgeting and saving successes (or failures?) so you’ll get a front row seat to how it goes.


The other ‘goal’ for this year isn’t really a specific thing. I’ve decided to passively participate in the One Little Word project, with my word being FOCUS. I know it’s a bit broad, but it really does best describe what I want to do in 2016. I have the tendency to over-reach myself when it comes to goal making. I want to do ALL THE THINGS ALL AT ONCE and what ends up happening is a bunch of half finished incomplete things. This year, I want to focus on keeping myself on task, and keeping not only my goals reasonable, but the plans to achieve them reasonable as well. I’ll have a Focus blog series going on, which will not only keep me on track, but also share my methods of what worked and what didn’t with you guys!

As for January’s goals, I’m keeping it pretty simple.

  1. Make art every day. I need to work on sketching and being more consistent about making art. Mary Doodles is starting her #dailydoodle again this year on Instagram, and always invites people to join so that will be great motivation. Whether I’m sketching aimlessly, or working on an actual piece I need to focus on consistently making art.
  2. Stay caught up on blogging. This shouldn’t be too difficult after not blogging for a month and working with a clean slate, but I want to make sure I keep on top of having posts written and scheduled. I’ve learned that I really don’t like blogging last minute to get a post ready.
  3. Be Active. Over the last two months I’ve entirely fallen off the exercise boat. And it takes a toll mentally as much as physically. So whether I’m specifically doing a workout or just making time for a 15 minute crazy dance party with my five year old, I want to focus on being more active consistently. I signed up for Yoga With Adrienne’s Yoga Camp which kicked off January 1st, and I’m excited to stick with it!


Do you have any goals for the year? How about the month?


  • Love that you started setting goals! I usually share seasonal ones on my blog, because I prefer focusing on three months at a time, instead of just one. I just write things to do in my planner when a new month begins (like reading Red’s Untold Tale and finishing to study Prehistory by the end of the month, for this January). I can’t wait to read your Focus series here on the blog!! ♡

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Alice! I keep mini to-do lists for each day, but I like have overall focuses for each month. I feel like it really helps me with productivity!

  • I’m so excited to see you’re doing the Yoga with Adrienne 30 day challenge! I’m doing it too! Absolutely love her, been using her videos for 6 months now because of my back injury and I can’t express how grateful I am to have found her videos, it has been an immense help.

    Good luck with your artistic goals as well! I’ll be right there with you as I set my own goal to get back to drawing everyday.

    My main goals for this year are:

    1. To go back to school and get my MFA.

    2. To find a new flat for my future husband and I

    3. To finish the children’s book I started last year & get it published.

    Can’t wait to get started on all of these but for now I think the simple act of setting them as given me motivation. Now I just have to learn how to manage my time with each area and I’ll be golden 😀

    • Kay

      Time management…yes! It’s definitely something I struggled with for a long time. Now, I manage with lists. I seriously make lists for everything. I’ve also learned to utilize a planner, and that’s really helped.
      Your goals are so great!! Best of luck with all of them – so awesome you’re writing a children’s book! Keep me updated on that one…I’ve got a 5 year old who loves to read and I’d love to support you! 🙂

      • Such a good idea to make lists, we’ve got a tack board coming so I’m hoping that will keep us on track.

        Thanks for the well wishes and support, it means a lot! I will definitely let you know when I finish my children’s book.

        Have a great week!

  • I love the One Little Word project so much<3 Focus is a great word and I wish you the best of luck with making time for your art because it's incredible!!!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Kristin! Seriously, starting a blog has given me so much confidence in my art….lovely comments like yours just fill my heart with the warm fuzzies! <3

      And I'm loving the idea of One Little Word. This is the first year I'm trying it out, and it's already given me so much inspiration and plans for this year!

  • christine

    I’m doing Yoga Camp too!!! I love her so much. It’s weird because the whole mental/ spitirual health aspect is EXACTLY what I need in my life right now. I started a couple days late. I’m keeping a daily journal and will probably be blogging about it.

    Never heard One Little Word – seems awesome! Focus is a perfect word, and I don’t think it’s too broad. It fits well with both of your concrete goals! Best of luck!

    • Kay

      Thanks! I’m loving Yoga Camp so far…and I agree that Adriene is amazing. I love her attitude about yoga practice, and it’s so refreshing. I look forward to the videos each day! Love that you’re blogging about it (I’m planning a post on it too!) and journaling about it along the way is brilliant…I think I’ll have to join you on that!
      One Little Word is something new for me this year, but I’m really loving it. I say ‘passively participating’ as I didn’t officially sign up for the class. Honestly, the class sounds fab, but I don’t do a ton of scrapbooking/physical documenting anymore, and that’s a big focus of the class, plus there was the cost aspect. It’s quite affordable, but with a huge goal of money saving this year, it seemed counterproductive. So instead, I’ll make the project my own!

      • christine

        Yes, the cost aspect was the one thing that made me go hmmmm … I’m sure if you are into scrapbooking though, it’s totally worth it! I agree – don’t have the time for all the documentaion.

  • Jas

    LOVING those goals 🙂 I’m doing yoga camp but I’ve already slightly fallen off the wagon with it. Going to properly start again tonight for my mental and physical health. Really looking forward to having your art for sale 😀 Have an AMAZING 2016 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks, Jas, and you as well!! So far I’m doing well with Yoga Camp, but I’m sure there will be days I’ll miss or have to double up on…sometimes life gets busy! I’m hoping that getting through the full month with make it a habit so I can continue it in some form every day.

  • Awesome!!! I’m curious about what your art will look like this year 😉 I hope that you share tons of it on your blog too! And good luck in selling your art online 🙂 If you open for comissions about fandoms it might be easier 😉

    • Kay

      Thanks Pepi! I’m really hoping to solidify some form of style this year, in terms of what kind of stuff I’ll be offering for sale. And yes, there will definitely be fandom work for sale, both in commission form and things I make and put up for sale!

  • Great goals! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Thanks Mandy!

  • Adriane’s Yoga is amazing! I love her and she is kind of geeky too, so I’m laughing in my downward dog. She is great! You’ll feel changes in your body for sure after 30 days with her! I’m also on the fitness train. I’ve been working out every single day since Christmas. I haven’t noticed any changes except I feel more alert during the day.

    • Kay

      Awesome, good for you! I’m loving Yoga Camp so far, and I agree that Adriene is wonderful. I love that she really emphasizes how much the experience is about YOU so if you are at a different level that’s okay! I feel like the yoga community can be really intimidating, and she crushes that barrier.

  • xoGeek

    We share some goals actually, blogging and being active. It is so gard to do sometimes. I am making a chalkboard checklist to keep track, and motivate me. Sorta like the goal charts for kids in school lol. I know you can do it, and I look forward to seeing your art for sale!

    • Kay

      Thank you! And it’s amazing just how hard being active with purpose can be. Making time for it is definitely a struggle!

  • Focus is such a great word, and one I think you will be very happy about for a long time. It’s a very mind-changing word, you know? It’s about thinking differently, and not just doing something differently. And your goals are all wonderful, both the more long-term ones and the January ones. I wish you the best of luck with your online art sale (and I will definitely treat myself to something of yours) – I can’t wait to follow the process. Saving money can be tough, but hopefully you’ll be happier for it in the end, when you can get a house you want. And I like that you keep your January goals simple. It can be so easy to just abandon your goals, if you start out too hard.
    Good luck, and happy 2016! Can’t wait to follow your adventures 🙂

    • Oh, and if you ever want to take on commissions, let me know – I have just the thing for you!

    • Kay

      Thank you so much! I’m definitely focusing on not over reaching myself, goal wise. I completely agree that it can be so easy to just toss them aside when they get overwhelming. And I’m so happy I went with Focus. It’s already been a great mantra to have, especially when anxiety starts to kick in. I was worried that it would be too broad, but I think it’s just right!

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