• Ice Castles

      posted in Life In General by Kay on February 23, 2016

      Last Wednesday we surprised my daughter with a trip to the Ice Castles! I definitely feel pretty lucky that New Hampshire is one of four locations that has this cool sight (ahhh groan-worthy ice puns) since on the whole, not a lot of major things happen in my little state! Together with my mum and grandparents (plus the hubs of course) we drove the thirty minutes north for a truly incredible site.

      Ice Castles outside

      Without any people in the shot, it’s hard to get a scale of this but the outer walls were about 40 feet high. We chose to go around five o’clock in the evening, which is when the sun is starting to set. We had plenty of time for the miss to play while it was light, and also experience the ice castles at night which was just lovely.

      Ice Castles J

      Ice Castles K

      The walls and many of the larger free-standing structures are lit from within with LED lights so once the sun is set, everything takes on this ethereal glowing atmosphere which was excellent. They have music playing throughout too, and sometimes the lights change in time to the music which was fun!

      Ice Castles happy kiddo

      I actually didn’t get too many pictures of my kiddo there – she was constantly moving and exploring of course! And since the flash on my camera is broken, trying to take a picture of a moving five year old in the dark clearly wasn’t happening. But she absolutely loved it. They had a gigantic slide (70 feet long!) plus tons of tunnels to crawl in and out of. She was beyond thrilled!

      I did, however, take tons of ice pictures! I wasn’t really sure exactly how they would turn out, but so many of them ended up as these really lovely abstract style images that I quite enjoy! So I’ll leave you with a photo dump.

      Ice Castles L

      Ice Castles I

      Ice Castles H

      Ice Castles F

      Ice Castles E

      Ice Castles B

      Ice Castles A

      Seriously, all I could think of when looking up at the top of the ice parapets atop the walls was Game of Thrones. I was pretty sure White Walkers were going to come out at any moment and eat my face. What a cool place this would be for a cosplay shoot! If you’re near one of the four locations where these ice castles are, I really recommend checking it out. It’s quite a sight!