Home School Update: The Miss is Reading!

We are still trucking away with home school! And proud mom alert: My child is reading and I am ecstatic. In fact she just read a book to her dad the other night for the first time and it gave me all the feels. (In case you were wondering, it was Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss.) She’s always so shy about reading in front of anyone other than me, but as we continue to practice her confidence has grown and she has opened up much more about it! Lately we’ve been working on mastering the ‘silent E’ rule (well, except when the English language just throws it out the window) along with continuing to work on word families (we started -it & -inΒ  words this week!) And of course, the ever growing list of sight words.

cupcake cvc words homeschool
CVC word practice…we made a game of it thanks to this fun cupcake printable. We had to ‘eat’ the nonsense words!

For this entire month, we have actually vetoed doing themed weeks. Prior to, I always had her select a topic she wanted to learn about and do my best to theme the week’s lessons around it. But starting in January we had a focus on some practical knowledge. We spent the month working on nailing down our address (both physical and mailing since they are different, and both knowing and writing it) along with how to make an emergency call and what to do in those situations. She had a lot of fun playing ’emergency’ and showing me how she would call 911 on my cell phone. She also now knows my phone number, should the need ever arrive. Learning the months in proper order has also been a huge focus of January, plus learning to write the date.

home school work

Along with the reading and practical stuff we’ve been mixing in the fun play/learning activities too! Science experiments, thinking puzzles (she’s a huge fan of Hidden Pictures – remember those from Highlights?! So glad they’re still around) and of course – Kiwi Crate! We even started a new baby avocado to go along with our giant avocado tree! I’ll have to write up a post on those bad boys.

floating snowflake home school
She adored this Floating Snowflake experiment! (Find it on Nerd in the Brain!)

So while she is continuing to blow my mind with her brain, I have been getting increasingly nervous as we creep towards May. Why? Because May is when I have to set up the meetings to go in and talk with the principal about starting her in first grade and skipping over kindergarten in the school system. I’m terrified. For so many reasons. Advocating for my child isn’t a problem, but I’m just worried about what to say, and how to convey my points. I’ll be prepping for sure, but I’m still going to freak out about it.

I’m also in complete concerned-mommy mode for my kiddo. I know that if the school chooses to start her in kindergarten, not only will she be bored to tears, but she’s going to view it as a failure. We’ve talked about the fact that she may start in kindergarten and how that’s perfectly fine, but she always says she doesn’t want to and how she can’t wait to start first grade. I am so stressed out that this may not happen, and she is going to go into her first school experience feeling awful, and on top of it being completely bored. My mommy brain is stressed to the max.

However, I’m taking it one step at a time. I still have months before any meetings need to be made, and I’ll be researching as much as I can to feel confident when I go in and talk to the principal. I know that I’ll do my best and so will my kiddo, and we can only go from there!

  • Jas

    You have done amazing and you should be so proud of yourself too. This post is also making me a bit broody! x

    • Kay

      Thanks! It’s been a fun adventure for sure.

  • Nerd in the Brain

    Oh, I love, love, love seeing all of the stuff y’all are doing! πŸ˜€ (And I’m not just saying that because you included my snowflake thing.) πŸ˜‰

    I totally understand the stress you’re having. I was so. freaked. out. about Grace going to art school. I was so worried that they wouldn’t place her in the right classes and whatnot. It all worked out, but it was still nervous wreck inducing. I hope all goes well with getting your little placed in 1st grade. If not, you could always just reject the system altogether and keep home schooling. πŸ˜‰

    • Kay

      That’s true! Luckily, the elementary school where we live is actually the best school in the state. It’s won tons of awards both for the school itself and individually with the teachers, so I do trust them to not only listen, but do what’s best for the students. However, I’m still absolutely going to mentally freak out about it! My best friend (who happens to be an elementary school teacher) thinks they will most likely start her in kindergarten, but with specialized work and then if she thrives in the school environment, bump her to a full time first grade class after a couple months. Which I can see the logic in; she’s never been in a school environment, and a lot of kindergarten is learning the rules and classroom behavior. So we’ll have to see! Obviously, I’ll be updating the blog with how it all goes. πŸ™‚

  • Yes! I love that you are homeschooling! We are doing the same!! Right now we are focused on Montessori format. So, lot’s of little jobs for my son to do and for him to feel free to explore his “classroom” in addition we supplement with ABC Mouse.

    I think the snowflake craft and the word activity are great!! Keep going strong!

    • Kay

      Awesome that you’re home schooling too! Do you plan to do it long term? Ideally, I only want to do it for this year, but I’d consider doing it longer depending on how she takes to an actual school system. I really love the Montessori format. We incorporate a lot of that style as well, but I definitely do keep aspects of it a bit more structured as I’m hoping to prepare her for what a school environment will be like. Enjoy home schooling with your little man!

      • I plan to homeschool at least until my son is out of kindergarten. It really depends on where we end up after Hawaii. If the school district is good and perhaps has a curriculum I can agree on then I will 100% put him in school. Otherwise, I just found this amazing program called “Moving Beyond The Page”. It is a literature based curriculum that focuses heavily on hands-on learning and learning by reading stories.

        • Kay

          Ah, that sounds amazing! School system’s can definitely be a factor. I am comforted by knowing that the school my kiddo will start in is the best elementary school in the state, which makes me have a lot more confidence in both the teachers and the environment!

  • Danielle Knapp

    How awesome that she’s reading! I really want to help my 4 year old more with learning to read as he’s expressed interest but I have no clue where to start.

    • Kay

      I did so much freaking research before we started in September as I had no clue either! But honestly, when you break it down it’s not too bad. I am forever thankful for my BFF who is an elementary school teacher who broke down the steps for me! If you’re curious, feel free to drop me an email and I can explain the process we used! πŸ™‚

  • christine

    Wow, that’s crazy that the school could make her repeat K. I’m sure that’s stressful! Best of luck. It seems like you are doing an amazing job so try not to stress … easier said than done right πŸ™‚

    • Kay

      So true. Because kindergarten isn’t required in NH, I’m really hoping that once they see where she is academically, they’ll be issue with starting her in first grade. But ultimately, they have the final say in where she ends up. However, I do have some confidence in that the school she’ll attend is the best public elementary school in the state, for multiple years now. You don’t earn those kind of honors without great teachers and a good environment. Remembering that helps me de-stress a little bit!


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