I’m In Love With Yoga Camp

I mentioned in my goals post how I’d signed up for Yoga Camp (by Yoga With Adriene) in an effort to focus on staying more active on a daily basis, especially through the winter months. I am so, so happy I joined in because I have completely fallen in love with Yoga Camp, and am on my way to loving yoga in general.

I’d always viewed yoga as a rather intimidating venture. I feel like all you see online and especially on Instagram are these perfect size 0 buff gals kicking ass in crazy poses and awesome arm balances. Which is great (I follow many of them for inspiration!), but it also left me feeling like yoga was completely inaccessible. I sought out yoga for beginner’s vids, and thought I’d found a good one until a few days into the videos they were doing arm balances (Crow Pose)

and I was like Are you kidding me? I can’t do a pushup over here! Plus none of them, even the supposed beginner videos, really explained how to be doing the poses. Which muscles to engage and how to place your body. They just went through routines, and I felt completely lost. So I kind of gave up on yoga for awhile.

Then last year I heard about Yoga With Adriene via Mariko on Gamerwife. She posted about doing Adriene’s 30 Days of Yoga, and I was intrigued. So I checked out her channel. *Cue choir singing Hallelujah*

Here, finally, were videos that were actually for beginners. For someone who had never attempted yoga before, or sat on a yoga mat. She has entire series  of videos explaining poses (which really helps decipher the many ‘sana’ pose names you’ll hear). I’ve watched a ton of her Foundations of Yoga vids and I can’t rave enough about how great they are for really showing you how you are supposed to use your body and your muscles to properly form the poses.

But my most favorite thing about Adriene’s videos is Adriene herself. She is sweet, quirky, has a wonderfully soothing voice, and isn’t afraid to be silly. (She jokes about farts for goodness sake; that’s when I knew I’d found my yoga guru.) She is completely accessible. And I love that her focus is about making yoga work for you even if that means poses aren’t perfect, or you don’t have equipment. Yoga is for everyone, no matter your size, shape, or flexibility. I love that.

Yoga Camp has been wonderful. She incorporated mantras into each video, encouraging you to embrace it if it feels right. At first I wasn’t sure what I would think about the mantras, but I’ve found I’m actually loving them. Spending the 30 minute sessions fully focused on the process feels amazing, and I find myself ending each one with a smile on my face. And because it’s a home practice, there is no pressure. I’ve missed a couple days here and there and that’s okay. I just continue from my last one (I think I’m about three days behind at this point.)

Overall, I’d recommend Yoga With Adriene for anyone. Whether you’re looking to specifically get into yoga, or just looking to be a bit more active with your body, I feel like her videos offer something for everyone. I’m so happy I started, and I’m excited to continue my yoga journey throughout the year!

Have you ever given yoga a try before? What did you think?

  • B.

    I’m glad you finally found videos that are REALLY for beginners!

    • Kay

      Thanks, me too!

  • I did the 30 Days of Yoga and I loved it so much I carried on for a few weeks afterwards doing it daily but life got busy and what with travelling I haven’t had the time to practice but I really do miss it and I’m thinking of taking it up again as it’s such a great way to start the day so thanks for this post I think I’ll sign up xoxo


    • Kay

      I love it! Plus, all free. 😀 I hope you enjoy starting up again! I hope to continue a daily practice as well once Yoga Camp is over…it’s such a good way to keep things in check physically and mentally.

  • Yay, this channel looks so awesome! I love yoga but I’m definitely a beginner and you’re right, the supposed ‘yoga for beginners’ videos are never all that helpful. I’m excited to try this out tonight! Thanks for the recommendation<3

    • Kay

      Awesome, I hope you like it! I’m going to try and continue a daily practice with her vids for awhile after Yoga Camp is done, and eventually get to not feeling like I need a vid to do a practice.

  • Danielle Knapp

    I always feel intimidated by yoga, but this channel looks perfect for me!

    • Kay

      I really encourage you to try it out with these vids, I was blown away by the difference, and now it’s something I really enjoy!

  • I’ve always wanted to try yoga, but was convinced it was not for my body type. A few months ago however I read it could actually really help you with losing weight, so it caught my interest, but could never really find any good videos or whatever that explain you how to actually do the poses and such.. so I think this will actually be great for me! Thank you for sharing!

  • I LOVE YOGA!!!!!!!!!! It’s amazing and I used to go to a local yoga studio about once a week until my fibro got worse and I quit my job a few years back and couldn’t afford the membership fees anymore, but it was awesome when I went. I used to love the night classes, which were done by candlelight. <3

    • Kay

      That sounds amazing! I definitely don’t feel ready to try a class…I’m super self conscious about exercising in front of people and whatnot, but I love it at home!

  • christine

    Reading this made me emotional because finding YWA has had such a profound impact on my life … knowing others feel the same about the channel and her is so touching and inspiring! I actually like this Camp more than last years 30 days. We’re in the home stretch though, which makes me saddd

    • Kay

      I am so sad it’s almost over! I’m actually so surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed incorporating the mantras each day…it’s like equal parts good muscle work and meditation. Fantastic. I’ll definitely be continuing with yoga after this on a daily basis. And I’m sure at some point I’ll be rewatching Yoga Camp vids!

  • omg!! this sounds perfect for me! I am new to yoga and it’s something I want to do but am overwhelmed by all the videos on youtube… I don’t know where to start so this post is so great! I can’t wait to check out this channel!

    • Kay

      Yesss!!! I hope you love it!

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  • I love Adriene! She is so kind and wonderful.

    • Kay

      Absolutely true!


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