• Please, Join My Pity Party

      posted in Life In General by Kay on February 28, 2017

      This post is literally just me bitching about being sick. Yup. It’s legitimately all I feel like writing about at the moment, because it’s all I think about lately.

      I have been sick for a MONTH. 30 ACTUAL DAYS. I’ve had doctor’s appointments, plenty of rest, even antibiotics, and I’m still not healthy. And it freaks me out. I’m a decently healthy person. The last time I made an appointment with my PCP was for a physical, and she didn’t even realize I was a patient. Why? Because I hadn’t seen her in FIVE YEARS since I pretty much don’t get sick. I get colds a couple times a year, usually around season changes, and they last for roughly five days then move along. Nothing major.

      This, however, has been major. The first two weeks were like getting hit by a truck. I basically stayed laying down for two weeks thanks to my partner (and my mum) taking over all parenting duties for me. Then after a ten day antibiotic I FELT better, but still had all the symptoms – stuffy nose and sinuses, plugged ears, congested cough, throat on fire. I was told I’d ‘get better’. Well, it’s now been two weeks as of yesterday that I finished my antibiotic and I am WORSE. My ears and sinuses hurt again, my throat is still incredibly sore, and I have trouble breathing because of the congestion in my chest. THIS IS THE OPPOSITE OF BETTER.

      To top it off, my little is now also sick and in pain which is the worst thing ever. In my opinion, having a sick child is one of the worst parts of being a parent because you just feel totally helpless. She has spent the last two days doing nothing but sleeping and crying because of how much her ears and throat hurt. I hate it.

      Luckily we both have doctor’s appointments today so I’m really hoping to get something that will finally nip this in the bud. I’ve kind of forgotten what it’s like to hear properly, and I’d really like to be back to feeling 100% again! I hope this year has been treating you guys well, and I am most certainly wishing good health to everyone because man, being sick is the absolute worst!

      i hate being sick