• Image+ Magazine

      posted in Art, Books by Kay on July 13, 2016

      Today’s art post is all about Image+ magazine. I snagged a copy of this back in May on Free Comic Book Day but I’ve only just recently sat down to read it through thoroughly. And I am sad that I waited so long. I absolutely love it!

      Image+ Magazine Marjorie Liu interview

      Image+ magazine (Issue #1) is packed with fantastic articles, from so many different creators in the comics industry. It had interviews from artists, writers, colorists and more, along with a fantastic balance of both female and male creators, which I think is really important. While I don’t currently have any comic making plans, I love reading about the process and getting a peek behind the scenes and this issue delivered so much more than I expected.

      Image+ Magazine The Throwaways preview

      Along with the excellent interviews, it also provides some previews for upcoming Image comics. I’ve already added a few more to my watch list that I otherwise wouldn’t have even heard of. Plus, in the back of the magazine, they provide a checklist for all the titles coming out from Image in the month of July (which is the magazines publish date.)

      Image+ Magazine july releases

      Personally, Image is my favorite publisher in the business. They have what I feel is the best and most varied content, and I love that they provide a platform for creator-owned comics to be seen and heard in the market. Image+ Magazine gives a great added element to that, along with latest Image news, and I can’t wait to get a new copy each month!

      Image+ Magazine

      If you’re a comics fan, admirer, or creator, I highly recommend picking up a copy! At $1.99 an issue, it’s an absolute steal. You can also subscribe to receive it in the mail each month here.