Homeschool Update + April Kiwi Crate

Yesterday I finally made the dreaded phone call to the school about setting up a meeting with the staff to find out where my little miss will get placed in public school next year. I was so nervous to call, but I am so glad I did as I got some amazing news! The elementary school where we live is one of the best in the state (which I knew already), and they are currently transitioning into a new curriculum style that basically does away with grades. Students are grouped in tiers, which incorporate different grades, and each student learns based on the level they are at in a particular subject. So you can have kids of all ages in one math class if they are all on the same academic level. This is amazing news for me as it means that no matter what, my kiddo will be at an appropriate level for where she is academically. Cue me breathing a HUGE sigh of relief. She will be in the K-2nd grade ‘tier’, and will attend the appropriate classes based on her assessment testing at the beginning of the school year. There is a little bit of a hiccup in that because of her age (5), I can’t register as a first grader without approval from the superintendent. So I am waiting to hear back on that. But, even if I have to register her as a kindergartner, that is okay because her testing will place her appropriately. To sum up – YAY!!

Home school is still going along great! We just did a huge color study unit learning all about the primary and secondary colors, how they mix, and even touched on how light is a combination of all the colors. Last week we kicked off a large section of review work since we are now in the final leg of the school season. We’re going over lots of of the big concepts that are a focus of kindergarten along with progressing in reading and math. It’s been great!

homeschool update - color week red

homeschool update - color week bag paint blending
color mixing

homeschool update - color week mixing

The April Kiwi Crate, while still fun, was our least favorite so far. It held the least interest for my daughter, and I thought provided the least skills and knowledge building. However, it did still provide a lot of fun!

April kiwi crate - supplies

The theme was ‘Magic’ and it included a wand, felt, glue, metallic markers, components to make a ‘magic box’ and a few other trick components as well.

april kiwi crate - confetti wand

My kiddo really enjoyed the first trick which was to ‘magically’ make the confetti jump to your magic wand (via building a static charge by rubbing it with the felt piece first!) We then discussed static electricity as the cause, and she caught on right away and compared it to how a balloon sticks to your head when you rub it!

april kiwi crate - wiggling toothpick trick

The second trick had less success – in theory you charge the wand with the felt piece to build up a static charge, then put it near the edge of the plastic cup which will in turn, wiggle the toothpick. She couldn’t get it to work at all, and then I tried and hardly got a wiggle. I don’t know if the plastic was too thick?

april kiwi crate - metallic markers

The next few tricks involved the ‘magic box’ which we assembled, but she wasn’t too interested in the tricks. However, she adored decorating the magic box! She’d never used metallic markers before and was thrilled with how shiny they were. They were her favorite part of the box, and she’s still using them to color!

So far, this is the only Kiwi Crate we haven’t absolutely LOVED so I’m still super pleased with my subscription. Can’t wait to see what the next box brings! While I am an affiliate of Kiwi Crate, this box was purchased with my own money, and the review is my own honest opinion. As an affiliate, the links in this post are affiliate links. All income from affiliate links covers costs here on the blog!




  • What a cool school system. I wish more schools would do that! Idk if it’s the same over there, but here teachers aren’t allowed to hold anyone back a grade. I know it’s important for kids to stay in their same age group, but then it’s like they get to HS and don’t know basic math and then they have crappy HS grades and getting into college becomes an issue. So with your school it sounds like they can stay more or less with their peers while still learning at the appropriate level for them?! Happy for you guys! 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks Natalie!! I think it such a better method than the current curriculum learning. And yes, that does happen with kids getting pushed forward without grasping the basics and it is so detrimental to their future learning ability! I guess there is a long term plan (7 years maybe?) to transfer all the the schools in the state over to this type of school system – I think it’d be great!

  • That’s awesome to hear! What a cool and innovative school system you have! Hopefully more schools will do the same!

    • Kay

      I know there is a long term plan for our state to eventually switch all school systems over to this kind of curriculum – I hope more follow suit!

  • Danielle Knapp

    So awesome about the school – I wish we had that here!

    • Kay

      Hopefully more states will make the change! There is a long term plan in NH for all school systems to switch over to this kind (I think over the next 7 – 10 years?) so hopefully it’ll get tried out other places!

  • I’m glad you found an amazing school. We could only be so lucky! But I’m super duper thankful for the co-op I’m a part of they are amazing. I hope your little girl enjoys school and I really, really hope she can move into the first grade. Best of luck with that!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina! And it’s so great you found a good co-op – that’s awesome.

  • gamerwife

    That’s awesome news about school and your daughter. Good job, mom.

    • Kay

      Thank you!

  • christine

    I just shared your school’s structure with Andrew and he was SO excited! He works in education and we talk all the time about how kids need to be taught to the learning level they are currently at, not necessarily the grade level. That;s wonderful. Best of luck with all the admissions paperwork etc!

    • Kay

      Thank you so much! I am beyond excited for this curriculum style and am excited that it will hopefully become the norm for school systems. When we build a house, we probably won’t be in this town, so hopefully wherever we move to be on this type of structure. Luckily, that is still years down the road, so we’ve got time!

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