• I Am So Happy Wonder Woman Exists

      posted in Life In General by Kay on June 13, 2017

      Movie reviews aren’t something I usually do here on the blog. But I just saw Wonder Woman on Friday night and I can’t not talk about it. It made me feel so many things, so many MORE things than I was expecting. So let’s chat Wonder Woman, shall we?

      No plot spoilers, but I do mention a specific scene so be warned if you haven’t yet seen the movie!

      Let’s start with what I mentioned above – I can’t believe how many emotions this movie caused me to have, for so many different reasons. Walking into the theater, I had no particular emotional attachment or nostalgia towards Wonder Woman as a character. I didn’t grow up reading the comics, I didn’t watch the old TV show; I felt nothing for her overall. Therefore you can imagine my surprise when I found myself getting choked up during the No Man’s Land scene. That scene. Oh man, that scene. It is hands down my favorite in the film.

      wonder woman review

      Obviously, seeing Wonder Woman be a total badass during the scene was great. But what got to me wasn’t the action. It was what it meant, and how her actions affected others. How she, a complex, powerful female, inspired and empowered a group of men to do more than they thought they were capable of. How she led them, and how they responded to her lead. The moment when Steve is running into the village and you see Diana above him running on the rooftops. UGH. It was so perfect. His look of reassurance as he sees her running up there to fight with them. That he, a strong capable male, is reassured by her presence – that means so much. The world needs so much more of that. And it was presented in such a great way. Not in an emasculating or domineering way, but with her as the role of a leader, of someone who is capable and powerful. Knowing that there are young girls and young women getting to see this makes me want to weep with joy.

      wonder woman review

      I also absolutely loved that Wonder Woman was emotional and vulnerable at times. Proving that a woman can be both strong and powerful AND have emotions. Who’d have thought??? (sarcasm font) But it’s so wonderful to see her be a full complex character who has emotions, feels for people, gets angry, gets upset, but still has logic, reason, and the ability to kick incredible amounts of ass. It needs to be done more. The idea that women are ‘too emotional’ and therefore weaker than men is so infuriating. Thankfully, this movie kicks that way of thinking right in it’s face.

      wonder woman review

      Even the action scenes were well done. The slow-mo shots all showcased Wonder Woman’s amazing fighting skill and ability rather than just slow-mo T&A. And I loved that, because it 100% proves that gratuitous boobs and butt shots are only there to objectify women. Gal Gadot looked unbelievably sexy this entire movie despite not a single shot purposefully intended to make her look sexy. (I mean honestly, you could put Gal Gadot in a trash bag and cover her in swamp gunk and she’d still be one of the most attractive human beings ever to exist. She doesn’t need camera shots to ‘improve’ anything.) However, this does bring up one of my struggles with this movie.

      That struggle is Wonder Woman’s outfit. I know there is a need to respect the canon costume. I get that. And I think the update and design of the outfit is wonderful! In the film itself, I didn’t find her outfit was objectifying in the least, which I think is largely due to how the movie was shot and it being directed by a female. I loved it!

      However, my struggle lies in the fact that knowing that young girls and teenagers will want to dress up in this costume. And they SHOULD be able to dress up in this without being sexualized or objectified. But unfortunately, and maybe I’m being a cynic here, that is not the world we live in. All I can picture is a 15 year old wearing this on Halloween and being catcalled. Which makes me want to scream. I know that this problem is not the womens’ responsibility to solve. As I said, girls and women SHOULD be allowed to wear an outfit like this without being sexualized or objectified. But I’m worried that it will happen, and it will completely destroy all that wearing the costume stands for. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but it has weighed on my mind since seeing the movie.

      wonder woman review

      I have a couple other nitpicks but I think I’ve ranted enough for now. This movie was not perfect by any means. I had issues with the ending for sure. But on the whole, Wonder Woman got so much right compared to how much could have gone wrong that I am supremely impressed and happy with the film. I’m so glad we had the opportunity to see it! It’s certainly the best DCEU film so far, by a huge margin. I highly recommend seeing it if you get the chance!

      Have you seen Wonder Woman? Lay your thoughts on my in the comments!