Happy New Year!

Yeehoo! There’s something so refreshing about kicking off this entire blog re-launch on the first day of a New Year. I’ve never been overly into the idea of a ‘brand new fresh start’ because of a calendar flip, but there is something mentally soothing about launching a new start at the very beginning of a new year. Plus, it makes my blog anniversary really easy for me to remember now.

So what happened? Well, back on Black Friday the hubs and I were looking into switching hosts for our sites. We weren’t at all happy with our old host, and also we wanted to go with separate accounts (I used to be listed as a sub-domain of his account). While it costs more, we both liked the idea of having completely separate entities to edit and deal with. So we found a great deal, we had both heard good things about the company we chose, and we made the switch and started the transfer. His was complete in two days.

Mine was an utter fucking disaster. And a relatively inexplicable one. To make a very frustrating long story short: the transfer was full of screw-ups, they kept accidentally locking me out of my own dashboard and login for days at a time so I could access nothing, and they couldn’t provide a reason as to why nothing would work or why I kept getting locked out. Not to mention customer service was ABYSMAL. I was on hold for 2.5 HOURS one night before giving up, and no one responded in the chat either. (Hubs still has his account there, but has had crap customer service as well. Luckily for him, not much has gone wrong.) This dragged on for close to three weeks before I asked for a refund, and I got one after another email fight, and moved along.

And now, here we are. I currently host via DreamHost, and honestly (full pun intended) it’s been a dream. No issues, their customer service has been brilliant, I’m loving it. However, as you may have noticed, I didn’t actually transfer my old blog over. During the two and a half weeks that I was fighting with other host company, I actually realized the idea of starting fresh wouldn’t be so bad. While I’ve been blogging for three years, I only really feel like I got comfortable with it in 2015. And so much of my blog was a hot mess. I’ll miss some posts, for sure. The artist interviews. My Life in Photos series (mainly for the memories, though I still have the pics).

But in truth, I’m really, really excited to have a completely fresh start. I’d already been planning a layout overhaul for 2016. My pageviews tanked in the last month (as they do when you aren’t putting out any content!) but even that I’m okay with. While ideally I’d like this blog to cover it’s own costs at some point, I’ve never really liked the idea of blogging for profit. It’s just not something I want to put the time into. I’d much rather connect with fellow bloggers on a more intimate setting than the giant career blogs you see out there. I want to use this blog as a way to share what I love.

So what can you expect this year? A bit more focus. I’m really excited to embrace my tagline of Artist. Mum. Geek. and keep my articles in line with that. Granted, those cover a hugely broad range (just GEEK itself is a giant topic) but I’ve got plans to keep things focused, and hopefully deliver stuff you guys will love to read! I’m excited to get more involved in the blogging communities I’m a part of. They’ll be new artist interviews for sure. Definitely giveaways; I love them!

And lastly, for my readers, thank you so much for your comments, for your support both here on the blog and other social medias, and in general for being totally awesome. Seriously, your comments and such have helped to give me some confidence in myself on so many levels and that is something I never expected to happen when I began and it’s something I truly appreciate. I’m wishing you all the best for 2016, and can’t wait to see what you all get up to! Happy New Year!


  • OMG starting a new blog on January 1st is the best, in my opinion!! I’m so sorry for what happened to your old posts, but I’m so glad you’re back! Happy New Year Kay!

    • Kay

      Thank you, and to you as well! I still have the old files, so honestly if I want to transfer I could down the line; I’d just need to have them import the old files…but then I’d have to deal with the images and links and such, which I so don’t want to haha! I really like the idea of starting fresh!

  • Danielle Knapp

    So sorry to hear you had such a rough time with moving the old blog but can’t wait to read along with you this year 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Danielle, and right back at ya! 🙂

  • I am loving your relaunch even if it was a pain in the arse getting to this point 😀 Happy New Year Kayly, I can’t wait to see what gems you bring to the internet this year <3


    • Kay

      Thanks so much, Fiona! <3 Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Welcome back, I’ve missed you! And launching January 1st really is brilliant – as you say, you won’t forget your anniversary, and it’s a date for new beginnings. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for this new site 🙂

    • Kay

      Thanks so much, Rosa! I’m loving the launch on January 1st…it makes my brain feel so organized. 😀 Happy New Year to you!

  • Welcome back and happy new year! That really sucks about the switch situation 🙁 I can’t imagine losing everything like that but i’m really glad you’re taking it as a positive step forward, that in and of itself is awesome! Can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for you!

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Meagan! I definitely had a day of being really upset and grumpy about losing my old posts, but in the end I actually am really happy to be starting fresh. I have so many plans for this year, and so much I want to personally accomplish that having a clean slate here just seems to fit. I’m so excited to follow along with YOU this year too…your posts are always so freaking inspiring! Have a great 2016!

  • Kristina D

    Welcome Back! Glad it’s all working out and Happy New Year!

    • Kay

      Thank you so much, and to you as well!

  • Oh my god, sorry you had to go through all of that! At least that nightmare is over and your new blog looks fantastic!! Love the banner! So excited for your 2016 posts!

    • Kay

      Thank you Sara! I hope your New Years was lovely!

  • Yayyyy you’re back! Sorry about the troubles, though 🙁

    • Kay

      I’m so happy to be blogging again! And while at first I was so bummed about the issues, I’m actually viewing them as a blessing in disguise…I’m so excited for a fresh start. 🙂

  • I’m so excited you’re back! And I am so sad to hear about the difficulties you had – especially since I recommended the place that made such a mess. 🙁

    You did a beautiful job and I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings for your blog! <3

    • Kay

      Aw, don’t worry about it! We had heard nothing but good things about HostGator, and as I said my hubs process was completely smooth sailing! Mess ups happen. 🙂 Thanks so much for being amazing through all of it (and providing help, and listening to me bitch), and though it may seem like it, I promise I HAVE NOT forgotten that I’m writing you a testimonial!! It’s literally on my to-do list for Monday. I’ll get it to you then! Happy New Year, Kimi!

  • Yay for fresh starts!! And I love the minimal layout<3 Happy New Year, miss Kay! Hope you have a fantastic one, now that all that host nonsense is in the past=P

    • Kay

      Thanks so much Ashlee! I’m liking the minimal layout as well…I was nervous it was too plain at first, but I think since I have such image heavy content it will balance out nicely! Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Happy New Year Kayly! I love your new blog header and I’m so happy your back after that nightmare! I’m really looking forward to seeing more of your art in 2016!

    • Kay

      Thank you so much Kristin! <3 Happy New Year to you as well!

  • Happy New Year and yah new blog!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

    • Kay

      Happy New Year to as well, Mandy! 😀

  • I’m glad that you are back Kayly and happy new year! I hope this blog is everything you wan it to me! Sorry about the hosting nightmare!

    • Kay

      Thanks Dina! Happy New Year to you too!

  • littlehouseofcrafting

    Happy New Year! Hosting nightmares are the worst! Glad to see you back!

    • Kay

      Thanks, Toni, and Happy New Year to you as well! I’m glad to be back. 🙂

  • Happy New Year!!! So glad to see that you made it! I’ve used Dreamhost too and I loved it! Your hosting nightmare was challenging, but think that it’s over and you can come back at your fullest strength to share with us your wonderful stories and art and everything! <3

    • Kay

      Aww you are so sweet Pepi! <3 I am definitely glad to be back in action.

  • Jas

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new look <3 Ugh, that sounds like terrible customer service.

    • Kay

      Thanks so much!


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