Inktober 2016

Unless you’ve been living under an internet rock or have absolutely ZERO exposure to artists online, you’ve probably heard of Inktober. Created by Jake Parker back in 2009, Inktober challenges artists of any skill set or level to make one ink drawing every day for the month of October.

I discovered the wonder of Inktober two years ago, but was lacking confidence and decided not to join. Last year, I hopped in and completed 22 of of the 31 days which wasn’t too shabby for my first attempt! Here’s are some samplings from Inktober 2015.


This year, I will do my best to complete the full 31 days of Inktober. I splurged on some new supplies which was a nice treat! I snagged a set of Copic Multiliners and also some bottled ink and brushes. The Speedball Super Black India Ink is so gorgeous. It gives such a solid opaque layer of black – beautiful!



Many artists do a specific theme for Inktober; I decided against that this year. I just couldn’t come up with a theme I knew I’d want to make 31 drawings about. Instead, I made myself a prompt list. The prompts are varying in subject, and range from the vague (‘girl with tattoos’) to the specific (‘a forest with a haunted feel, glowing orbs, and a figure in the distance’ – that was Day 3!) With the prompt list, the goal is to have some form of inspiration to touch on if I just can’t come up with something to doodle. I’ve also saved a few different prompt lists created by other people for Inktober in case I need more ideas!


So far I’m having a great time with Inktober! I’m really enjoying using ink washes which is something I don’t have much experience with. I’m also finding it refreshing to let these drawings be super loose as opposed to worrying about technique or a perfect finished product. Be sure to follow along with my art Instagram to see my new Inktober doodles each day! I may do a wrap-up post about it at the end of the month too; I haven’t decided yet!

One of my favorite parts of this project is seeing so many artists participate and being inspired by what they post. My Instagram feed and YouTube subs are full up with fabulous Inktober art. It’s brilliant to see how different artists use ink, and how they interpret different prompts. I find being uninspired pretty much impossible during this month!

Are you participating in Inktober? If not, have you ever done any kind of daily creative challenge?

  • Inktober is a lot of fun! I love seeing what you are making every day!! 😀

    • Kay

      Right back at ya Jess! I have loved seeing your Inktober drawings on IG!

  • Your art is amazing!!! Love seeing your picks for Inktober 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks Alice!

  • I LOVE seeing everyone’s different Inktober works! Yours are amazing.. I love that house! One of the artists I love to frequent at Baltimore Comic Con is doing an all cat Inktober, which is probably my favorite lol And I love doing these challenges. It can be hard to keep up with but they’re fun and they push you!

    • Kay

      OMG all cat Inktober sounds amazing! And seriously, seeing other artists’ work throughout Inktober is just spectacular. Definitely the best part! So much inspiration!

  • Holy fuck you are so good!!! I love Inktober and seeing everyone’s cool creations!

    • Kay

      Awww thanks Sara!! ^_^ My IG feed is so amazing during October haha….inspiration everywhere. I can just scroll endlessly and be happy. 😀

  • I’ve been following you on Instagram, I love your art! 🙂
    This year I’m participating myself for the first time. Being a huge Halloween fan I’ve been using the prompts from Drawlloween. It’s been a lot of fun so far, I hope I’ll be able to stick with it for the whole month. And it’s amazing to see everybody else’s work, there’s just so much talent out there!

    • Kay

      Thank you Karin! That’s so fantastic you are participating, good for you! I followed along with Drawlloween for a lot my prompts last year. And I agree, seeing other artists’ work is so wonderful; it just fills you up with inspiration!

  • I’ve been way too busy to be busy with the blogosphere at all last month, so I totally missed Inktober. I have a huge drive to create after all that studying, though. So perhaps I will try to do something for Inktober, although I don’t see myself making something each day with everything that’s going on.

    I’m really impressed by your girl of day 1. The shades are so well done and I love her face. And I’m totally blown away by your picture of day 3, though. So full of fantasy (and I really love trees). Really, really cool.

    Looking forward to what else you’ll create this month. Hoping you’ll share more of it on your blog. I keep getting inspiration from it. 🙂

    P.S. I still have to hunt down that white gel pen, but it will happen some day! 😀

    • Kay

      Thank you so much!! Despite it being no so polished, I really like that tree picture as well. It’s not a subject I would draw normally, and I 100% want to delve into it more, and perhaps make a more finished piece like that!

      And I am all for you joining in on Inktober…so many people don’t do the full 31 so don’t let that stop you! Many just do one a week, or just whenever they have time or desire! 🙂 Also, if you’re stuck for what to doodle, there are oodles of prompt lists you can search for. It can take some of the mental pressures off!

  • I love all your drawings. Always and forever. But that Alien from last year will always be my favorite!!!!!!!

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Katy! I’m pretty partial to the Alien myself…mainly because Xenomorphs are just SO AWESOME!

  • Mariah Kaercher

    That’s super cool! It’s also neat how this can help improve your skill of using ink.

    • Kay

      I agree! It’s definitely beneficial in so many ways!

  • Danette Perez

    Ah, what a great idea! I def need to get back into ‘loose’ doodle practice. Thanks for the reminder 😀

    • Kay

      Yay!! You know me…I certainly struggle in the loose doodle department. But this challenge almost forces it, especially since I don’t have a lot of ink experience.

  • Your art is utterly gorgeous. 🙂

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Jaedia! <3

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