The Inaugural Friendcation

Earlier this year, one of my best friends and I were chatting about summer, camping plans, trips we would take, etc when we both realized something.  Neither of us had taken a single trip anywhere without our children since they were born five years ago. Realizing that we hadn’t been anywhere or gotten away for a bit as just adults in the past five years was rather mind blowing. We decided we were in need of some serious adulting together, and began planning our first Friendcation as we took to calling it.

Over the first weekend of June and along with one of our other great friends, we set off on a fabulous adult weekend road-tripping through Maine. We only had a vague plan; one of the beauties of not having our kiddos with us is was we could do what we want, when we wanted to. Often times that luxury entirely disappears once you become a parent, and man it’s nice to re-indulge in it sometimes. We had only two main goals. My bestie wanted to see Stephen King’s house, and we both wanted to see a lighthouse.

We scooted off to Bangor, enjoyed a night in a hotel, and the next morning brought a quick drive to Stephen King’s house. Apparently he has three houses, and lists this one to the public (as in, it’s on Google Maps as ‘Stephen King’s House’) so this really isn’t as creepy or stalkerish as it may sound. 😀

Friendcation - SK House
How Stephen King’s house looks to anyone walking along.
Friendcation - SK House bw
How Stephen King’s house looks to me in my head.

From there we headed to a place called Fort Knox (not that Fort Knox, duh) and it was the coolest thing we did all weekend. It was a fort used during the War of 1812 that still remains intact today and is open for exploration. I love that it wasn’t a guided tour – you just get your ticket and go in for as long as you want. It was such a fun experience! So much of it is pitch black, and super creepy (obviously, there are claims of hauntings) and we had hours of fun exploring! There was even an underground tunnel section leading to a different battery area, which was extra creepy but so fun to explore. Plus, along the way are plaques & signs with info about the fort and it’s uses which was pretty nifty to learn about. I have a few photos to share, but as so much of it was pitch black, I don’t have too many!

Friendcation - Fort Knox

Friendcation - Fort Knox A
Into the depths.
Friendcation - Fort Knox B
It be dark in there.
Friendcation - Fort Knox C
Probably not supposed to climb up here, but it was too tempting.

Friendcation - Fort Knox D

Sunday was the day of the lighthouse (The Portland Head) and it ended up being so foggy, you could hardly even see the lighthouse!

Friendcation - Lighthouse
So majestic….

If that weren’t enough, the entire thing was under construction so even up close it was just a mass of chain link fencing and scaffolding. We actually had a good laugh about the whole thing, and enjoyed snapping sad face pics with it. The Portland Head is located in Fort Williams Park, and it has so many places you can explore, including cliffs along the ocean. Hiking the cliffs was super fun (gets the adrenaline going!) and definitely made for some gorgeous ocean sights. Cue photo dump.

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs A

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs B

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs C

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs F

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs G

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs E

Friendcation - Ocean Cliffs D
Little known fact: I love rocks. I wanted to take so many home. So smooth and wonderful.

For me, this weekend ended up being more than just a trip. While I do a lot more in my life besides mothering, a huge part of my life is dedicated to that, and I am home about 90% of the time. Couple that with anxiety, and sometimes I forget that I can exist outside of my little home bubble. This trip reminded me that I am capable of going out and doing things, and that I can enjoy the hell out of it too. I broke down some serious anxiety barriers with this trip, and as someone who wants to travel more, I’m so happy about that. It also reminded me that I don’t have to go far and spend a lot of money to see amazing new things. I definitely want to plan more semi-local trips soon!

All in all, the weekend was a smashing success. We took only back roads through Maine, stopped at multiple random sights along the way, sang at the top of our lungs, and enjoyed the freedom of it all together. We’ve dubbed the trip our first Friendcation, and now plan to do one every year in a new location. Bring it on.

What was the last trip you took (with or without kids?) Where do you want to go on your next trip?

  • B.

    I think I’m in love with Stephen King’s house! I love the fence around it and the color. My last trip was to St. Louis for a wedding and my next one is a cruise in October to Bermuda!

    • Kay

      His house is pretty great, and it’s SO BIG. I feel like you don’t get the full scale from the pics. The house next door was for sale, and it was equally gigantic! It was funny to see such massive houses in a very in-town type setting; where I live everything is all spread out, and the giant houses are few and far between.

  • I also love rocks! I have so many in my house! Also, dude, Stephen King’s house is SO COOL! When I was in Maine, we stuck to the coast line, so I didn’t really get to go too far inland to see it. But I would love to live in a house that looks like that, it’s so colorful!

    • Kay

      His house is so great! It’s SO big, and has such fun little gargoyles on many of the fence tops. And yay for rock lovers!! I took a few home (I just couldn’t resist the smoothness, and found a really cool one with stripes) to add to my collection as I too have many in my house!

  • This trip looks like it was so much fun! I love that you turned the picture of King’s home black and white! Made me laugh! That’s how I’d expect it to look too!

    • Kay

      Thanks! I mean really, dark and ominous is the only thing that makes sense. 😀

  • I love the picture of the lighthouse in the fog and the stones. Really nice to read you’ve been having such a good time, and well deserved, too, it sounds. 🙂

    • Kay

      Ha, thanks! The fog did a give everything a great spooky atmosphere, but I would like to be able to go see it and actually SEE it someday! 😀

  • Mariah Kaercher

    Maine looks so beautiful in your pictures! I would love to travel to the northeast of the United States. It looks to be really beautiful there!

    • Kay

      It definitely is…though some years I get really sick of the winters! 😀 I really want to get out to the west coast area sometime – I’ve never been and there are so many sights I’d like to see out that way!

  • So glad you had a great time! It’s important to get away sometimes 🙂 And Stephen King’s house?! I want a fence like that hahah.

  • gamerwife

    I am in love with this idea and I’m definitely adding Maine to our list of places to visit.

    • Kay

      I highly recommend Fort Williams Park in Portland, and Fort Knox in Prospect. Fort Knox also has the largest bridge observatory in the world which was amazing to go up in and check out the views. I didn’t share about that here as this post was already quite long (I left out a lot that we did!) but it’s highly worth a trip. If you ever visit, I’m sure you’ll have a great time!

  • Desiree

    Friendcation is such an awesome name! Looks and sounds like you had a lovely time. Sometimes, well a lot of times as moms we forget to have a life outside of that.

    • Kay

      It’s so true. Motherhood has the tendency to just take over! And while I have a lot of great hobbies, it is really nice to remember that we are totally allowed to just get away once in awhile!

  • You are inspiring me to take a friendcation. You look incredibly relaxed and like you’re having an awesome time, holy crap! Now that we’re up here Maine is looking like a pretty sweet spot. If we go I’ll have to hit you up for advice!

    • Kay

      Ahh do it! It was such a lovely trip – there is really ton to do (on a small budget too!) if you research it a bit. Both NH and Maine have a lot to offer, especially if you’re someone who enjoys kind of a random road trip approach, and being flexible to stopping at whatever looks interesting!

  • What a fun trip! I’ve never been to Maine, but I’ve long wanted to go, It just looks so pretty.

    I’m glad you had a chance to go on this trip. It’s important to treat yo self on occasion!

    • Kay

      It is quite gorgeous up there – and here in NH too if I do say so myself! 😉 I definitely want to take some more road trips in the future!

      • I definitely kick myself for not visiting NH (and surrounding states) while I lived in MA/CT. Someday I’ll get back up there. Preferably in the fall. 😉

        • Kay

          Most definitely an excellent time to do so!

  • A friendcation! What an awesome idea! A great way to have some fun and I bet you went home feeling refreshed! My kiddo isn’t here yet but I’m definitely suggesting this to my other mummy friends for the future!!

    • Kay

      Thank you! It was such a great time. When my little was born, I kind of forgot about everything except BE A MUM for the first year. Even my hobbies got abandoned! While I definitely made time for hobbies and such again, I had kind of forgotten about getting away with just friends, without kids. And it is so nice! I’m sure you’ll enjoy a good friendcation too in the future!

  • My last trip with out my son was to South Korea 2 years ago. It was a great trip and gave me a chase to really take a break from mothering. I love my son but it was wonderful taking a break and recharging my batteries! So funny! I went to Stephan King’s house I think as a teenager. It’s been so long. I completely forgot what the coast of Maine looks like as well! So different from here to say the least but beautiful in its own right.

    • Kay

      Oh wow, South Korea must have had some amazing sights! It definitely is amazing to get away and have a break, and it most certainly doesn’t mean we love our kiddos any less. I hope to see the beautiful Hawaiian coasts someday!

      • I loved it! It was great to get away and see my hubby in the process. I hope you can see the Hawaiian coasts too they are the most beautiful beach lines I’ve ever seen. Just don’t come here in summer wait until Winter or Spring. The weather is so nice and not too rainy, although it does rain here everyday on one part of the island. 😛


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